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Chapter One: Prologue

Here we are, the wonderful Tomeda! It is right smack dab in the middle of Japan, or something like that, I can't remember. Anyways, here we are, at the wonderful middle school of that… what was that town called again? Oh yes, Tomeda! Sorry, I'm not that good of a narrator. Anyways, lets go to there!

-insert some sort of crazed music that's all happy and such-

Ok, we're here! Now, we're in class 7A. Now, there's Syaoran Li, who's a very cold hearted person. He has some sort of chestnut hair, which kind of makes me scared. His eyes are always cold and evil like, but it's auburn. Whenever you look at him, you could see some fangs, pointy ears, and a devil tail. Yeah, that's one reason why you should stay away from that man.

Sakura Kinomoto is the next one—she's very happy. So happy in fact, you could possibly die from all of the shining glory her smiles give her. Her hair is kinda brownish—but everyone else says that it's auburn, so I'll go with that. Also, her eyes are green. Like, green. Yeah, I said greeeeeen. Kind of emerald like. That freaks me out too.

Next is Eriol Hiiragizawa! It's a guy from England, who transferred to the wonderful, puny town of Tomeda! His eyes are… purple I think. And his hair is dark blue… he seems like he was stuck in an anime and into a fanfiction story. Wait, that's true. Anyways, he's kind of freaky. He likes talking about random things. Like turtles. Or bags. Things like that. Also, he's related to Syaoran Li. The mean, horrible mean man. I wonder how those two are related…

Now, there comes Tomoyo Daidouji! Her eyes are purple, and her hair is very long and wavy, and it's dark purple too! They all match! Matching perfectly! Ok, she's very obsessed with the video camera. A lot, so much that she always has it stuck to her person somewhere but you can't really tell if she came with the video camera, until she pulls it out of nowhere. She's also obsessed with Sakura Kinomoto!

Lastly, there's Chiharu Mihara and Takashi Yamazaki. I'm too lazy to do the other people, so I'm sticking these two together in the paragraph. Now, they both met each other when they were little, and very attached together. They seem like, yin and yang! Takashi likes telling lies, but whenever Chiharu sees him doing this, she bangs him on the head in a second! Takashi's eyes are always closed, and seems like he can never see. But who knows—he may as well be a spy working for Chiharu, the government's daughter, and has these spy gears and… wait, I shouldn't be telling you top secret information.

Finally, lets get to the classroom. Now, their teacher was Terada Yoshiyuki, which scares people by yelling. "OK CLASS, BE SILENT BECAUSE I GOTTA TELL YOU SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT!"

Yup, very scary. Everyone suddenly went quiet, and listened to him. "Now, there's going to be a camping trip for the first month of summer."

Everyone cheered at hearing this. "You'll be living with two of your classmates—that's THREE people, THREE! – and will be living in a cabin."

Silence. "Anyways, you need little jobs to earn money for food. Or, you could starve to death and us teachers will let you rot to death right there."

All of the students sent glares at Terada. He laughed nervously before continuing, "Um… now, I'm going to tell you about the pairs!"

Terada wrote down a list on the whiteboard, and once he was done, he turned around. "Everyone, I'm done with the list, so now line up in an order--"

Before he could finish, he was being stepped on by the crazed, little hyper students. They were all squealing, and pointing at some of the names of people that they were going to be with.

Syaoran dully walked up, and stared at the whiteboard. 'Syaoran Li… Syaoran Li… where is my name, dammit??' he thought, as he was looking sourly for his name.

Once he had found it, he looked at the other two names beside it. "HOLY CRAP, I'M WITH ERIOL AND YAMAZAKI???" he yelled out, causing Sakura to glare at him.

"Li-kun, it's not polite to swear. You might die from that." Syaoran sent glare daggers at her, before walking to his desk, muttering 'idiot' and 'stupid camping trip'.

Sakura was looking for her name as well, and let out a cheerful cry as she saw those two that she was with. "Hoeeeeeeee, Tomoyo, Chiharu, you're paired up with me!" she said, hugging them. Once they had got all of that jumping and screaming out of their systems, they sat down, bubbling with mirth. Wait a minute, how did I know that word…

Li Meiling walked up, all confident. She had very long black hair that I liked to poke at, and it was always tied up into two buns. That looked like hamburgers… now I'm hungry! Anyways, she was Syaoran's cousin, who always clung to him, saying to the whole entire world that she was going to marry him and have a happy life with him when she grows up. But of course, she isn't. Because who would want a happy life with that guy?!?

Meiling looked for her name, and scowled once she found her partners. She turned her head toward Rika and Naoko, having fire burst through her eyes. Meiling walked toward them, and plastered on a fake smile, when the corners were twitching.

"Hello, I'm Li Meiling—Syaoran's fiancé, (Syaoran: SHUT UP WOMAN, STOP TELLING PEOPLE THAT!)—and I'm going to be one of the people that is going to live with you throughout the happy, cheerful (she twitches right here), first part of summer!"

Rika introduced herself to Meiling, and suddenly rambled on about stuffed bears, how they were made, how people made them, and how it destroyed the world with it's awesome cuteness. But, they aren't cute—they're evil! Pure evil! cough right here Anyways, Meiling started to back away from Rika slowly…

Naoko introduced herself to Meiling too, and asked her about haunted stories very loudly. Since Sakura was deathly afraid of ghosts, she started to cower in the room, whimpering about 'Kero-chan is going to kill me when I'm sleeping' and 'I don't want ghosts to kill meeeee…' for a while.

When Terada finally got up, he said slowly, since he was still in pain, "Ok… now there are four sections—SW(south west), SE(south east), NW(north west), and NE(north east). You can only visit those people within your sections, and there are nine cabins in each. Now, this is all going to happen next week from now, so --" before he could finish that, the bell rang.

And of course, he got trampled over. Again. Poor him.

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sweat drops Anyways, the next chapter is going to be called, Chapter 2: Oh joy, the cabin mates.

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