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Chapter 2: Oh joy, the cabin mates.

The day when they're going to the camping trip

There were three large buses, with lots and lots of people lining up to see the carnival! Wait, it wasn't the carnival… oh wait, it was the camping trip! I almost forgot! Ok, just erase the carnival thing. Replace it with the camping trip word! Anyways, Syaoran, Eriol, Takashi, Sakura, Tomoyo, Rika, Chiharu, Naoko, and Meiling were in a line for the second bus.

When Syaoran got on, he scowled. The only seat left was… next to them. The corner of his mouth twitched, as he came up to Eriol and Takashi. They were busy talking about how chips were made by chipmunks and how they used acorns and nuts and things like that.

Syaoran suddenly sat in the middle of them, making them look surprised. Then, Eriol cleared his throat, and said, "Hey Syaoran-chan, do you know how cookies were made?"

Takashi pointed his index finger to the heavens, and continued the sentence. "Well, Syaoran-chii, cookies were made by the ancient god called the Cookie Monster."

"The Cookie Monster was bored, because he didn't have anything to eat, when everything else disgusted him." Eriol said, taking out a piece of paper.

"And so, the Cookie Monster decided to make an oval shaped thing," Takashi took out a pencil, and drew an oval on the paper.

", and put dough and all his love and care into it." Eriol said, coloring the oval brownish dirt… color.

"Since his name was Cookie Monster," Takashi wrote 'Cookie' at the bottom of the paper, and turned slowly at Syaoran, who was completely clueless.

", he decided to name that treat…" Eriol slowly put his hand in his backpack…

"COOKIES!" Takashi and Eriol both screamed at Syaoran, causing Syaoran to fall to the back of the bus somehow. Eriol took out two cookies, chocolate chipped. He gave one to Takashi, while Syaoran was muttering, 'crazed bastards', and staggering back to his seat.

Eriol 'clinked' with Takashi's cookie, just like when you're serving wine. Then he said, "Thanks to the Cookie Monster!"

Syaoran sat between them again, while Eriol and Takashi were busy eating their cookies happily. He was scowling, thinking of plans to kill Eriol and Takashi in their sleep, savoring every moment of them dying slowly…

"Okay everyone!" screamed Terada, almost making everyone deaf. "There are four people here—Sergeant Southwesternman, Sergeant Southeastmiss, Sergeant Northpersoneast, and Sergeant Northwestbird." Everyone was staring at him, with skeptical looks.

"Please follow one of them, due to your cabin's section. Mr. Southwesternman has the SW section, Miss Southeastmiss has SE, Mr. Northpersoneast with NE, and Mrs. Northwestbird has NW. Any questions?"

All of them shook their heads, 'no'.

"Good. Now go!"

"Hai!" they replied.

Syaoran, Takashi, and Eriol were set with the cabin SW 07. Sakura, Tomoyo, and Chiharu had SW 03, while Rika, Naoko, and Meiling had SW 01. Geez, shouldn't I just make different names… those aren't original… anyways!

Syaoran was grumbling like mad when he got up to his cabin with those two dolts. When he opened the door, he saw a kitchen on the right, and a bed on the left. A bed. Not three beds. A bed. Which could fit three people snuggly in there, all sleepy tight.

Syaoran's jaw went all the way down. It crashed through the floor, and continued to go down to the underworld.

"Hey, what in the hell… wait, just ignore that… what is that jaw thing doing here??" said one of the devils that were working.

"I don't know Bob No. 67, just send it back up there, where it came from!" said the other worker.

"Okay Fred No. 119538!" said Bob No. 67, taking the jaw and thrusting it back up to earth.

"Eriol… Takashi… look at this…" said Syaoran, which sounded lower than a whisper. Hey, is that even possible?

Eriol and Takashi stuck their heads through the… walls. Causing holes in the walls. Only two though, that's a good thing right?

"Look at what?" they both said, crashing through the walls, leaving large… two body holes in the walls.

"We have got to get that fixed…" said Syaoran, looking at the two holes in the walls.

Takashi and Eriol looked at the bed. "What's wrong with it, Syaoran-chii?" said Eriol, with complete 'innocence'.

Syaoran looked at them, groaning. "You can only fit three people on the bed! Who in the hell thought of this idea??"

Somewhere in Hell

"I did! I thought of the idea of making Syaoran, Takashi, and Eriol sleep together on one bed!" chirped a very happy woman, whose name was Peanut-sama.

"Good work, Peanut!" said the Satan, as they both crackled evilly, together… scary.

Back at the horrible camp

Eriol was busy taking out tons of toys out of his manly backpack, which was pink with white, girly flowers on it. Yeah, sure, it's so manly. Anyways, he started to put the toys all over the cabin, making it look pretty suffocated.

Takashi had a two large stacks of paper next to him. One piece of paper in front of him. One step for man, blah blah blah! Takashi was writing stories, and or lies, with the papers, to sell for a 'job'. Maybe he was the one to earn all of the money…

Syaoran had a blank, small, pink piece of paper in front of him. He scowled, making his face look all scary and ugly. He was busy trying to think of a way to make them all sleep on separate beds. No use, because the teachers, sergeants (who have funny names) wouldn't help him.

All of them were having fun, except for poor, old Syaoran. Poor him. I wonder if Eriol put a curse on him or something.

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