(Soul Society: Kuchiki House)

"Welcome back Kuchiki-san." Said Ukitake to his subordnant. Rukia didn't respond but simply continued to follow Renji to 6th squads captain. "Huh?" That's strange. Something must be terribly wrong for her to ignore her superior.

Outside sixth squads office, Renji knocked quietly. A voice from inside called, "Come in." The voice was warm but bored. They entered into the office while Rukia kept her head bent to the ground. "Rukia, why are you back? You're supposed to be guarding Karakura town for another-"

"Don't say anything." Renji said quietly.

"It's fine Renji. He deserves to know."

"Is something wrong?"

"Gomenasai, Nii-sama. I couldn't stay there any longer, not while he exists." Rukia said, her voice about to break again. But she wouldn't allow it. Not in front of her brother.

"What did Kurosaki Ichigo do this time?"

"He's fallen in love... with that god foresaken quincy!"

Byakuya's eyes widened. He wasn't really surprised. Most of them had seen it coming after what had happened in Soul Society the first time Ichigo's group had invaded. "Really? What are you going to do about it?"

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing." Rand Rukia's bitter reply.She wasn't in the mood for talking. Not after the hell Ichigo Kurosaki had put her through.

"If you're not going to do anything about it than why did you come here? It's not my business what you do after you get dumped. Not get out. If you want to complain, go to someone who actually cares."

Rukia choked at first, startled by her brothers words byt the shock didn't last long. She nodded, turned on heal and walked out the door, not wanting to talk to anyone ever again.

Sixth squads captain and vice-captain watched the yound shinigami stalk off with bent shoulders. As soon as she was out of sight the older, much stronger and dignified shinigami, walked over to his vice-captain and wrapped himself around the man. He layed his head gently against Renji's shoulder and sighed.

"Do you think I was to harsh?" He breathed into Renji's ear.

"Nah. She'll be fine but.. Don't you think it's about time we told her about...well, us?" Renji put his hands against Kuchiki's and stared after his long-time friend, wondering how badly his captains words had hurt her.

"Later. This is the only time I'll have you alone for awhile. Let me indulge, in your prescense, hmm?"

Renji gave a short, bitter laugh. "Sure. Why not?" He kissed the captain lightly on the lips, not meaning for it be anything more but a mere peck. Trying to be pull away, Renji was surprised as his dignified captain, pressed his lips harder to the red heads. He pulled away. "It'll be a shock when she finds out that most of us are into.. men, now." Renji stifled a laugh as the older man blushed scarlet. It was a rare occurance but was hilarious when it DID happen.

"I guess. It just means that maybe she'll go back to that bastard substitute shinigami and his quincy lover."

Byakuya sighed and let go of Renji. "I guess. She was really broken up about it...Not that I care," He added when Reji gave him a strange look. Most of serietie was still trying to get used to his friendly gestures towards his 'sister'.


(Soul Society: Thirteenth Squads Office)

Rukia practically screamed when she walked into her captains office. Ukitake and his long time friend Shunsui Kyouraku sat on a long couch, holding each other tightly, talking quietly in low voices. They stopped when they heard Rukia come in. They both cringed when they saw Rukia's mortified expression.

"Rukia, wait! I can explain!" Cried the thirteenth squads captain, Ukitake.

"Explain? What is there to explain?" He voice quivered, the tears starting to leak, and slowly run down her cheeks.

Ukitake sighed and gently pushed his lover off of him. He went over to Rukia and gently wrapped her in a breath taking hug. The white haired man whispered to her quietly, "I can explain this. All of it. Just, please, sit down."

Rukia nodded, a look of mortification still planted on her face. Ukitake led her gently to one of the cushioned chairs in the room and pushed her down in it. Shunsui sat quietly nex to his lover, not wanting to disturb him. "What the hell is going on?" Rukia asked, her eyes glazed over in what seemed to be shock.

Ukitake cleared his throat. "Well, ever since the Soul Society incident, things seemed to have turned them selves upside down. Most of the male captains... and vice-captains, have taken a ceratin, liking, to other males. We hae a lot of odd couples here and there like me and well, Shunsui as you can obviously see.

"Nii-sama? Renji?" Rukia wasn't sure she wanted to hear the answer.

"They're together. Have been ever since he can back from the real world."

"Yumichika, Ikkaku?" Rukia's expression grew more and more mortified with every answer.


"Kira and Shuuhei?"


"T-this can't be happening." Rukia's head dropped into her hands as she tried to wrap her head around the current situation. Maybe she was just dreaming and this wasn't really happening.

"Sorry to break it to you, but it is." Said a new voice. Rukia looked up and couldn't help but scream. Standing in the doorway, was half of Serietie's male vicinty, holding the hand of another male. To one's surprise, Rukia fainted, not wanting to take anything more.


(20 Years Later: London England)

"Mom, dad, I'm home!" Cried a teen age boy of about fifteen. He looked a lot like his parents. He had sharp blue eyes that didn't match his blazing orange hair. He was tall like his father but had much keener senses like his mother. They both worked well to his advantages, but many times he was picked on because he looked nothing like the rest of the boys at school. He looked neither Japanese nor British but he certaintly didn't care. The girls loved him but what he was even happier about was the boys loved him more.

He walked into the living and smirked when he saw his mom and dad curled up together on the couch. Ishida looked over at him and said sleepily, "Hey honey. Okati."

"Hey Imichika, how was school today?" Ichigo asked, wrapping his arms around his 'wife'.

"As well as to be expected." Imichika responded. "Though, I have some one I want you to meet.

He disappeared out the door for a couple of seconds, reapearing with another young boy in tow.

Smirking he said, "Mom, dad, meet my boyfriend Aaron."


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