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Lost in Regret*********

It was her 22nd birthday, but she didn't feel like celebrating.
Sarah was in a constant state of meloncholy lately. Nothing could
snap her out of it. Not even her 9 year old brother Toby. Her parents
were worried. She had just graduated from college a week earlier and
they had no idea she was so depressed. She hadn't even begun to look
for a job. She moved home right after the graduation ceremony.
Sarah sat in her room most of the time, staring silently out her
window or gazing longingly into her mirror. Sarah's step-mother
brought her food every day, but Sarah never touched it.


Sarah simply told her parents she was fine -
just burnt out from finals. She couldn't tell them the truth,
they'd really believe she was nuts then. How do you tell anyone
that you are hopelessly in love with a Goblin King?