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Lost in Regret
Chapter 2 a Wish


Now at home, Sarah looked into her mirror. Wishing to find
him again. But she knew it was silly. It had been seven
years. She hadn't even contacted her friends from the
Labyrinth. Of course he wouldn't think of her anymore.
Except perhaps as a small thorn in his pride - she WAS the
only one to defeat him and his Labyrinth.

As the sun set on her 22nd birthday, Sarah continued to stare
into her mirror. She had gone downstairs that afternoon to
appease her parents and blow out candles on a birthday cake.
Her mom told her to make a wish. So she had. She wished
she could tell Jareth how much she loved him. Now looking
at her own reflection she spoke quietly to herself, "I wish
he were here so I could tell him how I feel."

Laying down in her bed Sarah cried as she did every night.
Only tonight she felt a weight beside her seated on her bed.
She turned, expecting her step-mother, and saw, "Jareth."

He raised an eyebrow at her look of surprise, "Yes Sarah,
it is I."

"But, what...I mean how..." Sarah stammered.

"I have watched you from the Underground ever since you
left." Jared explained, "You have always done well for
yourself, but lately you have grown sad. You have graduated,
achieved what you have worked so hard for, and yet you have
grown sadder still. I have watched you cry each night for
several weeks. I decided to come and see if I could help
you. Has someone harmed you Sarah?"

Sarah just stared wide eyed. The Goblin King was here.
In front of her. Because he CARED! He had just spoken for
several moments with his beautiful voice, and she was in awe.
He wanted to know why she was sad... Sarah smiled a very
small smile. He was asking if someone had hurt her. She
had to speak...but her emotions were so strong, she couldn't
find her voice for several moments. Until she saw Jareth
frown with concern...

Quietly Sarah stated, "No one had harmed me except perhaps
myself." Seeing Jareth's look of doubt Sarah continued,
"I have recently come to regret the actions of my younger

Jareth was puzzled, "But Sarah, I have watched you since
you were a small child. Never have I seen you behave in a
way that should be cause for regret."

Sarah's eyes shone with unshed tears as she spottd the
emotions running through Jareth's eyes. She could plainly
see the love she'd ignored as a silly intemperate girl.
She knew what she had to do.

"Jareth you are wrong. I have done things I regret, dearly.
In the Underground I behaved like a spoiled brat. I asked
for more than was fair and you gave it to me freely. I
took all I could from you, but gave you nothing back."

Jareth could only stare as Sarah's words penetrated and
realization hit him. She took his hand and place it over
her beating heart and he was stunned from saying anything
as she continued.

"I now have something I would like to give heart."

Jareth stared into Sarah's loving eyes and realized he had
forgotten how to breath. Finally he gasped a breath as
one lone tear of joy rolled down his cheek. Sarah lifted
one hand to brush away his tear and cupped his cheek.
Slowly he leaned down and pressed his lips to hers.

Warmth spread between the two quickly and the kiss grew in
passion. Two sould that had been cruelly split apart long
ago were finally together again.


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