"And they're off." Elliot closes the front door and flops onto one of the couches sideways, resting her head on the arm rest and letting her feet dangle over the other. She glances over to her uncle and his new girlfriend and laughs at the site.

House is lying sideways with his bad leg stretched out in front of him, the bride's garter donning his left thigh. Cameron is sitting properly with House's right leg across her lap, fingering one of the roses in the bride's bouquet. Jack comes in to the living room and takes a seat on the chair by her daughter.

"So," She starts in a conversational tone, "When's the wedding?"

"You guys planned this, didn't you?" House motions to the garter and bouquet, meeting his sister's eyes, noticing the silent laughter present there.

"We might have mentioned something to Claire-" Jack starts.

"Who, in turn threatened something to Chase." Elliot finishes.

"Something about sleeping on the couch for the duration of the honeymoon if he didn't aim this directly at me?" House finishes. "What did you say to convince Claire?"

"Nothing," Elliot states. "I think she knew that if one of her bridesmaids caught it, she'd be in their wedding party, and since all of them are heartbeats away from walking down the aisle, she didn't want to have to deal with that so soon."

"Hate to break it to you," Cameron speaks up, "But Greg and I are nowhere near the jewelry store, let alone the alter."

The two female House snort softly before simultaneously covering their yawns.

"I guess motherhood really does tire you out," House speaks up, "Cause Allison and I definitely aren't mothers and we're the only two not yawning."

"Funny, Greg." Jack states, "Now shut up or I'm pulling out baby photos of you to show Allison."

House wisely shuts up and glares at his sister, missing the smile and wink that she directs at Allison when he reaches for his drink.

"Speaking of convincing," House replaces his drink on the side table and looks to Elliot, "What did you tell Chase yesterday to get him and Foreman to leave?"

"I told him that if they weren't gone in the next 10 seconds, that I'd tell you that he was cleared for two weeks vacation time."

"So? When is this vacation?"

"Now." Cameron speaks up, "He left for Australia last night."

"What?! When did I approve that?"

"YOU didn't, Cuddy did. The team has been through a lot these past few weeks, Chase was just first in line for a break."

"You've been through a lot!? I've had to work with my niece!"

"You say that like you actually did some work on this case," Elliot replies thoughtfully. "Because if I recall correctly, all that you told us to do was an EKG, blood work, and a shit ton of research. The EKG told us nothing, which lead me to do an echo. Blood work did actually tell us something. And when you told us to do research, I called Mom and got a scan and a diagnosis. Wait, House actually worked, is that considered working for him?" All the women laugh at House and the situation he's gotten in.

"And on that note," House downs the last of his drink and gets up, pulling Cameron to her feet. Once she's vertical, he gathers up his cane, gives his sister and niece kisses, and drags Cameron out the door. "See you Monday, Reed."

"So," House walks Cameron up to her door. "Now that you've met my family…" He lets the statement trail off.

"Is that your attempt at asking when you get to meet my family?"

"Just curious. I heard you talking to some of the guests. Your dad is retired Army, and your mom is a housewife with a nursing degree. Sounds remarkably like my parents, without the nursing degree."

"So how did we turn out completely different despite having parents that are the same?"

"Similar." House corrects her. "But yeah." He leans against the wall by her door while she pulls out her keys.

"I was six, Dad was believed KIA. He was actually a POW. Three weeks later, he was home…by the time he was declared full duty, his current term was up, and mom was pregnant with Adam and Ashley. He decided to retire…not really. He took a job teaching at the helicopter flight school, finished out his twenty…granted he only had two years left, so it wasn't much. I was ten when that happened, so I didn't spend my childhood moving around a lot. That might have helped." She turns to her door, but stops and faces him again. "Do you want to come in?"

House goes through a major internal debate in a matter of seconds before responding, "As much as I want to, I'd better not. Lunch? Tomorrow?"

Cameron smiles sweetly at him. "I'll cook. Noon?"

"Noon." House confirms before leaning down to give her a good night kiss. It's meant to be a quick kiss, but Cameron leans into it, causing House to lean in just a bit more. When he feels her hand on his shoulder, he breaks away. "I'll see you tomorrow." He graces her lips with his own once more before smiling softly at her and leaving. Cameron waits until she sees him get onto the elevator before opening her door behind her entering, a small smile playing on her lips.

So, not all people do the garter thing, but hopefully everyone knows the story behind the bouquet. Adding to it, whomever catches the garter, is said to be the one marrying the one that caught the bouquet.

And that's it. I'm starting on the second story tomorrow after work. The House family was met in this story, but the Cameron clan will be met in the next one...or at least the siblings will. I haven't found a way to work the parents in. Probably won't, just to let you know.