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Ryoma's morning consisted of an alarm clock, turning off the alarm clock, and going back to sleep, only to be awoken minutes later by the tail of his cat tickling his nose. Karupin would always meow in reply to Ryoma's groan, and then lick his master's cheek with his wet sandpaper-like tongue.

Ryoma would then groan again and peek at his alarmclock. His eyes would shoot open and he would jolt upright quickly, realizing that he was late. Again.

Karupin would jump out of bed and accompany his master while he changed and went downstairs. Sometimes, he would get a chance to nab part of Ryoma's breakfast. And, if Karupin was in a good mood, he would sometimes even accompany Ryoma to school, despite his hate for the complex building he could never navigate through with all the different scents and people moving around. Plus, when poor Karupin took a whiff of Inui's new Aozu formula on accident while exploring the science lab, he was too scared to visit Ryoma's school for weeks.

He had a quaint satisfaction when his owner looked for him when he decided to leave the house for some fresh air. It assured him that his owner did love him. Not that he had any doubts. He and his master spent a lot of quality time when Ryoma came home from practice, hot and sweaty. He just wished that most of it was not spent in the bathtub. His master had a fettish for baths and grape-scented bubblesoap.

A/N: I firmly believe Ryoma is a cat molester. A GAY cat molester. Haha. Thanks to everyone who told me that Karupin was a boy.

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