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Inspired partially(okay fully) by the Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons song Walk Like a Man. I recommend listening to it before/during you read this and think of it in Jackie's point of view. It really sets the tone. Also, the song just kicks major musical ass.

The One with the Tee Shirt.

In which Jackie tries to get closure, Hyde is in denial and Donna plays the middlewoman.

It was like watching a car crash. Donna had been right in her assertion that their relationship would be either a disaster or a catastrophe. With Jackie's other breakups, there had been yelling and tears. However, maybe it was because her relationship with Fez was too new for there to be any real feelings, but none of those things occurred. And yet, as they argued in soft voices on the Forman's stairs, there was no doubt as to what was exactly going on.

Fez held Jackie's hand, "You sure about this?"

Jackie nodded, knowing that any sort of explanation was unnecessary.

"I think we made a mistake, Fez."

Fez breathed in deep. "It's Hyde isn't it?"

Jackie glared at the wall. "Why can't I get over him?"

Fez sighed. "What you and Hyde had, it was special, and when you lose something special, it can be hard to replace it. Maybe you didn't get the closure you needed."

"So what do I do?"

"I don't know." He admitted. He never really had to go through something like this before. All of his break ups had been easy, for the most part.

Jackie leaned over and the two hugged. "I'm still going to brag about kissing you." Fez told her, causing Jackie to laugh. He broke away from her and smiled, tears forming in his dark eyes. "Good day."

As he walked away from her and went through the kitchen door, Hyde finally spoke.

"I told you so man."

Fez stopped. "Go to hell, Hyde."

Jackie watched the small exchange of words and sat down on the stairs in both physical and emotional exhaustion.

One day and ten minutes. That had to be a record for the shortest relationship ever.

When no one made a move to go comfort Jackie, she stood up, wiped the spilled champagne off her jeans and made to leave. She was halfway to the door when Kitty held a plate up in front of Jackie's face.

"Jackie, I made devilled eggs."

Jackie stared at the plate. "Thanks but no thanks Mrs. Forman. I'm not really hungry right now."

Kitty shook her head. "Nonsense dear, these are your favorite, now go on, try one."

Jackie reluctantly took an egg and smiled briefly at the woman she had just referred to as "Her favorite old lady."

Kitty beamed as Jackie ate one of the eggs and then reached for a second one.

"See, now isn't that better?" Kitty let her take another egg off the plate and then walked away after receiving a nod of thanks from the brunette.

Jackie took a glance around the room to make sure she could now escape without being caught again.

It didn't work.

"We're thinking about having one more circle before everyone leaves, want to join us?"

Jackie stared at the newly reunited couple. They looked so happy, so in love. She wanted no part of it.

"I think I'm just going to go."

"Ah, Jackie, you can't go." Eric pleaded. "It's been so long since the group has been together."

Jackie sighed. "I'd rather just go home."

She made to leave again but Donna caught her arm.

"Come on, we're going to the basement."

Jackie sighed in defeat. At this rate, she was never going to get home.

Fez, Hyde and Kelso were already in their spots in the circle. Donna and Eric sat down and Jackie quickly realized she had no choice but to sit next to Hyde.

She wondered if they realized that she wasn't smoking. Instead, she would simply pass the join onto to Hyde, who was already so stoned anyway that it didn't even matter.

"I should have stayed in Chicago." She muttered to herself.

Donna moved to sit next to Jackie. "Why?" She asked softly.

"Because then I wouldn't have had the worst year of my life."

"Ah, Jackie, it could have been worse in Chicago." Eric told her.

"How could it have been worse?" She asked.

"Well, uh, you could have been hit by a car or something. I hear people in Chicago are terrible drivers." He tossed her a beer. "Come one, you look like you could use one."

"Jackie, I just want you to know that I agree with you. You should have stayed in Chicago." Hyde said. "I bet you wished for that every day since I told Sam to stay."

Jackie shook her head at her ex boyfriend. "What happened to you?" She wondered sadly. This time when she got up, no one made the effort to stop her.

She walked to her apartment fuming. Why was she upset about Steven when she had just broke up with Fez? It made no sense to her. She had spent a whole year trying to get over him, and yet it was like she couldn't completely move on. She pulled out the tee shirt he had given her. She didn't know why she kept it, but she knew if she was ever going to get over him, she would have to give it back.

"I knew you couldn't stay away!" Fez grinned when Jackie returned.

Jackie threw the old black tee shirt at Hyde. Hyde lifted the shirt up. It smelled like her perfume.

"It smells like you." He stated. Slowly, he began to sober up as realization hit him. It smelled like her. That meant she wore it.

"You can wash it." She told him.

Hyde shot a look at Fez.

"Why did you break up with Fez?" He asked softly.

"Because, I'm not some blow up doll to be passed around by you guys. What did you do, write out a schedule to see who got me next?"

"No." Kelso shook his head.

Hyde opened his mouth to speak but a hand covered his mouth. "Don't." Donna warned him.

"You're better than this." She seemed to be only talking to Hyde, but the rest of the group felt as though her words could also be for them.

Hyde looked down at his old Led Zeppelin tee shirt.

"I don't want it." He shoved the shirt back into Jackie's small hands.

"Well, I'm not keeping it." She told him. "Just wash it and give it to the next stripper you accidentally marry."

"When are you going to let that go?" Hyde asked, livid.

"How about never?" Jackie yelled back.

The rest of the gang moved to as far away as possible. It seemed that a year of tension between the two lovers was now coming to a breaking point.

Hyde however, did not respond with another burn aimed to kill. Instead, he shocked all of them.

"I'm sorry." He said softly.

Jackie burst into tears and ran out, followed by a reluctant Donna.

Hyde sat back down in his chair and looked at Donna when she came back inside. "How is she?"

Donna stared at him for a good minute. "Please tell me you didn't just say that."

"Well?" Hyde prodded.

Donna shook her head. "No, Hyde."

"No, what?" He asked.

"Hyde, you don't get to ask how Jackie is anymore. You broke her heart when you married someone else, and then, you spent the last year doing nothing but insulting and making her feel bad! And as much as I want both of you to be happy, and think you're good together, I can't let you hurt her again."

The guys all watched stunned as Donna laid into Hyde.

"Hyde, you need to stop acting like a jerk to her. Yes, she made a mistake, but it wasn't nearly as bad as what you did." Donna's tone was much softer now, but it didn't stop the words from having their desired effect. "You either need to admit that you love her and that you'll always love her, or you need to just let her move on with her life, but you can't have it both ways."

Hyde had no response for that.

"She didn't want to talk, but I think she's still outside." Hyde got the message and ran out the door.

"Jackie!" He yelled before she could get into her car. "Wait!"

She slowly turned around. "What is it, Steven?"

"You want to know what happened to me?" He asked. "I'll tell you what happened to me! My girlfriend gave me a stupid ultimatum and then left before I could tell her yes!"

She listened as he poured out his resentment for her. "You don't get to blame me anymore."

She got into her car and drove off before he could respond.

The next week dragged on as Hyde slowly came to the conclusion that all of the women in his life were mad at him. Mrs. Forman was still speaking to him, but she was now only putting one slice of bacon on his plate instead of two. Donna of course, had sided with Jackie, in an effort to "Make up for the shallow bitch I was last year." The girl he didn't expect to be mad at him though was his car.

"Oh come on!" He shouted at the Camino. "Just go already!"

Apparently she had other plans though.


"I'll buy you the expensive gasoline."

"I'll get you a new stereo."


If a car could huff, she would have.

"Fine, two can play that game. I'll just drive Forman's car. Yeah, how do you like that?"

Hyde took another look at his car and sighed.

"Car still not running?" Eric asked as Hyde sat in his chair, fuming.


Donna laughed. "You should get Jackie to fix it."

Hyde shook his head. "Uh, no."

"Oh come on, you know she could."

"Donna, it's not a matter of whether or not she could, it's just that he doesn't want to ask her." Fez told her.

"He's a wimp." Eric stated.

"Hey, I am not a wimp." Hyde glared at his friends. "I just have better things to do than ask my ex to fix the Camino."

"This is true." Fez told them. "For example, he needs to whine about his car not running."

Hyde stood up. "She's doing this on purpose man."

Donna laughed. "Are you saying that the El Camino isn't running because you're a massive dillhole?

"Hey, I tried apologizing to her." Hyde defended himself.

"Wow, I had no idea that saying it was her fault you married someone else was considered an apology. Who knew?" She asked Eric and Fez.

"Yeah, well you bitches always take each other's sides."

Donna raised her eyebrow. "Speaking of which, it's Monday night, I better get over to Jackie's so we can watch Little House on the Prairie." She looked over at Hyde. "Anything you want me to tell her?"

Hyde rolled his eyes. "What would I possibly have to say to her?"

Donna shook her head in resignation and left.

Jackie handed Donna the jiffy pop. "Is Steven's car still not running?"

"Yeah." Donna answered.

The two girls settled in to watch Little House.

"So how are things between you and Fez?"

"Oh, we're good." Jackie answered. "He's like my girlfriend you know? It'd be weird to date him."

They were both silent for a little while.

"We're ignoring the elephant in the room aren't we?" Donna asked.

"Yep." Jackie responded.

Desperate times called for desperate measures. He had called Jackie in a last ditch effort to have his own wheels again.

"So, I hear your car won't run."

"Yeah." Hyde shifted his weight to his other leg as Jackie looked underneath the hood. "Look, I can fix it."

"Steven, she hasn't run in over two weeks, if you could fix it, you would."

Hyde rolled his eyes. "Oh, and you think you can do it?"

Jackie smirked. "I could, but I won't. You see, it's a big part of who I am."

It took him a good minute to realize that she was making a joke, one that poked fun at both of them. Images of Jackie in her lavender prom dress invaded his mind, and he quickly pushed them aside.

"Do you know what the problem is?" He asked.

"I have a guess, go on and try it just one more time."

It was as his car started to hum that he realized something very important. His car was in love with someone else, a short, dark haired, loudmouthed female.

Jackie patted the top of the El Camino and hummed. "Bye, Steven."

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