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It was one day before the wedding; Jackie and Hyde were sitting on the couch alone.

"Where are our friends?" Jackie asked.

"Don't know, don't care." Hyde answered.

Jackie thought back to the last two weeks, everything had been so hectic that she had barely had time to spend with Steven. Jackie turned to him. "Steven?"

Hyde looked at her. "Yeah?"

"Nothing." Jackie said, changing her mind.

"C'mere." He said, pulling her in close to him. She laid her head on his shoulder and sighed. He kissed the top of her head.

"W.B offered to let us stay in his condo while he's gone." Hyde told her, Jackie looked up at him. "I know it's not the honeymoon you always pictured, but it'll give us some time alone."

Jackie smiled and kissed him. "It's perfect."

"Okay you guys, we have a surprise for you." Donna told Hyde and Jackie as she and Eric barged into the basement.

"Yeah, so get up and come with us." Eric said.

Confused, the two got up from the couch and followed their two best friends out the door and into the Vista Cruiser.

"Where the hell are we going?" Hyde asked, putting his arm around Jackie.

"We're throwing you guys a party." Donna told them.

"Complete with music, beer and Leo yelling 'surprise!'" Eric said.

They pulled up to Grooves and walked in. Fez, Kelso, Brooke and Leo were already there, That's the Way I Like it by K.C and the Sunshine Band was playing.

"Surprise!" Leo yelled.

Eric smirked. "Told you so."

"What the hell?" Hyde said as Fez came up to them and grabbed Jackie's hand. "Dance with me Jackie!"

Laughing, Fez spun Jackie around and Kelso handed Hyde a beer.

"To Hyde and Jackie!" Eric yelled over the music.

"To Hyde and Jackie!" The rest cheered.

Later that evening, Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress by The Hollies was playing. The music seemed to get louder as the girls danced in a circle together with Fez in the middle. Donna broke from them and pulled Eric to her, putting one hand on her waist and the other on her shoulder. Hyde looked over and saw Jackie laughing as Kelso did the tango with Brooke. He caught her eye and smiled, earning him a grin and a nod. Fez was still dancing by himself, doing the robot while he ate a sugar daddy. He didn't even realize Jackie was beside him until she spoke.

"Some party huh?"

He looked at her. "Let's dance." He took her arm before she could even protest.

"So, did you finish your vows yet?" She asked coyly.

"Yep." He answered. "You?"

She smiled. "Uh, huh." She put her head on his chest.

The next morning, 7 A.M

Jackie woke up on her old cot in Donna's bedroom. Donna was still sleeping, so Jackie snuck up on her and shook her.

"Donna!" She whispered. "Donna, wake up!"

Donna opened one eye. "No."

"Come on, we've got a long day!" She shook Donna again. "It's going to take the three of us forever to get ready!"

Groaning, Donna relented and got up. "Fine." She slipped on her slippers and the two went downstairs to get some breakfast.

While they were eating, Brooke showed up with her garment and make up bags.

"See?" Jackie said, pointing to Brooke. "Brooke knows the importance of being punctual."

Donna glared. "Whatever."

Brooke shook her head and sat down at the table.

"Shhh!" Eric whispered to Kelso and Fez as they snuck into Hyde's room. They stood in front of his cot.

All at once, the guys started singing at the top of their lungs to the tune of We Represent the Lollypop Guild.

"We represent the burnout guild, the burnout guild, the burnout guilt, we represent the burnout guild and we're waking you up on your wedding day!"

Hyde scowled. "What the hell are you morons doing?"

"Waking you up!" Fez sang.

Hyde threw his pillow at him. "Go away."

"No can do." Eric said. "We got something we need to before the wedding."

Hyde sat up. "Like what?"

"Put on some clothes." Eric said. "We'll be waiting out there." He pointed towards the basement. He, Fez and Kelso walked out so that Hyde could get dressed.

A few minutes later, Hyde walked out of his room fully dressed.

"Now, what the hell is going on here?" He asked, noticing the evil grins on his friend's faces.

"Well, it's like this," Eric said, patting Hyde's back, "Since you married Jackie without letting us take you out, and since Donna put a shoe in our plans last night, we're going to take you out."

"You guys do realize that I can't be drunk on my wedding day right?"

Kelso smirked. "Oh, where we're going, you don't have to be drunk."

"Well, it doesn't hurt." Eric said.

The guys walked out of the basement and Hyde headed towards the El Camino but Eric pulled him back.

"What?" He asked.

Kelso and Fez pointed towards the garage where Red was standing with an evil grin on his face. Realization set in and Hyde sighed in fear.

"Crap." He looked at his friends. "Et tu Brutus?"

Eric was sympathetic. "Sorry, he threatened to take the Batmobile away."

Red crooked his finger, gesturing to Hyde to come.

Eric patted Hyde's back. "May the force be with you." The guys shoved him towards the garage. Red waved to the guys as he closed the garage door.

"Have a seat." Red ordered.

Hyde sat on a box. 'It's cool man' he thought. 'Red thinks of you like a son, he won't actually kill you.'

"You've probably already figured out why you're here." Red said, tossing Hyde a beer.

Hyde opened the beer. "Uh, I think so, yeah."

"Well, since I didn't get to talk to you before your actual wedding, I thought I'd do it now."

Hyde gulped, even though he knew was coming, it still made him nervous.

"Jackie's special." Red spoke after a long minute of silence, earning a nod from Hyde. Jackie was special, there was no argument there.

Red continued, "When you married Jackie, you promised you would love her, honor her, and all that other crap right?"

"Right." Hyde answered.

"Just do all that, and you'll be fine."

Hyde looked up to see a small, but generous smile on Red's face.

"I thought Jackie had for sure given up on you after that stripper fiasco, but you fought for her, and that makes you a man."

Hyde nodded and stood up. "Thanks man." He stuck out his hand and Red shook it.

"I think Kitty made you breakfast, better go get it."

Before leaving, Hyde turned back around to Red. "Can I ask you something?"

Red nodded.

"Uh, why did you let me stay with Sam?" It was something he had been wondering since she had shown up.

"Because you didn't see the look on her face when she ran out of my house after being told." Red answered. "I've never seen anyone look that broken before, and someone is going to hell if I have to see it again."

Hyde grimaced. Of everything Red had said to him, this was the thing that struck him deep in the core. He had a life time though to make his mistakes up to Jackie.

Two hours later, the girls are in Laurie's old room wearing their slips. Brooke was painting Donna's nails; and Jackie was taking the curlers out of her hair when Kitty walked in with a bottle of wine and four glasses.

"I brought wine!" She said in a sing song voice, earning cheers from the girls.

Downstairs, the guys were dressed in their tuxes, Hyde was in his chair with his feet on the table, Eric was finishing up his best man speech and Kelso was sitting in the lawn chair singing along to Light My Fire.

"Donna lights my fire." Eric said thoughtfully.

"Forman, if the next words out of your mouth are 'I should propose again.' I'm going to kick your ass." Hyde told him.

Eric frowned.

Red came down the stairs. "The foreign kid is almost done with the decorations and Pastor Dave is here. Let's get this show on the road."

The guys stood up.

"Ready?" Eric asked.

Hyde raised his eyebrows. "Forman, I'm already married, this is just to appease your mom and Jackie."

"Right." Eric nodded. He looked around for his speech. "Uh, have any of you seen my speech?"

"You lost it?" Hyde asked while Kelso laughed.

"It was right here!" Eric said frantically, pointing at the table.

"Well, just chill out, Erica, we'll find it before the party."

They walked up to the kitchen to find Leo talking to Kitty. "Wow, you're three are sharp!"

Hyde smiled. "Thanks, Leo."

Leo grinned back.

Kitty snuck a picture. "Oh my boys…" She smiled and gave each of them a kiss on the cheek.

Donna stuck her head through the kitchen door. "Hyde, can I see you for a second?"

Hyde nodded and walked into the living room. Before he knew what was happening, another hand was ripping his sunglasses off his face.

"Got them!" Brooke shouted as she and Donna ran up the stairs.

"Come back with those!" Hyde yelled up the stairs. Donna came down a few steps and stuck her tongue out at Hyde.

Hyde chased her up the stairs and into Laurie's room before she had the chance to shut the door.

"Oh my god!" Jackie yelled.

Hyde stared at her. His stomach felt like it was being twisted into knots and he could barely breathe. She was standing in front of him, clearly pissed. She was absolutely beautiful in her wedding gown, half of her hair was put up, the rest was hanging down her shoulders in loose curls, her shimmer eye shadow made her mismatched eyes pop out, and her lips were painted with a pale pink lip gloss. It wasn't any of those things that made her beautiful to Hyde, it was the fact that she was glowing. Even though she was mad at him, he could tell that deep down she was happy.

The two stood there, locked in eye contact until Donna pulled him away. "You can have your shades back after the wedding."

Hyde nodded. "Yeah, okay." He had completely forgotten about his shades once he had laid his eyes on Jackie.

"You okay man?"

Hyde looked up from the kitchen table to see Leo smiling at him. "Have a seat." He said, gesturing to one of the chairs.

"You're awfully quiet, even for you." Leo stated as he sat down. "Are you freaking out?"

Hyde smiled. "Nah, there's nothing to freak out over. I'm already married to her you know?"

Leo nodded. "Oh I know alright, you and loud girl go together like two beans in pot."

"It's peas in a pod, Leo."

"That's what I said." Leo laughed. "Just make sure you know where you live and you'll be okay."

Hyde rubbed his eyes. "Crap, I don't know man." He stood up and started pacing. "I don't know where we're going to live or what we're going to do. Jackie said something about going to college, what if she wants to go somewhere out of state? I can't leave the record store man."

Leo stared at the kid he considered a son, and he knew that there was only one way to deal with this sort of situation.

"You're right Leo; this does make me feel better." Hyde said in a cloud of smoke.

Leo laughed. "Told you so man, now, go upstairs and marry loud girl."

After a quick splash of water on his face, Hyde walked out into the Forman's backyard, the red, orange and yellow leaves of the neighborhood trees stood out against twinkle lights and a white archway where Pastor Dave stood talking to someone Hyde didn't know. Eric, Kelso and Fez were standing by the wall with Donna and Brooke.

"I don't have any pretty woman to walk me down the aisle." Fez said sadly.

Hyde looked at Donna. "Jackie doesn't have a slutty cousin who can do it does she?"

Donna shook her head. "The only member of her family she invited was that guy." She

said, pointing to the guy who was talking to Pastor Dave. "I think that's like her uncle or something."

Hyde nodded thoughtfully. "Yeah, I'll take care of this." He went back into the house and into the living room, where Jackie was standing, waiting impatiently for Donna and Brooke to return.

"Steven, it's bad luck to see the bride."

He smirked. "Well, it's a good thing we're already married then."

Jackie sighed. "Steven, today is important to me okay? Would you try not to ruin it by being you?"

Hyde shook his head. "No can do." He cupped her face. "You're really beautiful." He said before kissing her.


Hyde turned around to see Brooke and Donna tapping their feet at him. "Sorry." He said, feeling not very sorry at all.

"Out!" Donna said, pointing to the door.

Hyde suddenly remembered why he had come into the living room in the first place. He grabbed one of the throw pillows off the couch and went back to the kitchen where the Forman's, Bob, Eric, Kelso and Fez were waiting for him.

"I'm gonna go make sure Jackie's okay." Bob said before going into the living room.

Hyde threw the pillow at Fez. "Fez, you're now our ring bearer."

Everyone laughed and Fez shook his head. "Oh, that's a good burn."

The wedding party had walked out and was now waiting for Jackie and Bob. Kitty was crying into Red's arm, who was trying not to smile.

Jackie laced her arm into Bob's. "I just wanted to say thank you for helping me when my mom left."

Bob gave her a tearful smile. "You're welcome sweat heart, you make sure Steven treats you right, or he'll have to answer to me."

Jackie smiled. "Thanks." The wedding marched started and Jackie took a deep breath before her and Bob walked out into the back yard. When they reached the pew, Bob gave Jackie a kiss on the cheek before sitting down. Hyde took Jackie's hands and they stood face to face in front of Pastor Dave.

"We are gathered here today to celebrate the joining of two people." Pastor Dave stated. "Jacqueline and Steven wish to express their love for one another with their own words."

Donna handed Jackie her vows and Jackie turned back around to Hyde.

"For the longest time, I thought I knew everything. I lived in my comfortable little box and it was fine, but then you came out and you took me out and showed me what the world really was, and what I could be, everything I am is because of you, you're my best friend, my lover, protector, and I promise I'll love and cherish you until the day I die."

"Are you crying?" Kelso whispered to Fez.

"It's just so beautiful." He whispered back.

"Steven, your vows?" Pastor Dave instructed.

Hyde pulled his vows out of his pocket and then put it back.

"To be honest, all this time I thought that today was just about you, because I know we originally didn't have the wedding you always wanted, but now, being here, I realize that I was wrong about that. Today isn't just about you, it's about us. Sometimes I think that it's always been about us, even when we were with other people, there was us. As enemies, friends, lovers, and now husband and wife." He reached out and tweaked her chin. "I'm not good at expressing myself, but I know that I love you."

Tears ran down Jackie's cheek.

Pastor Dave gave a cough. "Who has the rings?"

Fez handed Pastor Dave the rings, who handed them to Jackie and Hyde.

Hyde lifted the ring up to look at it. "These are nice." He said, causing Jackie to laugh.

"Jackie, place the ring on Steven's finger and repeat after me."

Jackie did as she was told.

"Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

Jackie nodded tearfully. "I do."

Hyde grinned as he placed Jackie's ring on her finger.

"Steven, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

Hyde stared into Jackie's eyes. "I do."

"By the power vested in me by the power of God and the great state of Wisconsin, I now pronounce you husband and wife."

Hyde didn't wait for Pastor Dave to instruct him to kiss the bride. As soon as he had pronounced them husband and wife, he cupped Jackie's face and kissed her.

Jackie and Hyde were dancing close at their reception when the gang walked up to them.

"We got you guys a gift." Donna said, handing Hyde a red gift bag. He took a peak inside and laughed as he pulled out his shades. "That's the best gift ever."

"Just wait to you see what the three stooges got you." Donna replied as they walked up to them.

"Man, this cake is awesome!" Kelso said with icing smeared all over his face. Brooke took a napkin and wiped it off.

Fez did a bow. "Just remember me for all your cake buying needs."

Later, Jackie and Hyde sat on the couch, staring at their presents.

"What the hell are we going to do with all these toasters?" Hyde asked.

"Eat a lot of toast." Eric suggested.

"I don't know what to say." Jackie said.

"Do you hear that ladies and gentlemen?" Eric asked, "Jackie's actually speechless!"

"Hey, Eric, guess what you're getting for Christmas?" She retorted, picking up one of the toasters. "A brand new toaster!"

Eric pointed at her. "Hey, no re gifting!"

"Isn't about time you gave your speech, dumbass?" Red asked.

"Oh yeah." Eric said. Donna handed his speech to him.

"You had it?" He asked.

She nodded. "Well, I had to make sure you weren't going to embarrass yourself."

Eric stood up and coughed to get everyone's attention.

"Uh, I'm Eric, the best man." Eric tugged nervously on his tie. "I never thought I would see the day when Steven Hyde got married, and I was right, I wasn't there to see it." He paused while everyone laughed. "I just wanted to say that on the behalf of all of us, we wish you both a long life filled with nothing but happiness."

Hyde stood up and shook Eric's hand. "I thought your speech was longer than that."

Eric nodded. "Me too, but Donna crossed everything out."

Hyde looked over at Donna. "Thanks?"

Donna grinned in return.

Later, after everyone had eaten and drank their far share of cake and alcohol, the presents had been opened, the speeches had been given, and a fair share of dancing had occurred and everyone had either left or gone to bed, Jackie and Hyde went down to the basement.

"I have a surprise for you." Jackie told him.

"What kind of surprise?" he asked, suspicious. "You're not pregnant are you?"

Jackie laughed. "No." She pushed him into his bed room. "You go wait in there." She left him and Hyde took off his shoes and sat down on the bed. A minute later, Jackie returned wearing nothing but Hyde's led zeppelin tee shirt.

"Steven, I've given it a lot of thought, and I've decided that the only way you're going to get this shirt back is if you take it off me yourself.

Hyde took in a deep breath. "Is that so?"

She nodded. "That's so."

Hyde gave her another bone crushing kiss. "What if I like it on you?" He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he carried her to his cot. The realization that she wasn't wearing anything under the shirt made him want her even more.

"Have I told you how sexy you are in this tux?" She asked as she unzipped his fly. "Keep it on." She instructed.

He tilted his head. "You're a kinky girl." He grinned. "God I love you." He said, leaning down to kiss her again. "Keep the shirt on." She laid down in front of him, her legs spread open, willing and waiting for him.

"I need you now." She said. "I've had to control myself all day, and I can't take it anymore."

He raised his eyebrow. "Is that so?"

She nodded. "That's so."

He leaned down and kissed her, inserting one finger into her hot pussy. "Oh god, you're not lying."

"I told you so." She responded, reaching her hand down. "And what's this?" She asked stroking his hard shaft.

"That." He replied, kissing her neck while his free hand reached underneath the tee shirt "is what you do to me." He continued his ministrations, his thumb rubbed up against her clit while two other's coaxed her to cum. Jackie leaned her head back as he sucked on one of her nipples through the tee shirt.

"Steven." She begged.

He couldn't wait any longer either, quickly; he took his fingers out of her throbbing core and put her legs around his waist, quickly inserting himself inside her. He stayed on his knees as she raised her hips higher so that he could fuck her deeper. She reached towards him and they held each other's hands as he rocked his hips, sliding in and out of her as hard and as deep as he could.

She was going over the edge, the combination of the wedding, the wine, the tux; it was all making Jackie lose her senses. She felt her orgasm hit her as she closed her eyes and let it wash over her entire body. She opened one eye, curious to see if he was feeling the same wonderful sensation as she was.

He was gone. All he cared about was making this girl, this small, delicate(okay, not that delicate) girl cum. As she threw her head back and screamed out underneath him, he knew he had done his job. He looked down to see her mouth was moving.

"What did you say?" he asked.


This was one of those times when he didn't mind her bossing him around. He quickly flipped her over so that he was behind her. He slowly re entered her and reached over to grab her hair. He gently pulled as he slowly fucked her from behind.

"Faster." She screamed.

He wasn't about to let his girl down. He untangled his fingers from her hair and Jackie braced herself on the cot as he slammed his cock into her again and again, hitting Jackie's g spot and making her come for what felt to be the millionth time that night. A few moments after Jackie came; Hyde felt the electric pulse of release.

Upstairs in their bedroom, Kitty Forman looked over at her husband.

"They need to move out." She said.

Red squeezed his eyes shut. "I couldn't agree with you more. We'll kick them out in the morning." He kissed his wife and rolled over to try to smother the sounds with his pillow.