A/N - This is the first installment of a many chaptered story I plan on writing. It's a cross over fic with the TMNT and a universe I created for a novel I'm trying to write (2 years on it now. PHEW!). This story takes place a little while after the lost season of the 2K3 TV show with the Ninja Tribunal. I reference a few things from that, but it is not necessary to be familiar with that plot arc. All you need to know is that the four brothers were trained by four Ninja Masters to fight an evil they defeated in the show already. Anyway, have fun with this. And please review.

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I watched as his hand stayed perfectly still and my brother was the one to fall away. Raphael's face was one of shock, horror, and, the one emotion I had never seen on my brother's face and the one emotion that burned away at me the second I saw it, complete and utter submission.

My fury rose in an instant. How had this one person been able to bring my fearless brother to his knees? It seemed impossible. All the kid had done was reach out and place his palm on my brother's head. The next thing I know, Raph is now chocking as he struggles to breathe as if he forgot how, sweat soaking his entire body and his arms hanging limply at his sides.

Raphael never admits defeat. He could have all his limbs hacked off, both eyes gauged out, surrounded by twenty Foot soldiers, and he still would not admit defeat, but now my brother refused to fight any more. He was broken. He even screamed while the guy had his hand on his head.

I had no idea what this guy did, but it had to be sadistic if it could get Raph to tremble. I still can't get the concept out of my head. Raphael, the person who was probably brave beyond intelligent thought was now trembling at this guy's feet.

"I hope that taught you something," the boy says, and I turn my gaze back to him. That boy, he looked younger than us, was smirking. He enjoyed Raph's pain, I realize. How dare he? How dare he assault my family like this? I would not stand by and let this kid get away with it.

He turns to leave, aiming for the fire escape, the same one he used to get up here like he somehow knew we were here on the roof. "Don't you walk away from me," I scream, and I prepare to jump him, arcing my katanas over my head to slice him into three parts.

But I am stopped as a hand lashes out and seizes my wrist. It happened so fast that I never even saw, nor did I even expect it, especially from him. I look over. I have to glance down to see his face, the submission I had seen initially even more evident on Raph's features.

I can only stare at him, dumbfounded at what he is doing. I want to scream at him. I want to hit him since he stopped my attack. But all I can do is stare at his placid face. And then he says the one word that hits me harder than any bat waving Purple Dragon or katana wielding Foot Ninja. "Don't," he says.


I told them we shouldn't have messed with this kid. He gave me the creeps the second I saw what he did on that sidewalk, and then he vaults up the fire escape like he had been doing it for years, almost like he was one of us.

I have to admit, the way it looked, he seemed pretty twisted, but to do be honest, there really was not much to look at. One second he was standing there confronting the guy and his girlfriend. The next thing I know, the guy's twitching on the ground in front of him and the girl has run off screaming, and all the kid did was pat the guy on the head.

Raph and Leo thought it looked worse than I did, and they wanted to confront the guy when he got up to the Roof. That had not ended well. The guy was smug and smirking a lot, and it made me shiver when he looked at me.

He must have said something that got to Raph, because he was soon after the guy, and then Leo was, berating Raph under his breath, and then I followed him knowing I had to back up my bros.

Donnie was the only one to hang back. He was too shocked from the kid's appearance to really do anything, and I don't blame him, but that does not mean I did not expect it from him. Don was never one to stand back looking completely baffled. He always had an answer, a reaction, an idea, anything, it did not matter. No matter the situation, you could always count on Donnie to pull something out of his sleeve, but not today.

He watched as the three of us took on this one little kid who was barely taller than all of us. But he still watched as the kid evaded every single one of our attacks. And then, with one quick motion, I found myself on my back. I did not even know I had been hit. I heard Leo and Raph land next to me, their groans echoing in my ears.

Now I'm just staring up at the sky as I lie on my back, my limbs refusing to move for me. I notice Donnie at the top of my vision, his eyes displaying a look of total horror. He doe not move. Finally, I can control my legs and I get up and move over to Donnie. I shake him vigorously, calling his name, but he does not respond. He just continues to stare, glassy eyed at the guy who beat us all so easily.

Realizing my efforts are in vain, I watch with him as the guy pats Raph, and now Raph is on the ground, defeated. This guy was insane. I start wondering to myself what Donnie was thinking just then. I think he realized right away what this kid is. He realizes that this kid is strong, and that if he wanted to, he could easily get rid of all of us.

And now, I am starting to think that too.


Yeah, the kid pissed me off at first, but then again most thugs piss me off the second I see them doin' crap like pickin' on defenseless people. Well, I guess the guy was not really defenseless. He looked like he worked out, and he had somebody with him. His girlfriend no doubt, couldn't get a good look at her. And besides, it was only the one kid. But that one kid had brought down a six foot four body builder and sent a cutie runnin' and screamin'. I couldn't kelp it, my blood boiled right then and there. I'm always quick to temper like that, but really, I guess I'm kinda glad the kid taught me that lesson.

He had beaten us. He beat us so easily and quickly that I barely noticed. First Mikey, then Leo, and then me. That probably just pissed me off even more. For me, it was too late to stop and think about things. This kid needed to go down right then and there.

I ignored Mikey's warnin' the first time I attacked. I called him a coward in my mind. Now, I'm not so sure. I had never doubted myself before. Scum on the streets was scum that needed to be dealt with, that was how it worked. That was how it always worked for me. This kid was no different. I told myself I could take him, so I did.

I charged. Master Splinter always said that my brashness could wind up gettin' the others in trouble. I always figured that if they didn't want to get hurt, then they didn't have to follow me. I've changed my mind about that, now.

I barely got two steps when the guy reached out with his left hand. So fast, I didn't even notice it, and I'm a ninja. It rested on my head and I stopped, confused for a second as to what the kid was doin', but then I feel it. A light tinglin' ran through my skull from where the kids palm was, and suddenly, everythin' changed.

I was in a bedroom. At least I think it was a bedroom. It was too dark, and the vision was blurry. I saw him. It was the body builder who the kid had taken down not a minute ago, except he was towerin' over me. The dude snickered and the vision shifted back and forth as if lookin for somethin'. I realized I couldn't control it so I just watched, and then it hit me.

My brothers know me as the brash and impulsive one, but I like to think myself the brave one. I've been scared on occasions. Occasions that I don't tell my brothers about, but rare occasions none-the-less. So I was more than surprised when I suddenly felt terrified. And then I realized how terrifyin' bein' terrified was, if that makes any sense.

I screamed, at least I thought I screamed, but the only sound I heard was the guy's snickerin' and this quiet whimperin' comin' from my point of view. It sounded feminine, but it was hard to tell in the haze. It sobbed a couple times, and then I wanted to sob. The guy bent over, an evil glint in his eyes as he looked me/her up and down. He stopped, starin' at the chest as he said, "Are we going to be good and have fun tonight?"

I feel my body tremble. I was sick to my stomach, as I watched what was about to happen. Part of me wants to beat the guy to a pulp, but now, this other part that feels the girl, it just wants to get it over with. I want it to be over with, so I give in. I still can't stand to think back to that.

And then the kid comes back into my sight. My legs tremble and I am sweatin' profusely. I give in and sink to my knees as I realize what just happened. This kid is not the scumbag I thought he was. I was wrong about him. I was completely wrong. He was the one gettin' the scumbag.

I want to apologize to him. I want to get off my knees right now and beg this kid for forgiveness, and I have never begged for anythin' in my life. A tear falls down my cheek as I struggle to work the right muscles so I can take in a much needed breath of air.

I notice out of the corner of my eye Leo start to move. His katanas are raised. He's about to attack the kid. I can't let him do that. I can't let him see what I saw.

I weakly reach out and grab his wrist. He turns to me and I look at him. I struggle to say somethin', anythin'. I want to warn him, but nothin' comes out, just silence. Finally, I blurt on one word, but thankfully, it's enough. "Don't."


Looking back, I must have acted completely out of character. I simply froze. I froze the second I saw him. That boy in the long black trench coat and that strange bandana of green flame came up to us. I wondered if he had already noticed us by the time he started ascending those ladders. I actually kind of doubt it. He would not approach my brothers and me so freely, like he did, if he knew we were all there.

I do not think he wanted trouble. He was probably just trying to get away from the scene by the time the cops showed up to pick up the muscle guy sucking his thumb on the street corner down there. I do not think he wanted any more trouble, but that did not stop Leo and Raph from confronting him.

When they attacked, I was scared. I did not know how I should react. I was not sure if I should fight with them or not. Even so, I knew they stood no chance of defeating him. I had seen the boy fight so many times before, and I knew that even the four masters of the Ninja Tribunal would have a hard time taking him down. I could only watch as the attacks were dodged and soon countered. A couple quick hip throws and my brothers were lying on their backs. Good, I thought, he went easy on them.

I still could not move though. I needed to stop my brothers from fighting anymore, but I could not think of something to say that would stop them, nothing that would make sense to them or would not give any thing away at least. I was stuck in that confrontation without an answer.

What scared me the most was the boy's smile. He had always had a smile on his face when I had seen him before, always jovial and friendly and understanding. But this smile hid triumphant confidence to almost a sadistic nature. It was the kind of smirk I had seen all too often on Oroku Saki's fake humanoid face covering his robotic body suit. It was this smile that kept me frozen in place wondering what to do.

I see it. Raphael, my obnoxiously brash brother jumps at the kid. I fear for my brother, hoping that the boy will not hurt him much, but my heart almost stops when the boy grabs his head. I hope that the boy will go easy on him, because I know what he could be showing him, and it is most likely not pretty.

It seems to have the desired effect, as I watch my brother slump. Anyone would slump after watching that. This boy was a master of dominating people, and I am just letting him deal with my brothers like little play things. I hate myself right now for letting this go on. I could have stopped this the second the boy jumped up here, but now, I do not know what to do.

Leo has hatred in his eyes, and he wants to avenge Raph, but Raph reaches out and stops him. I wish I could say I was stunned, but even my frenzied brother always looking for a fight can not stand up against this kid. At least someone made everyone stop, I think to myself.

As the boy turns to leave, I catch his eye and in the briefest of moments, I see it. He winks at me. I do not know if my brother's notice this or not, but I hope they do not. He turns to leave and I am left there to ponder this. That one little wink tells me more than anything.

It was an act.

That dominating nature and challenging posture that he carried throughout our encounter was an act. He recognized me the second he saw me and knew I had not revealed anything to my brothers, so he did not reveal anything to them either. But now I am wondering if that was the right thing to do. Maybe I should have said something the second we saw him on the street. Now there was bad blood between him and my brothers. Now I do not think they would accept him as being my second sensei.