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The Risks We Take

Epilogue: Thanks For The Memories

Spring 3rd years Last day

"Ganbatte Buchou on this year's batch!" Aikawa said with a grin.

"Mada mada" Ryo merely replied as he watched the 3rd years enjoy their last day.

The months had slip by so fast since the end of Nationals and now it was already time for them to go. Although it was hard for Ryo to admit, he was a bit stressed at losing so many regulars. He'd have to replace Aikawa, Kira, Inui, Moritaka, and Tokinawa. Even worse was the fact that Fukumachi was still in rehabilitation for his knee and the 2nd years were showing no sign of real potential.

" We should look out for some 1st years huh?" Matsuma asked as they looked over the rest of the 2nd years who were practicing.

"Aa…" Ryo mumbled.

"That's no way to be when we're 3rd years now!" Matsuma teased.

"My fear is those 2nd years and the in-coming 1st years." Ryo said with a sigh. He hoped that when the club sign-up came about, he'd have at least one, if not two players who were adequate.

"Echizen Ryo right?"

Ryo turned to face a brown-haired, dark-eyed boy. Studying the look he suppressed a frown since he couldn't remember if he ever met this person.

"What do you want?" Ryo asked bluntly.

"I'm Hongo Chiaki, 3rd year student this year." He greeted with a slight bow.

"So?" Ryo asked completely unfazed by anything other than what this boy wanted from him.

"I'd like to play tennis with you-"

"Challengers aren't welcome here yet." Ryo said with dismissal clearly stated in his voice.

"I transferred here." The boy said challengingly.

"Sugoi!" Tokinawa said wandering over. " You transferred to Seishun just to be yelled at by Buchou?"

"But I'm not the only one!" The boy protested.

"You aren't?" Aikawa asked re-joining the group.

"He's not." Inui confirmed as he walked over.

"Then how many?" Tokinawa asked.

"There's approximately 10 people who transferred here, 6 who are 2nd years this year and 4 who are 3rd years." Inui concluded. " Then the rumor of Seishun working miracles here went around and there's approximately 45 1st years who are here for the tennis program."

"Amazing huh?" Kira said walking over as well.

"It is…" Aikawa said with a grin. "How wonder Buchou wasn't so worried… he has many to choose from!"

"Yes…Echizen has many to choose from." Kira agreed.

"It's buchou Kira!" Aikawa corrected with a smile.

"It's Echizen Aikawa…we are no longer in the tennis club since we graduated earlier today." Kira said smoothly.

Tokinawa laughed. " I guess Kira is right…so do we all know we're we are headed?"

"Next door right?" Moritaka said walking over from where he had been talking to Inui-sensei.

"Yep!" They all chorused.

"Seishun High…." Matsuma murmured looking across the brick wall to the building beside the middle school.

"We'll be there if you miss us." Aikawa said glomping Matsuma and Ryo. Ryo managed to skillfully dodge it and move away.

"Eh? Buchou!" Aikawa said a bit disappointed that he escaped.

"I won't fall for something like that!" Ryo announced reminiscing the times he suffered from Kikumaru-san.


Ryo felt himself jerked into a glomp as he felt the air leave him…permanently.

"Let him go."

"Aww…O-chibi why…O-chibi junior so kawaii nya!" Kikumaru said with a pout as he let go.

"Echizen-san…" The group muttered as Ryoma walked over with Fuji, Oishi and Kikumaru.

Ryoma nodded his greeting and waited till Ryo recovered before pulling his cap down.

"Aniki…"Ryo muttered angrily.

"Mada mada…" Ryoma said back and turned away to look at students practicing and students watching. " How's this year's batch?"

"Mada mada." Ryo said standing next to Ryoma. "My hope is the fifty some kids Inui calculated entered the school."

Ryoma merely nodded.

"You can't guarantee any will be good though." Fuji said wrapping his arms around Ryoma who accommodated it unconsciously.

"Shitteru (I know)" Ryo said with a frown.

"Ne Echizen-san…" Kira said coming forward.

"Hm?" Ryoma asked looking at Kira.

"Do you think it'd be okay if I came here once in a while to have you correct my form and strokes?"

Ryoma merely blinked before a smirk crossed his face. " Aa…"

Kira nodded before he was suddenly pushed out of the way by Aikawa and the others who demanded the same although they weren't part of the team anymore.

"Popular ne?" Fuji whispered into Ryoma's ear as he half-listened to what they were all babbling about and half-listening to what Fuji had just said.

"Mada mada…" Ryoma murmured back to him before jumping back into there millions of questions.

Fuji merely smiled and adverted his gaze to look at the students. Suddenly he saw a black car stop and Himiko came bounding out followed by the Matsuma's.

Instead of warning Ryoma he merely reached over and guided Ryoma's head to turn slightly to the right where they were coming from.

Ryoma picking up on the cue stepped through the students to acknowledge the Matsuma's.

"Konnichi wa." Ryoma said formally to both Jer and Asuka before catching Himiko as she flung herself on him in happiness.

Asuka merely smiled as she cuddled the child she carried in her arms closer.

"Is that Shinji?" Ryoma asked stepping closer.

"Aa…he's a bit fussy…" Asuka said looking at her youngest son in adornment.

"She spoils him a bit much." Jer said with a half-smile.

Asuka merely laughed, " Do I?"

During that period of time, Jun and Fuji had also advanced to stand next to Ryoma who was looking at Shinji in wonder.

"Is there a reason you stopped by today Okaa-san, Otou-san?" Jun asked.

"Himiko." Jer said absently

Jun merely nodded as he watched his sister slip an arm through Kira.

"Supervising her?" Jun asked.

"Iie." His father merely said with a sigh, "Transferring her from Hyoutei to Seishun."

"Eh?" Jun asked.

Jer merely nodded and jerked his head towards Asuka.

"I saw that anata." Asuka said although she was focused on Shinji.

Jun merely grinned at his father before he went to stand beside Ryo.

"Echizen-san… you're really involved in Ryo's school activities ne?" Asuka asked.

"Somewhat." Ryoma admitted.

"That is a parent's job as well." Fuji added

"It is…sometimes I regret being so busy I can't even attend things my children are a part of." Asuka said. " Perhaps I'll learn from Himiko and Jun and raise Shinji better…"

"You're a great mother." Fuji countered. " Not many understand their kids like you."

Asuka smiled briefly before passing Shinji to Jer.

Meanwhile the regulars gathered around their buchou to say goodbye.

"We'll see you there soon right Buchou?" Aikawa asked.

"Mada mada…" Ryo merely said with a smirk. "What do you think?"

"Don't doubt it." Jun said with his own smirk.

Everyone laughed as each recalled precious memories from their years together.

"Remember how we met Ryo?" Jun said after a while.

"Aa…you haven't changed much since then." Ryo said with a half smirk apparent on his lips.

"You think?" Jun asked with a slightly raised brow.

"I know it." Ryo said facing him. " You're still a little brat that follows me around when I score better than you."

Jun smiled lopsidedly. "Is that bad?"

"It's cute!" Himiko said re-joining the group with Kira. " Like a dog!"

Jun smile vanished as he glared at Himiko. His gaze slowly fixated itself upon Ryo who was finding it hard to hide his amusement.

Suddenly Jun's face softens and he smiled at Ryo. " Well I guess a dog can be compatible with a fish ne Ryo?"

The amusement vanished from Ryo's face as he heard his aniki's laughter and Jun superior look.

"I can see why Atobe wants you next to him now… you both crack stupid jokes." Ryo announced turning away from Jun to look at Kira.

" Ne Kira-senpai! With you gone it might be easier for me now ne?" Ryo said with a small smile.

"Don't worry Ryo-kun" Kira said with a smile. " I can always still send my 'regards' to you."

Ryo frowned a bit. "Yadda."

Tokinawa laughed. " Buchou…I can't believe accomplished so much already…"

"Mada mada…" Ryoma said. " There's many more people out there…you were Seigaku's strongest pair along with Inui, but that may not be true in High school."

Kira nodded.

"But I'll help out with what I can…" Ryoma said with a smirk.

"Who is the buchou for the high school team anyways?" Jun asked.

"Don't know…" Aikawa said with a sigh. "This past season they lost at Kantou but the buchou was a 3rd year and graduated as well…"

"The buchou was my aniki!"

Everyone turned back to see the boy who had challenged Ryo so openly.

"Your Hongo Chiaki?" Kira asked trying to recall his introduction from earlier.

"Aa… the buchou who graduated was Hongo Kunihiko."

"I see…" Ryo said.

"Omoshiro (interesting)" Fuji murmured

Ryoma merely nodded. " What's your purpose for transferring here then?"

"I want to know my weakness…" Hongo said bravely to Ryoma.

Ryoma merely looked at him in amusement. " I'll teach you it…. if you make it."

Chiaki merely smiled. " Watch me!"

Ryo sighed. " This year may prove to be interesting."

Everyone nodded.

"Yosh!" Jun said with a smile. " Until we're a team again, let's all do our best!'

"Aa!" They regulars said.

"Done watching over our children?" Fuji asked.

"Whoever said they were ours?" Ryoma asked with a small scowl.

Fuji chuckled slightly. " This is why our life is interesting, you always defy my every word…"

"And you always make me pay…" Ryoma said through a frown.

Fuji's eyes opened slightly. "I love it when you ask for it."

"I'm not asking." Ryoma said through a scowl. " I'm demanding!"

Fuji smiled. " Saa… then we better go home and see if you get top again huh?"

Ryoma frowned openly. "Every time I get top you always make me ride!"

"Would you prefer bottom then?" Fuji asked with a spreading smile.

Ryoma opened his mouth to retort but closed it again. It seemed Fuji won once more.

"Saa-" Fuji started to say.

"I like bottom…" Ryoma admitted before running off.

Fuji was stunned silent for a few seconds as he watched Ryoma walk away pulling his cap down. His eyes opened as a smile spread across his face….

'Fine Ryoma…you win this time…'


A Year Later

At Tennis Court

Aikawa smiled as Tokinawa came up to him.

"Guess what?" Tokinawa said

"What?" Aikawa asked

"Buchou is in trouble." Tokinawa said with a small smile.

"It's to be expected of course." Kira said with a smirk.

"We all knew right?" Inui said joining the group with Moritaka.

"Eh? Is this all we got? Mada mada!"

The group turned around to face a smirking Ryo carrying his tennis bag followed by Matsuma, Kitawaru and Fukumachi.

"Ryo…" They greeted.

"Yadda…Buchou." Ryo corrected with a smirk.


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