Forever Haunted

Prompt: #027 Stolen Moments and #000 Haunted
Notes: Written for 50episodes and the 2007 Muskrat L-Jamboree!. Thanks to venom69 and lolita scully for the beta help!

So many stolen moments had crept up on Sam and Jack, despite their attempts to push them away. Interrupted almost-kisses that were never supposed to happen in the first place were among them, as were the tender looks that showed everything they felt for each other and more.

It would be stupid to think that they would come to a point where the moments no longer flooded them and threatened to pull them under. Despite that, they strived to make the impossible possible – they did everything in their power to deny the existence of whatever it was between them and made sure that they were able to prevent anything more from happening.

Rejecting any thoughts of what could be between them was the only option they had, given their careers and military statuses, after all. Any potential that may have been there could only be ignored.

In all likelihood, it seemed that they would be haunted by their feelings for the rest of their lives – or at least for the remainder of the time that theyspent working together. Either way, they were trapped in their desire for each other.

Stolen moments, as far as they could tell, would haunt them always.