She had red hair.

It was one of the first things Logan had noticed. That and the freckles. Oh, and the fact that she looked barely twenty goddam years old? It was ridiculous. He had told himself, many times over the years he had been stuck there, that it would be worth anything to stay off of Staten Island - but being partnered with this kid?

Yes, it was completely fucking ridiculous, walking along with this girl tagging along, as if he were her dad or some such shit. During their first few cases, he was constantly on the point of storming out. Telling Ross to suck it. Telling Ross he wanted Barek back.

But he never did. See, she had this look. Logan couldn't explain it any better than that. It wasn't condescending, it wasn't upset, it wasn't mean - it just seemed to say, "What, can't handle it?" With a sprinkle of resignation on the side, as if she had expected that he couldn't handle real cases again after his enforced time off.

Somehow, the red hair was a key part of that look.

And so he growled and grumbled and carried on and was pointedly not polite to her. And she seemed to be fine with that, for some reason.

So he stayed. Hell, he thought - maybe she wasn't that bad. She was a kid, she was naive, she was overconfident, she was a pain - but she knew what she was doing, she had a rejoinder for every one of his insults and gripes, and she was dogged on cases. Nah, she wasn't that bad.

And she had red hair. It looked pretty good on her, he had to admit.