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KaiRei x kiss kiss.


He hadn't meant to. One minute he was reaching for the door, fumbling for the lock just behind Kai's back, and the next Kai had grabbed him by the shoulders, and pulled him back, pulled him closer.

Rei froze, and he looked up just as Kai bent down, crossing the small distance between them and pressing their lips together, hesitantly and tender at first, just a simple meshing of chapped, soft lips. Then Rei sighed, and his eyes fell shut, and he allowed himself to be pulled closer, his hands to reach up and around Kai's shoulders and his head to tilt to the side, so that when Kai's lips opened that tiny, enquiringly bit, Rei could too. And when their tongues met, holding on tighter was all Rei could do to keep his knees from giving in to the sudden lightness and topple over, and he could distantly feel Kai do the same, fingers digging into his hips.

Everything was so warm, his chest, his head, his…everything felt as if it were on fire, and when Kai made an impatient noise and twisted his arm around his waist, holding him tighter, closer, Rei finally let go of his inhibitions and allowed himself to press closer, close enough to feel every inch of Kai's body and his hands to drop, to travel down Kai's arms, up his chest, and over to his back. Touch the soft, thick hair and run his hands through it.

And then Kai pulled back, only enough for their foreheads to touch, noses brushing and the dark, hazy eyes opened slowly, taking in the state of his friend, looking thoroughly dishevelled and overwhelmed and a thousands of years away, knowing somewhere that he probably looked the same.

"Rei…" Rei's eyes fluttered opened hazily, and Kai let out a shaky breath at how dark they were, how passionate and deep and soulful and consuming, and he wondered if his eyes too carried that…wondrous, amazed shine.

Rei felt himself flush, his already warm face heating up further, and he licked his lips, still burning, still on fire. "What, Kai…?" There was a smile fighting to break through, and when Kai's eyes lit up, still gentle and caring and dark Rei felt himself lose the nonexistent battle that had been doomed to fail, and he smiled shyly, one hand still stroking the warm skin of Kai's neck.

"Stay?" Rei nodded, and Kai tilted his face, coming closer again and Rei's smile widened, and, somewhere in the back of his mind, Rei briefly acknowledged the thought that failing to unlock the door had been rather good, after all. But then Kai's hand brushed his bottom, and Rei's hips reflexively thrust forward, and suddenly locked doors didn't matter anymore.

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