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Seeing Red
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

All he could see was red. The red wasn't from anger yet, though he knew that it soon would be. The red was from his newly dyed hair, and the only anger in the room was from his father. He hadn't seen the man this angry since when he had been expelled from his last school. No matter what the reasons were, no matter that he had been right: his father had been furious, seeing red. Now Shin was making his 'see red' again, only literally this time.

"You look as idiotic as those punks in your new school!" his father was raging behind him, acting as if he'd killed someone rather than done something as minor as dying his hair red. "What will people think if they see you? You're a Senator's son for crying out loud, not a member of the local bosozoku!"

"Next thing you'll be accusing me of working with the Yakuza," Shin yawned. He knew it would have been sensible to be quiet and let his father scream out his anger, but quite frankly he'd had far more than enough of that in recent weeks.

"This is the kind of attitude I hate," his father snapped at him. "Well I've got news for you: I'm not having a delinquent living under my roof!"

Shin almost laughed upon hearing this. Was he really a delinquent? We'll he'd been expelled, he now attended one of the worst schools in the country and, horror of all horrors, he'd even dyed his hair. Oh how ironic it was: a delinquent with perfect grades, what a contradiction. He started to laugh outright.

"There is nothing funny about this situation!" his father bellowed.

"Oh believe me, I have reason to laugh," Shin replied. "What's the use of trying to tell you though? You won't even listen when I try to explain to you why I hit him, how can I expect you to listen to anything else?"

His father was shouting again but Shin didn't care. He was already already out of the house, slamming the door so hard behind him that the glass in it shattered.

"Get back here you insolent boy!" his father yelled.

Shin just kept on walking. Now he was seeing red, and this time it had nothing to do with his hair.