A week on from their friend's death, none of the sailor scouts or there companions where coping well. There had not been a funeral for their beloved friend, because her body had disappeared in front of their eyes. Telling her family had been one of the hardest things that they had ever had to do, and to explain it, they had to reveal their true identities, as well as Serena's. They had not believed what they had been told, dismissing it all as 'lies'. They still believed that their daughter was alive, and that she would come home.

Darien had been crying non stop, he hadn't opened a window in his apartment since her death. Andrew was still trying to convince him to get some fresh air, but he refused to move from his curled up position on the sofa. He blamed himself for this.

Mina, formally known as Sailor Venus, was far from her cheerful, contradicting self. She tried to show everyone that she was okay by going to the mall everyday to go shopping. But at the end of everyday she would come back home, empty handed with nothing to show from her explorations. She just didn't have the will to shop without her blond pig tailed friend.

Artemis, Luna and Dianna, all sat on the roof of Serena's old house reminiscing of the times they had spent with their dear Moon Princess and the times that they had spent with her. The good times and the funny times that they had only ever heard about from the others. They talked about the times when she had used the Luna Pen to disguise herself and the way that she used to always klutz out.

Raye, formally known as Sailor Mars, had been seeking guidance from the fire. She would awake in the morning without saying a word to anyone. The rest of the day she would spend meditating in front of the fire. She didn't know what to ask it. She wanted to know what had happened to their dear Serena but she didn't have the strength, she didn't have the courage.

Amy, formally known as Sailor Mercury, buried her feelings deep in her studies, working on mathematical equations day and night. She didn't want to think about what had happened to one of her best friends, she wanted to just forget about it and pretend it didn't exist by indulging herself in math equations. She studied until she was overwhelmed by the grief.

Lita, formally known as Sailor Jupiter, had gone back to her mountain retreat. She wanted to be stronger, she had to be stronger. She blamed herself for not being strong enough. She told herself over and over again that if only she had been strong enough that none of this would have happened. She trained day and night, night and day, sleeping only when she collapsed from exhaustion and even then she would force herself to arise and keep training.

Trista, formally known as Sailor Pluto, returned to the gate of time to protect it for the rest of eternity. She vowed this as her punishment for not protecting the Moon Princess with her life for if she had, she too would not be alive. Her pride and misery became the one.

Amara and Michelle, formally known as Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune had left as soon as the Moon Princess had died in front of their eyes. They had done everything they could to protect her and still it had not been enough. They had been travelling through Japan in Amara's car. Neither had spoken a word or shared their thoughts.

Hotaru, formally known as Sailor Saturn, felt just as bad as her fellow companions. She herself had the power to kill their enemy which would have resulted in her own death, but it would have been worth it, the princess would have been alive and her mission would have been fulfilled. But she had been selfish and for once in her life she had been selfish, not wanting to die. There was so much more that she wanted out of life, so she had not killed their enemy with the power of Saturn. Now she sat comforting a child much like herself.

Serena's future child, Rini, formally known of Sailor Mini Moon sat in her room looking out the window. Her friend Hotaru trying to comfort her but neither said a word. Rini didn't want to talk. She wanted Helios. She wanted him here so he could hold her tight and tell her that everything was alright, that she had done the best that she could to protect her future mother. She wanted him to tell her that no matter what she would still be born and that this wasn't all her fault. But she couldn't help feel the way that she did.

Nothing was normal anymore. Their leader was gone and their future queen. Yet no one spoke a word of their feelings.


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