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"Tuxedo mask" Mini Moon began before she corrected herself. "I mean, daddy. Do you remember much about that fateful day? About Fluorite?"

The prince cringed at the name of his foe who had taken away everything he had once loved. Fluorite had taken away his love, his future, and hundreds of days of his life. The name of the man who had practically destroyed his life brought a vile taste to his mouth as he attempted to reply to his daughters' question. "I remember everything Rini. I remember absolutely everything that happened that day"

"I'm so glad I have my memories back. Aren't you daddy? They all seemed to come back in a huge tidal wave as soon as we arrived back here on the moon. What is it about the moon that makes me feel like this."

Darien tried to smile as he listened to his daughter. "It's not the moon that's making you feel like this. It's your mother"

The emotions between the two of them were becoming raw and true now but that didn't help Darien's uncertainty. Just what signal was he looking for exactly? How long would he have to wait? Was the princess going to be much farther? Would the princess still love him?

All-in-all, these questions seemed almost irrelevant as Darien thought back to the day where he killed Fluorite.

The battle between the prince and the villain had been as powerful as the fires of the sun. They blazed across the planet, swords slashing and crashing against each other as each man tried to become the victor and claim his prize; his life, the princess and the planet.

Perspiration dripping down their youthfully muscular bodies, both men fought with all of their strength. The onlookers gasped as the sight of the two men. Watching them seemed to dispel of all of their fear.

"Give in. Surrender and give me this world to do with as I please."

"NEVER!" Darrien yelled as he began to struggle against the weight of the two swords clashing against each other like a lion pouncing.

And then it was all over, as long and hard earned as when day turns to night. By perhaps chance itself the prince slipped over his own footing, sending the sword into the belly of Beryl's general. The prince slipped, stumbled and fell. However he never let go of his sword. He watched wide eyed as Fluorite realised what had happened to him.

"I cannot lose. I am...I am the strongest man alive!"

Darien plunged his sword in deeper, allowing for his foe to fall to his knees.

"You're not the strongest Fluorite" the prince began. He used the back of his hand to wipe the sweat off of his forehead. "Just the most enthusiastic"

"Daddy, Daddy, I think I've found her!" Rini shouted. The young pink haired teenaged was running over towards what looked like a podium surrounded by the rubble of the remaining moon kingdom. Although the kingdom had been destroyed many moons ago, the fading ruins still appeared to be crumbling and disintegrating around them.

The prince looked up from his feet. He hadn't moved an inch since he began to reflect on that day. Disappointed with himself, the prince began to follow after his daughter. "Be careful Rini" he shouted.

Rini climbed up the steep slope of rubble , attempting to get over to the podium quicker. Once at the top, she smoothed out the skirt of her sailor scout outfit and turned to face her father who was now almost at the base of all of the rubble.

The little princess smiled at her father as she waited for him to reach her at the top. 'Soon we'll all be together again' she thought to herself with a grin on her face.

Darien finally reached the top of the rubble. His Tuxedo Mask pants were now town and he had lost his cane when it had gotten stuck between some ancient pieces of rubble, but none of that mattered now. Standing beside his daughter, they both looked down at the podium where they hoped to find their princess.

"Mother!" Rini cried as she looked down at the princess. Not able to contain her joy and excitement, Rini began to run down the other side of the rubble towards her mother.

"Be careful" Darien shouted after her, as he too anxiously made his way down the pile of ancient ruins.

Princess Serenity lay very much as Snow White. Trapped in a glass encasing, the moon princess endured an eternal slumber. Dressed in a white gown that draped all over her body the princess would not awaken.

As Rini reached the podium she began to look for a way to let her mother out of her glass chamber. But there was none.

"Darien we have to save her!" Rini said in a panicked tone. She began to bang her small fists against the glass that withheld her mother from her. Again and again the thud of her fists echoed through the moon kingdom as the teenager attempted to free the woman who would be her mother.

Grief stricken, Darien knew that there was nothing they could do. As his own heart began to break again, he held Rini close to him. At first the little princess struggled against him as she screeched that she needed to save Sailor Moon. The little princess struggled and struggled knowing that there had to be a way! But eventually she calmed and sank into the safe arms of the man that would now never become her father.

In the darkness of the moon kingdom, the two sobbed at the realisation of what they had lost, and what would never be the same again.

"Please don't cry" a soft friendly voice spoke from within the darkness.

Rini stiffened in Tuxedo Mask's arms as she listened to the voice.

"Rini, my how you've grown. And Darien you're still as handsome a prince as ever"

Rini wiped away the tears on her face quickly before she replied to the sweet familiar voice. "Wh- Who are you?" she asked almost silently. Her voice was beginning to fade with uncertainty.

"Why Rini, its me, Sailor Moon"

"Sailor moon!" both Rini and Darien exclaimed in shock!

Before them now, they witnessed the sight of a glowing white object, small and round. It hovered close to them, allowing them to gaze at the slight blue shade of the soul.

'It's blue like her eyes' Darien thought to himself as Sailor Moon's soul moved closer to them.

"This is your soul?" Rini asked curiously as she held out her hand to it. It was warm to the touch, and in that moment she knew that she had nothing to fear. The sincerity and calm of the soul could be no one other than Sailor Moon. It embraced her very essence. "It is you!" Rini exclaimed.

"Yes Rini it is me" the soul of Sailor Moon spoke. Although she had no possible way to actually speak through her soul, her voice echoed around them.

"How can we get you back to us?" Darien questioned. "Back to your body I mean"

"Be patient my love. All will be back to normal soon"

From the Jupiter Kingdom, Sailor Jupiter waited for the clock to strike midnight. She wondered if perhaps they had made it safely to the moon kingdom and if they had found her. She wondered if this would work at all or if it was just for a lost cause.

She knew that if this did not work then they would all be stuck her out in space within their own kingdoms. Darien and Rini would never be able to leave the moon. There was not enough power within a singular scout to transport themselves back to the planet earth. And they were all too far away from each other to use the sailor teleport. So until then they would be stuck within their own kingdoms, waiting. Only Sailor Moon had the ability to combine their powers properly by herself to be able to bring them back to earth.

The clock struck midnight.

Sailor Jupiter rose to her feet. "Jupiter Star Power!" she shouted.

She knew now, that at each planet across the universe, all of the other scouts would be doing the same thing. Jupiter only hoped that it would work.

"Darien look up at the sky!" Rini shouted as she watched all of the colours of the rainbow combine.

"Green, Orange Blue, Red Purple, Turquoise-"

"It's them! It's the scouts! This is the signal Darien!" Rini exclaimed with excitement.

Rini and Darien watched with awe at the mystical lights as they formed in the sky. A flash of bright light yet again appeared and blinded Rini and Darien.

When Darien and Rini re-opened their eyes, they saw before them the Moon Princess. The glass that had previously withheld her was now gone as was her soul. Princess Serenity was complete again in all of her beauty.

"Hello my darlings" she said softly. She smiled at the two people she loved most within the entire world.

Across the universe a sigh of relief washed over all of the Sailor Scouts as they felt the presence of their moon princess again. They could once again protect their world and have their leader back in their group of warriors, friends and hearts.

Brought back to the life by her friends and family the reigning moon princess could think of nothing better than to cherish the rest of her time back on planet earth as both ruler, friend, lover and warrior.

She had died and they had brought her back. She had given up and they had fought for her. She had waited and they had come. The moon princess smiled knowing that there was nothing else she could ever ask for in the universe.

She already had it all.