It probably really was all Inuyasha's fault just as Shippou claimed it was. After all, It was he who had distracted the kitsune by poking him on the opposite shoulder and tweaking the last broiled fish from his hand and eating it. Kagome wasn't there, she had headed back home for a night for supplies and the other two were on the verge of leaving to stay at Kaede's and had scant attention for the battle of insults that the two youkai were involved in. Sango soothed but showed her irritation at the hanyou and Shippou fumed, plotting vengeance.

Miroku folded his arms and stood next to Inuyasha with a significant look, "Are you sure you should stay out here? Nights like this always seem to bring trouble upon you."

Inuyasha frowned, feeling the first weakness of the change coming upon him, "Nothing I haven't been able to handle. Besides, I would love a night without the little shithead there. You can molly-coddle the brat."

Miroku shrugged and turned away, neither of them taking note of the sudden silence from the little shithead in question.

Inuyasha returned to the fire for a time, feeding it twigs, waiting for the moonless night and watching as his powers faded and unaccustomed weakness pervaded his limbs. Soon he was unable to see into the dark beyond and he let the fire die down to a mere glow of warmth. That was when the first acorn struck him on the cheek stinging like a hornet. Inuyasha cursed and leaped to his feet into a barrage of flying acorns that had him blundering into the woods, his sleeve before his face. The fox was going down!

A girlish giggle from behind brought him up short and he spun to see Kagome standing revealed in the firelight. He stood transfixed as the girl slid her hands suggestively up her body to cradle her breasts and bent forward to make a kissy face at him. Now he knew perfectly well that Kagome couldn't be back so soon and would never act that way in the first place but the sudden tightening of his groin made it very difficult to run. With another taunting giggle the apparition spun showing its fox tale and dashed off through the woods. He was after it in a moment.

Within a few steps he collided with his prey and clapped a hand firmly to its ass in order to yank its tail. The Kagome body struggled as he ran his hand up under its skirt and reached down the panties to palm…smooth…rounded…backside. The intake of shocked breath gave him a desperately splintered instant in which to do the first thing that his gonads suddenly thought of and he clapped his mouth down over hers to stop her from saying the hated…w-damn she tasted good. Within moments the recollection of how this had come about faded as nature took its course, a little too long denied.

Shippou turned away in disgust; foolish mortals.