Shocking April's fool by mewmar

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or its character. I just own this plot.

Note: I know it's a day late but yesterday I had a German project to finish. This is just a drabble to celebrate April's fool.

"He have potions now so hurry up" said Hermione to Ron.

"What?" questioned Ron.

"April's fool!" she said.

"You know I'm going out with Blaise Zabini." said Seamus to Dean.

"Finally, I was sick and tired of you two eyeing each other!" Dean responded.

"It was an April's fool you idiot." Said Seamus offended.

Neville came running in and breathless he said, "I just saw Harry snogging Malfoy in the corridor."

That's when Ron said, "You know if you want to make an April's fool you have to make it believable."

"But that's was not supposed to be an April's fool, it's true." Neville answered after regaining his breath.

Harry and Draco came in the Great Hall hand in hand, they kissed and parted for their respective table. Everyone looked at them socked.

" Mate tell me you and the ferret wanted just to make the biggest April's fool ever and that this tomorrow will be over." Ron demanded more than said.

"Sorry, but we wanted to come out and decided to do it today, I forgot today was April's fool and I would really appreciate if you didn't call ferret my long term boyfriend." Harry said smirking secretly, that's when they heard a 'tud' and saw Ron unconscious on the floor.

Harry's and Draco's eyes met and they smiled at each other.

Later that afternoon they met.

"You know it was a great idea." Draco admitted.

"See I told you, and you wanted to come out on Christmas or on Halloween?"

"I hate to admit it but it's true." He said. Than they kissed continuing were they had stopped the previous morning.

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