An: I wrote this a long time ago and found it so I thought why not put it here. I was bored so there it is a Ceyton fic! It is in season 4 and yes it mentions Kan and Brucas. This is my 1st Ceyton fic so plz be nice.

Disclamier: I don't own One Tree Hill.

Late Night Coffee
By BambiScott

Peyton Sawyer walked into Karen's Café and went to the counter to find Karen running around as her 6 months pregnant body went with her.
"Hey Karen!" Peyton smiled.
"Peyton sweetie thank god you are here. Here are the keys and call Lucas and Brooke or Haley if you need help." The older woman smiled and hugged Peyton before walking out to Dan's car.
Peyton put on some music and started to mop the floor. It had been one crazy senior year, she had asked Jake to marry her and told Brooke she loved Lucas. Which was a whole fight for the best friends but now Peyton had gotten over her crush on Lucas it was basically her turning point after the mishap with Jake. Her blonde hair swayed with the new music of Fall Out Boy as a blonde haired guy enter the café.
"No way!" she mumbled.
The guy smiled and sat down at the counter, "Coffee milk and two sugars sweetie."
She rolled her blue-green eyes, "We're closed."
Chris looked around, "Nope I think you're opened. Coffee please."
Peyton grabbed a coffee cup and pot as she looked at his smirk, "Aren't you on tour or something?"
Chris winked, "Only if you want me to be."
Peyton had enough, she poured the hot coffee on Chris's lap and took two sugar packets and ripped them open; making the powder fall on to his steaming lap. "Anything else?"
Chris was in pain but still could bring on a cocky comment. "Sure how about you me in the back."

Peyton was about to push him out the door but she saw Lucas and Brooke walk by. "No you still work at the music store?"
Chris looked confused, "Yeah I start up tomorrow."
Peyton smiled and pushed him out of the café, "I told before we're closed."
Chris had a hurt look on and Peyton was smirking.

The next day Peyton walked into CD Alley and saw Chris putting cd's away.
"Hey we are closed."
"Like I care" Peyton smiled as she pulled Chris in for a kiss.
Chris didn't leave go but he slid his hand to her lower back. Peyton smiled with pleasure and started to undo his pants.

A couple weeks later Brooke ran up to Peyton in the hall.
"So P.Sawyer how's your love life?"
"Brooke I'm not into Lucas! I have my eye on someone and no you can't know."
"Pl…Please Peyton. I'll tell you about my love life."
"I really don't want to hear about Lucas and yours sex life."
"Fine are you busy tonight I want to buy some new cd's and you are like music girl and all…"
Peyton cut off Brooke, "I'm busy. I'm helping Karen out at the café."

Later that night
Brooke and Lucas walked down town Tree Hill. "Broody, I really want the new cd."
"Brooke for the last time why can't you take Peyton with you to do this?"
"Well boyfriend best friend is not around lately Oh My God!" Brooke screamed as her and Lucas walked into the cd store to find Peyton and Chris making out almost in full in sex mode on the counter. Peyton looked shocked and Chris smirked, "Hey Luc Brooke have you met my girlfriend Peyton.