Chapter One---Bakers Dozen

Did you ever notice how tight pants bunch and creak in all the wrong places at all the wrong times? Or how you always seem to get something on black pants? Or how you always seem to have flour on your face and in your hair when that hot guy finally decides to talk to you? (Never mind the fact that he had finally settled on what to order and that's why he was talking to you). It's as if Karma was finally catching up with all your mother's "One day you'll get what's coming to you" speeches from high school.

Today was one of those Delayed-Karma days. Axel wasn't sure if he preferred Delayed-Karma, What-goes-around-comes-around Karma or Instant Karma. It was a love-hate relationship. The longest relationship Axel's ever had, in fact.

Maybe Karma was getting back at him for that time he pierced his nose….or that time he set the kitchen on fire…..Axel shrugged and went back to his kitchen of sugary confections, ignoring the frosting and flour undoubtedly collecting in his hair. After that leather clad stud pointed out the flour on his nose and his butt earlier, it didn't really matter to him anymore.

Karma had other things in mind for the red-headed baker though, as the chocolate haired sex god approached the counter once more, looking for all the entire world as if he'd just found a cockroach baked into his maple covered bear claw. With a heavy sigh, Axel dusted his hands off onto self-proclaimed 'shapely hips'.

"Can I help you, sir?" The man scowled mid-snicker. Axel bellowed in triumph… silently of course.

"Do you know where 425 Hollow Square is?" A pierced brow was raised. Hollow Square was where all the rich posies and politicians with no morals lived…except maybe that one guy…what was his name again? River? Pond?

"That's the money end of town. Why would a lowly confectionist such as myself know where that would be?" The man smirked ever so slightly.

"I was just asking. I just moved here." Praise the Lord!!!!!

"You've got flour in your hair... again." And pass the ammunition. Axel scowled, reached forward and dusted the man's nose in the pale powder and that seemingly over taken his little shop.

"You got a little schmutz, right there." The door was suddenly flung open and a whirlwind of blonde and brown spikes tumbled in.

"Cloud stop, let go!!! Come on, I'm gonna tell Seph. Ouch, come on!" Cloud simply laughed and made his way behind the counter. Sora glared at his back.

"Well then. I see you two finally decided to show up." Sora smiled sheepishly and looked at the white mess that had coated the kitchen.

"I see you got started early today. Who's this? Old friend? You didn't tell me you have friends!!!!" Axel scowled once more.

"That's because I don't have friends. I have customers." Cloud laughed loudly from the his places beside the ovens.

"That's NOT what I meant Cloud. Besides who's the one who calls in sick to work while his boyfriends sucking his face off?" The laughing ceased.

"Hey, Riku and Zexion are stopping by in a few minutes. Why are you still standing here?" The man at the counter was slightly fazed by the boys' ability to conversation hop so rapidly... just slightly.

"He's looking for 425 Hollow Square." Sora raised a brow and bit his lip ring.

"Who are you looking for up there? You can only get in if you have connections or the password to the gate…" An innocent grin turned mischievous.

"I know who you are! You're Leon Loire, the Mayor's son!" Axel took two steps back. He just dusted the mayor's sun in flour. Was he allowed to do that?

"Do you know how to get there or not?" Cloud poked his head out from the kitchen.

"I do." Damn Cloud and that motorcycle. Just damn him.

The first thing that Leon had noticed about Hollow Bastion was its strange looking people with strange names. It must be the water here, he just knew it. No wonder his father became the mayor so quickly. The second thing Leon had noticed was the small bakery on the corner where he'd finally gotten lost and gave up finding his fathers house. This brought him to the third thing he noticed.

Axel. The flour covered, pierced baker whose pants were sinfully tight and whose shirt rode up when he reached for item just above his reach. He'd watched as Axel made a mess of his own kitchen, long red hair tied back in a loose ponytail and skater shoes leaving prints in the flour that had covered the floor. Leon wasn't one for mess, nor was he one for skaters. But those teasing green eyes and glimpses of skin were breaking him, as iron willed as he was.

But then in came Cloud. Cloud who'd left him less then a year a go without so much as a goodbye. The one he'd been trying to forget, the one who so congenially offered to show him where Hollow Square was with out even saying hi. It didn't surprise him that Sora didn't know who he was. Cloud was very private and Sora lived with his mother. With a heavy sigh, Leon acknowledged today's bitter defeat.

Karma was a bitch.

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