Chapter Twelve---Miss You

Roxas exited the shower to find Leon half asleep on the couch and Axel in the kitchen, half covered in flour and a couple eggs on the floor. Axel stepped around them and Roxas chuckled, cleaning them up as Axel continued to make...something.


"No, I forgot Yuffie wanted an order of cinnamon rolls tomorrow. Here, taste this." Axel's finger was shoved into Roxas' mouth, the icing on said finger melting on Roxas tongue as he lapped at the appendage for more. Axel pulled his finger quickly away before Roxas' tongue could distract him from his job. He needed the money Yuffie was willing to dish out for his confectionary brilliance. Roxas chuckled and stole another taste from the bowl before his hand was slapped away.

"Get out. You and Leon.. I swear." Axel muttered, shoving Roxas from the kitchen. Roxas plopped himself on the end of the couch, eyes finally settling on the tv screen. At first he thought Leon was just watching regular tv. Unfortunately for Roxas, he saw his face on the screen, his body sandwhiched between Leon's and Axel's... the deep red blush on his face grew hotter as Leon chuckled.

"Recognize something?" The older man asked, a brow raised as he dug his toe into Roxas' ribs.

"How'd you even get this?"

"Yuffie. Don't ask me how but she got it. Actually, I'm really glad she did. I forgot how fucking hot you look when you're screaming."

Leon didn't have the decency to turn the tape off so Roxas took himself back to the kitchen to help Axel. Stupid Leon and his amazing body... Roxas cut that train of thought off before he could turn Axel's couch into some sort of secondary bedroom. Besides, Axel had to focus and if Roxas was screaming Leon's name, that was bound to be a distraction. Roxas chuckled darkly.

"That's the second time he's watched that tape, the bastard. He knows I can't watch it with him." Axel glared at Leon's foot that rested on the back of the couch before opening the oven and placing the rolls inside.

"Need help?"

"You can make coffee. I have to make Ms. Daisy's blueberry muffins too. I'm so behind on orders." He muttered, cleaning up the mess from his cinnamon rolls before gathering the ingrediants for the muffins. Having made the coffee and free to do nothing, Roxas watched Axel bake for a long time, amazed as how even though Axel had the recipe out, he never seemed to read it. He also let Roxas taste test off his finger several times too. Always a bonus. After a while, Leon came to sit beside Roxas and the two watched Axel bake and helped him 'clean' the bowls and utensils he was finished with.

"At this rate, you two are going to be fat before the week is out." Axel warned, cleaning his dishes and letting them dry while the muffins baked. Leon made an indifferent noise in the back of his throat while Roxas watched Axel's ass intently as the red tried to find his next recipe and his 'baqking boxes'.

"Are you saying you wouldn't love us if we were fat?" Roxas asked, pretending to be offended. Axel gave him a deadpan look.

"That's exactly what I'm saying. Here, make yourself useful and box Yuffies cinnamon rolls." Axel tossed Roxas the pink box and the plate of cinnamon rolls. The were tiered on the plate like a pyramid and Roxas carefully reconstructed the gooey pyramid into the box.

"You know you can't resist me, Axel." Leon stated matter of factly, stealing a taste of Axel's most recent endevor- blueberry lemon bars. He groaned in appreciation and Axel was intently watching him lick his finger. Cursing, Axel turned away, slamming the cupboard doors.

"If you can't behave you have to leave Leon!" He hissed, grabbing a coffee mug and finally pouring himself a cup of now lukewarm coffee and heated it up in the microwave. Roxas snickered.

"I think we broke him Axel, he can't behave now."

"It's true." Leon shrugged, agreeing wholeheartedly. Axel groaned and returned to his baking. And that's how the day was spent. Roxas watching his two lovers, bantering with them and watching Axel bake. Roxas couldn't remember a single day that came close to being as perfect as that Sunday.

He should have known it was all about to change.

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