Beep beep beep beep.

Harry rolled over and turned off the alarm then threw a pillow at Ron.

"Oi! Wake up! We gotta get showers before the girls do or there won't be any hot water left!"

Ron rolled over and sleepily mumbled, "Yeah. Showers. Girls. Hot. Gotcha," before promptly falling back asleep. Harry shook his head and laughed at his friend. He might not want a hot shower but I do!

Harry rolled out of bed and opened the door. Just after he took his first step he noticed that there was a slippery surface on the floor and a thought flashed through his head. The girls beat us to the punch! Then he slid down the hall, yelling all the way, ran into the bathroom door, which swung open causing the bucket over the door to dump its contents on him. He then switched on the light to see what exactly it was that was covering him. A fraction of a second after he turned the light on, a bundle of feathers exploded and stuck to the sticky substance covering his body. Harry let out a strangled yell and then turned around to see Ron hurtling straight towards him. He plowed into Harry, and another bucket of the sticky substance, maple syrup, spilled all over Ron and another bundle of feathers exploded making the boys look like two rather large, molting birds.

Hermione and Ginny watched from the hall as their plan unfolded perfectly. Hermione then turned to the boys' room and placed a charm on their door.

"There. Whenever they try to leave the room, all of their clothes will disappear. Except for their boxers. They can go back in and put on more clothes but if they try to leave the room again their clothes will disappear again!" Hermione said with a satisfied smile. Ginny gaped at Hermione for a moment and then flung her arms around the other girl. Her friend was definitely the best witch of her year!

"That's the perfect end to our trick! How did you think of it?"

"I don't know. It just came to me!" The girls laughed again, attracting the attention of the boys. They glowered at the girls in a menacing way that knocked the smiles right off the girls' faces, and then charged, yelling at the top of their lungs. Frightened, the girls tried to run away but slipped on the slick floor and slid straight into the boys' room, followed swiftly by the boys. They all ended up in a heap in the floor of the boys' room. Amid much muttering and cursing, everyone managed to get to their feet. The boys turned on the girls and started yelling but were swiftly interrupted by a gasp from Hermione.

"Ginny!" she cried in dismay. "The spell doesn't just work on the boys! It works on anyone who enters the room!"

"It's ok, Hermione. Settle down. All you have to do is perform the counterspell and we'll be fine." Ginny said soothingly.

"But I didn't make a counterspell! I was just going to wait to do that after the prank was over!"

"You what?! Are you crazy?" The boys watched the girls argue, completely confused and unaware as to what the problem was.

"Excuse me," Ron interrupted, "but would you mind telling us what exactly is going on?"

"No, brother mine, I wouldn't mind telling you what's going on here," Ginny said mockingly. "In fact I'd be absolutely delighted. Genius here," she said, pointing at Hermione, "didn't come up with a counterspell and now we're all stuck here in this room until she does." Harry looked at Hermione suspiciously.

"Counterspell? What for? What is she talking about? What did you do?"

"Well, I might've cast a spell on the room so that anyone who went out would lose all of their clothes except for their underwear…." Hermione muttered sheepishly. "And now we're all stuck in here."

Ron gaped at Hermione. "But you're not supposed to do magic outside of school!" Hermione sighed gustily.

"You of all people should know about the loopholes in that law, Ronald. You're brothers did it often enough! The ministry doesn't know who did the magic! They just know that magic was performed! In wizarding households, the parents are expected to be the ones who enforce the rules." A look of comprehension dawned on Ron's face quickly followed by a look of horror.

"So we're stuck in here?!" Harry yelled frantically.

"Ummm… Yeah," Hermione admitted sheepishly.

"Are you sure that it'll work, Hermione?" Ron asked. "Maybe it won't," he said with a hopeful look on his face that quickly went away when Hermione glared at him.

"Of course it'll work! Do you honestly think that I'd use that spell today without testing it first?"

"Well, you never know!"

"It works! I can promise you that!" Hermione said heatedly. "Test it if you want!" she said when he continued to look skeptical.

"Fine! I will!" Ron yelled back. And with that he drew himself up and walked through the door. As he walked through, there was a flash of blue light and everyone turned their faces away from the door. When everyone looked at Ron again, he was standing in the hall in nothing but his Chudley Cannons boxers. Ron yelped and jumped back through the door. He quickly grabbed a shirt and pulled it over his head. But not before Hermione noticed how much Ron's body had changed since he joined the Quidditch team. Before, he had been scrawny and gawky. But now, after a year of training, he had put on lean muscle and attained a rather impressive six-pack. It wasn't until Ginny elbowed her in the side that she noticed she was still staring at Ron with her mouth slightly open. She quickly shifted her attention away from Ron and closed her mouth with a click. She could feel Ginny next to her, silently shaking with laughter. I bet she would've done the same thing if it had been Harry who had gone through instead of Ron, she thought huffily. Then an idea struck her.

"Hey, Harry. Why don't you go find Mr. and Mrs. Weasley and tell them that we're having some problems up here?"

"Are you serious?" Harry asked incredulously. "You want me to go out there and run around in nothing but my boxers?"

"Well, they don't know that anything is happening so I just thought that maybe they could help us out."

"Well… Why can't one of you girls go? It's your fault that this is happening!"

"Ummm… I'm not wearing a bra," Ginny said, turning a bright shade of red, "so it's probably not a good idea for me to go." Harry's jaw dropped and then he shook his head, trying to rid himself of the very appealing mental image of a naked Ginny. She's my best mate's sister! She's completely off limits! Why am I thinking about her like this?!

"Well, that's why Ginny can't go," Hermione said, still giggling slightly. "I'm not going to go because I'm going to work on a counterspell. I guess you and Ron can just figure out which one of the two of you will be going."

"Or maybe you both could go," Ginny suggested, winking at Hermione, "just so there's no fighting." Hermione blushed slightly, before mumbling something incoherent that was meant to be her consent. How did Ginny always know what she was trying to do? And how did she always manage to turn it back on her? She stuck her tongue out at Ginny when the boys weren't watching, and Ginny just gave her a sweet smile that would've fooled anyone but her.

"Ok. We'll both go," Ron finally said, putting and abrupt end to the silent conversation the girls were having. "But you two better look away!"

"Why would I want to look at you, you ugly git?" Ginny asked scathingly. "Stop flattering yourself." Ron turned his customary shade of purple and flipped his sister off. "Well, that wasn't very nice, Ronald. What will our darling mother think when she hears about you doing that?" Ginny asked in a syrupy sweet voice. Harry's shoulders shook in silent laughter. He silently urged his friend to accept defeat on this battle of wills because Ginny was in fine shape today and would most likely end up tearing Ron a new one. Fortunately for his friend, Ron simply glared at his sister for a moment and then turned back to the problem at hand when Hermione spoke.

"This isn't getting us anywhere," Hermione said rationally. "You two just go get Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. We'll look away if it makes you feel better." At least Ginny will, Hermione thought, crossing her fingers behind her back. With a body that nice, how could I possibly look away?

"Of course we'll look away," Ginny said in exasperation. "I already told you I didn't want to see anything you have." On the other hand, she thought, looking at Harry from underneath her lashes, I could look at your best friend all day long. "Are you gonna go now?"

"Yeah, yeah. We're going," Ron said, eying the door suspiciously. "You first, Harry."

"No way! You go first!"

"I've already been through once. You should go first. Just to be fair." Harry glared at his friend, knowing that he wouldn't be able to win this one and that he should just go. Still, he was hesitant. How did he always manage to get himself into such embarrassing situations?

"Any day now!" Ginny said.

"I know, I know," Harry responded. He took a deep breath, squared his shoulders, and walked through the door. The intense blue light flashed, he felt a weird tingling, and then a cool breeze drifting across his bare ass that made him belatedly realize that he hadn't been wearing any underwear when he went to sleep last night. He was standing in the hallway totally, completely, and 100 percent naked.