Alternate Ending 2: Happy Ending.

RJ raised the Magnum toward the Reaper.

He hissed.

"What the Hell do you think you're doing?"

"I'm not going to kill another person I love!"

RJ began firing.


The Reaper raised his scythe, and flew toward RJ.

Just as the Reaper was about to slice RJ in half, he began screeching.

He flew back, and a bright light began to appear in front of him.

RJ was confused, when he remembered something from the Necronomicon.

The Reaper lived on fear, and when its 'victim' stopped being afraid, the Reaper was hurt.

RJ grinned, and continued firing.

More bullets pounded into the Reaper, and RJ fired a bullet into its head.

The Reaper hissed a final time, and imploded.

RJ waited, and sighed.

He put the Magnum back in his golf bag, and layed back down next to Hammy.

RJ looked up at the sky.

The sun was coming up.

Hammy yawned, woke up, and looked at him.

"Did the thing come back, RJ?"

RJ hesitated, and decided on what to say.

"Nah, Hammy. It was just a dream. I'm fine."

RJ waited another moment.

"And…I love you, buddy."

"I love you too, RJ."

They layed next to each other, and watched the sun come up…