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A/N: Reviews are greatly appreciated! This little one-shot poem is in the POV of Mars during Stars, when she and the Senshi have been locked away behind the mirrors and are forced to watch Usagi losing everything she holds dear.

Behind Glass

Damn this glass

This infuriating pane

That keeps me from my Princess

From holding her shaking shoulders

And drying her never-ending tears

It tears up my soul

Being imprisoned so

And helpless to aid her

When she needs it most

Is this all I can do?

Watch my best friend lose it all

At the hand of a witch

From behind glass?

I see her come in




But defiant

And strong

A true warrior

But still,

Nehelenia mocks her

Even though she has made it through Hell

Just to get here

To him.

But it is too late


Is dying

On the floor

Usagi rushes over

And picks her up

Exchanging last words

Begging her

To not

Leave her too

Oh Princess, I wish I could wipe away

Those anguished tears

As you watch

Your daughter

Your baby

Your seed

The proof of your love

Drift away

Into inexistence

Into lights

Your future

Now gone

A memory of what could,

What should,

Have been

What should be

You collapse into tears

And I do too

Why, Nehelenia?

I think

Why her?

Why Mamoru-san?

Why ChibiUsa-chan?

Why us?


I hit the glass

But no one hears me

Only myself

In this prison

As I watch

From behind glass

My leader lose it all

Because of one witch's jealousy

It kills me

To be so useless

To have to watch

Usagi's pain

And do nothing

As I watch

Behind glass...

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