The Legend of Pearl Sparrow
Chapter One: Dreams and Rum.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything Pirates of the Caribbean. If I did, Jack would have shot Elizabeth for burning the rum.

Pearl Evelin Beckett tossed and turned in her sleep plagued by recurring dreams; dreams of a man taking her away from the life she knew forcing her into a new one. Dark chocolate eyes shot open, and she sat straight up in bed. Sighing, she raised her hand to wipe the sweat from her brow. Flipping back the covers to the bed she placed her bare feet on the cool floor of the boudoir. Quietly she made her way to the door and into the vacant hallways making her way to her father's liquor cabinet located in one of the many parlors fond in the mansion.

"please let there be rum,"

she whispered to herself as she carefully opened the stained glass doors and stretched for her drink of desire. Pushing aside the whiskey she fond it: a full bottle of untouched rum. A smile formed on her lips as reached for the bottle.

"You know you shouldn't be doing that,"

came a voice from behind her. Jumping she almost dropped the bottle.

"Drake, you startled me."

She said as she turned around to face the savant boy just a few years older then herself. Making her way over the cupboard she took a glass for herself and handed one to him.

"Still having those dreams?"

Pearl nodded as she led Drake out to the terrace over looking the Port Royal bay. Taking a seat in a large lounge chair she placed the bottle and her glass down on the stone coffle table placed in the center. Pulling back curls of ebony as Drake poured the rum into the glasses.

"Every night, the same dream. A man coming and taking me away from here, forcing me to live at sea."

"How terrible, you must be very scared"

"Actually. I kind of enjoyed it".

Pearl answered well glazing off at the horizon. Reaching out her arm she pretend she was touching the horizon as the moons reflection danced a crossed the ocean.

"Ever wondered if you could find your way to the horizon?" she asked.

"That's maddn-"

Drake fell silent as he heard footsteps. The two looked at each other knowing who's footsteps those where. Lord Cutler Beckett, he would surely flip a lid if he fond the two lounging about drinking rum.

"You go, I'll take the blame."

Drake whispered as he pulled Pearl up and led her to the door on the other end of the terrace away from the footsteps.

"No. No, we can both get away. Come on follow me quickly."

Pearl whispered back grabbing him by his shelve and pulling him along. She seemed to know just witch way her father was heading and knew just how to avoid being seen.