I got the idea for this from a dream I had last night. There's one OC but I really dislike OCs so it isn't a major character really.

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It's common knowledge that Ed isn't exactly the tallest guy in the country and one day when he was contemplating this, he decided that he'd had enough.

"I've had enough, Al!" He growled furiously. Al, who had been reading a book peacefully on his bed, looked up from aforementioned book.

"Had enough of what, brother?" He asked puzzled.

"Enough of being shorter than everyone!"

"Enough of being short?"

"Short-er!" Ed corrected.

"It's just one of those things that you can't help, Ed. There's nothing you can do I'm afraid."

"No! There must be something!" Ed sighed and resigned. "I'm going for a walk." He announced and left.

Ed walked along the streets alone, surprised that Al hadn't followed him out. "Then again, he had become more lethargic since he got his body back." Ed thought mentally; not really paying attention to where he was walking. Consequently, Ed walked straight into someone and fell backwards. "Sorry." He groaned as he looked up at a woman in strange clothing who seemed to tower over him. If he were standing up, she would have been at least a foot taller than him.

"It's okay, little boy." She said sending Ed into a raging fit.

"Who are you calling so short that he would be stepped on had it not been for people noticing his devilish good looks?!"

"Calm down, boy!"

"I'm a man!" Ed insisted getting up.

"Could have fooled me." The woman mumbled making Ed even angrier.

"You're the one who's tall enough to be a fully-grown man! What are you, 300 ft?! That's how tall I should be!"

"Oh, so you want to be '300 ft' then, little 'man'? Then so it shall be." She started chanting some foreign words and waving her arms around Ed. "There, now by tomorrow you shall grow to 300 ft!" Ed snorted.

"I wish, lady! I don't have time for your antics." He scoffed and headed back to his dorm.

"Don't say I didn't warn you." She shouted to him before turning away and walking off.

When Ed returned, Al greeted him and Ed threw himself unceremoniously on the bed.

"I ran into this woman when I was out. She was freakishly tall and she wore strange clothing."

"That's nice, brother." Al said flatly as he laid his book down to listen to his brother.

"Yeah, but then she started babbling something and waving her arms around me" he started mimicking her previous actions. "And then she said that I would grow to 300 ft by tomorrow. I'm telling you, Al, some people need to go to a mental institute."

"Just be careful, brother."

"Don't worry, Al. It's not like her 'curse' will come true. It's not scientific."

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