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Drip… drip… drip…

A man sat in his cell. His nose had stopped wrinkling at the stench a few days ago. Small amounts of sunlight shot through the diminutive caged window, but that suited him just fine. The darker, the better.

Light or no light, smell or no smell, it didn't matter. He knew he'd be out soon enough.

His dry lips cracked and oozed small amounts of blood as they curled upwards into a grin, baring slightly yellowing teeth. An abnormally long tongue suddenly darted out, lapping up the blood and coating the dry lips in a thick layer of saliva that slowly dribbled down his chin.

He started chuckling, soaking up the sound of his insanity as it echoed around his temporary home.

Ring ring… ring ring… ring ring…

That sound had gotten tediously repetitive in the past week. Ever since his ex-lover had gotten out of the hospital. The young man sat in the living room of his two best friends, simply staring at the small, vibrating device in his hand. The screen continually flashed, annoyed at being ignored. The shrill ringing seemed to be getting louder and louder, begging to be answered.

His mind felt numb. He had spoken to his ex-lover only once since he got out of the hospital, and since then, he refused to do so again, afraid that the pent up emotion within him would betray his now stoic mannerism.

He let out a troubled sigh and placed his aching head in his hands.

It wasn't fair.

Tap tap tap… tap tap tap…

Raven locks fell in a mess of tangles in front of a tired and gaunt face. He hadn't gotten much sleep. He hadn't been eating. Cigarette ends littered the floor of his private study. Empty beer cans lay crushed, dripping the remainders of their contents onto the plush carpet.

His fingers paused over the keys of his laptop for a moment and reached over to his mobile once more. How many times had he dialled that one number? How many times had he listened to the same ring tone, over and over and over and…

No. He placed the phone back down. There was no point in rushing his lover, not yet. He still had so much to do.

"Naruto," a voice whispered to him, grabbing his attention.

"What is it, Gaara?" he answered without lifting his head. He didn't want to face anyone. Didn't want to talk about the things he now knew. He didn't want to have to cope with anything anymore.

"Naruto, you have to eat something, or at least get some rest. You can't just let yourself… die like this."

He let out a hollow laugh, closing his eyes at the sudden twinge of pain in his throat. Not speaking for days on end could take its toll. He didn't want to speak to anyone. Not since his last conversation with Shikamaru.

"There won't be a trial."


"The case has been dropped due to 'lack of evidence'."

"What's the point, Gaara?" Naruto asked, still staring down at the carpet between his bare feet. Everything seemed to be hurting, mentally and physically. He had already lost track of everything. He no longer knew what day it was, what the time was, when he had last eaten, or when he'd last had more than two hours sleep.

Gaara slowly walked towards the distraught blonde and sat himself down next to him on the sofa. He didn't know how to answer Naruto's question, nor how to actually comfort him at this critical time. What could you say to someone in Naruto's position, after the terrible information that he had been given…?

"I already explained to you about Orochimaru's advantage in this. If I'm going to be honest with you, Naruto, I think there's been some dirty dealings going on somewhere."

"That's… that's just not good enough. It's not right! I was raped! Sasuke got shot in the back! Shika!"

"I know, Naruto! Damn it, you think this isn't pissing me off? Think of my position here at this station, and still I can't do anything! The case has been dropped. That's that."

Numb. If he could choose any perfectly cliché word to describe how he was feeling from the bottom of his heart and soul, it would have to be simple numbness.

"What am I going to do…? Shika…?"


Neji watched solemnly from the doorway. Gaara and Naruto had yet to notice him, but he preferred it that way. He admired Gaara for at least trying to comfort Naruto. He knew he didn't have a clue about how to possibly help Naruto at this point. He was just glad he could at least do the simplest of things: giving Naruto a place to stay.

He cast his vision downwards, his eyes narrowing. Every single time he dwelled upon the wrongdoings that had befallen Naruto, he couldn't help but feel the rage flowing through him. He turned quickly on the spot, hoping to find something that he could vent his anger on. If only he could grant Naruto the revenge he so deserved… but how?

How could justice now be served? Nothing seemed right anymore.

"Naruto… do you know how many people actually get convicted when accused of rape…?"


"According to statistics, only 1 in 20 men accused of rape actually get convicted. From the very start, the law has been against you."

Gaara glanced over at the doorway, only just noticing a whip of dark brown hair. He frowned slightly, knowing it had been Neji. Getting up, he placed a reassuring hand on Naruto's shoulder before quickly heading through the doorway to find his lover.

"Neji, stop that," he said sternly, having found his lover absolutely butchering the meat he was preparing for their meal.

Neji sighed in frustration, turning to face Gaara. No words were needed, his face said it all.

It's just not fair…

"So, we have a deal, I take it?"

"Of course. I could never say no to the esteemed Mr. Uchiha."

"Good." Sasuke let a smirk pull at his lips. Things finally seemed to be going his way. He'd taken the first few difficult steps towards getting his revenge. Hanging up the phone, he dialled another number. At this critical time, he would need someone who he could trust with absolutely anything.

Apart from Naruto, there didn't seem to be anyone. After much thought though, he finally came up with a suitable candidate.

After a few rings, a professional but very tired voice answered the phone.

"Mr. Uchiha's office, Mr. Uchiha is currently not available, but if you'd like to leave a message, I'll make sure to pass it on as soon as possible."

Sasuke couldn't help but smile. "Trust you to make me sound like I've simply popped out of the office to get something to eat, Sakura."

"Mr. Uchiha!" Sakura exclaimed down the phone. She let out a shuddering sigh, as if trying to calm herself down. "Where have you…? What's been going on…?"

"Calm down, Sakura."

"Calm down? Forgive me, Sir, but everything's been falling into absolute ruins since you've been gone!"

"I know, Sakura, and I apologise for that, but right now none of that matters. I require your assistance."

Sasuke stared out at the slowly setting sun. It had been days since he had set his perfect plan in motion, and tonight was finally the night. He had once again tried to get in touch with Naruto over the past few days, to no avail. Only once did someone actually answer the phone. Sasuke was disappointed to find it was Gaara.

And what Gaara told him had disturbed him, and caused his heart to crack under the pressure that guilt seemed to be putting him under.

Naruto was falling into depression. According to Gaara, the bright, bubbly blonde had become dead to the world.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes as determination swept through him. Every so often, he would glance at his watch, watching as the seconds ticked away. Waiting for a phone call. Waiting for a knock on his door. Waiting to exact his revenge.

Just when he thought that time had been standing still, his mobile rang.

"Uchiha," he answered crisply.

"Sir," came the short reply.

Sasuke nodded to himself. "Good." He hung up and slid the phone back into his black blazer pocket. Not a minute later, and a knock came at his front door.

"It's about time," he muttered to himself as he descended the long flight of stairs. He opened the door swiftly and stood to the side, allowing his visitor entry.

Said visitor gave a somewhat forced looking smile, and entered, carrying a smart looking briefcase.

"Is everything in order?" Sasuke asked as he led his guest into the main room.

"Of course."

Sasuke directed the visitor to a large, grand table. They sat down opposite each other, and the visitor placed his briefcase on the table. He clicked it open and turned it, pushing it slightly towards Sasuke.

"Very nice," Sasuke said as an accomplished grin pulled at his lips. "You've outdone yourself, Sai."

Sai bowed his head, a smirk of his own set in place. "Anything for you… Sir."

Catch me as I fall

Say you're here and it's all over now

Speaking to the atmosphere

No one's here and I fall into myself

This truth

Drives me

Into madness

Naruto lifted his head and stared at the person stood next to the CD player. He frowned, wondering why he had turned the volume down so low.

"You really think you should be listening to such a song, at this time? You want to send yourself further into depression?"

Naruto huffed quietly and let his head fall back down. He had been sat on his bed for a good two hours, eyes wide open, unable to sleep once again.

"You should try to sleep…"

"I can't, Neji. You know I can't."

Neji gave him what he hoped was a reassuring smile, and walked over to the bed, sitting down beside him. He positioned himself comfortably against the pillows, and motioned for Naruto to come closer. Doing as he was told, he shuffled over to Neji, and didn't resist when Neji placed his head on his lap and pulled the covers over him. Naruto was slightly surprised though. If there was one thing he knew of his best friends, Gaara and Neji, it was that they weren't usually the type of people to show so much affection towards someone.

To shock Naruto even more, Neji started running his hand through his blonde hair gently. Naruto was glad though, it soothed him and made him relax slightly.

"Things will sort themselves out, Naruto. Try not to fret."

"Yeah… sure." The response was dripping with defeat. His words were empty.

"And also, you will have to see Sasuke again eventually. Don't force someone out of your life so readily, when you know you still love that person, and can't exist without them."

A tear leaked out of Naruto's eye. He knew Neji was right. But, it hurt so much.

He could feel himself gradually drifting off to sleep. The last thing he remembered was the quiet lyrics of the song, before he finally fell into a world of dreamless sleep.

Fallen angels at my feet

Whispered voices at my ear

Death before my eyes

Lying next to me I fear

She beckons me, shall I give in?

Upon my end, shall I begin?

Forsaking all I've fallen for

I rise to meet the end…

"Such a pleasant night." The owner of the voice sat in a large, expensive leather armchair. He felt relaxed and completely at ease. He had been home for a day or two, and was already nicely settled back into his routine. His conscience never plagued him over what he had done; the pain he had caused.

"Kabuto," he called smoothly, knowing he could be heard.

"Yes, Sir?" replied a man dressed in a fine black suit. He had silky grey hair that shone silver in the light tied back in a smart ponytail, and a pair of designer glasses sitting precariously on his nose. He pushed the glasses up with his gloved fingers as his master began talking.

"Kabuto, you have served me well over the years. Tell me, what would you risk for me?"

"Life and limb, Sir," he replied automatically.

"Good, that is very reassuring. Now, tell me, has he been to see our dear Sasuke, yet?"

"Yes, Sir. He reported back to me just recently. Everything is as you predicted."

Orochimaru laughed. "How conveniently predictable our young Uchiha is. How convenient indeed."

Kabuto smirked in appreciation of his master's pure intellect. "You never cease to amaze me, Sir."

At that moment they heard a knock at the door. Kabuto bowed and immediately left to the door, while Orochimaru sat wondering who it could possibly be. This was not arranged.

Kabuto returned a moment later with a young woman. Her bubblegum pink hair caught his attention immediately, and he smirked.

"You're early, Sakura."

Sakura smiled sweetly and bowed. "I know, Sir. I am eager to get to work."

"Ambitious and dedicated as always," Orochimaru replied graciously as he stood. He approached Sakura and took her hand giving it a quick kiss. Sakura's smile widened, and she took a step closer to Orochimaru.

"Sir, if you wouldn't mind, could we find somewhere a bit more… private?" she asked, her eyes sparkling suggestively.

"Mm, is there something you'd like to talk to me about?" he asked as he led her to his bedroom.

"Well, Sir, there is actually a very good reason for me coming this early." They entered the extravagant bedroom, and Sakura immediately draped her arms around Orochimaru's neck the moment he had the door closed. She stood on her tiptoes and whispered into Orochimaru's ear, "I wished to congratulate you, and give you a little something nice for all of the trouble Uchiha has given you." She took his earlobe into her mouth and sucked on it gently before licking slowly down his neck, sucking and kissing as she went.

Orochimaru smirked again and bit down on Sakura's neck, making her hiss in pain. "This makes me extremely glad that I brought you into all of this, Sakura. And tonight," he continued, leading her over to the bed, "Uchiha will be in for the surprise of his life. After tonight, you will be my new partner."

Sakura smiled as Orochimaru forced her roughly onto the bed and got on top of her. "He doesn't suspect a thing?" he asked.

Sakura let out a low chuckle. "Of course not. Enough talking about him now." Sakura started running her hands all over Orochimaru's body, letting him know exactly how badly she wanted him. He felt her tugging at his shirt, wanting it off of him, and he eagerly complied.

"I'll make this a night you'll never forget," he said, licking his lips.

Just outside Orochimaru's mansion, a young man stood hidden in the bushes. He expertly manoeuvred through the large garden and scaled the nearest wall, leading to Orochimaru's bedroom. Looking inside, he smirked and stayed perfectly still, watching the little display before him. Everything was going perfectly.

"Right, it's time," he whispered to himself. He positioned himself safely on the window ledge and slid a thin piece of metal through the gap between the old fashioned windows, which were conveniently only held in place by a metal clasp on the inside.

Sliding the metal upwards, he watched as the clasp went up with it and flipped over. The noise of the two inhabitants in the bedroom completely drowned out any sound he was making.

He opened the window doors quickly and slipped inside. The two people inside instantly jumped apart from each other in shock.

"You!" Orochimaru exclaimed, glaring at the intruder. Sakura quickly darted away from Orochimaru half naked to where her boots and blouse were. She fiddled about with one of her knee-high boots for a moment before pulling out a small but deadly dagger. Holding it protectively in front of her, she made her way back over to Orochimaru.

"Do anything and I'll throw this dagger straight at your heart, Sasuke," she threatened.

Sasuke stood still, looking shocked as Orochimaru stood triumphantly from his bed and put his arm lazily around Sakura's shoulders. "You fool, Sasuke. You've been deceived."

Sakura smirked. "Not really," she said, smacking Orochimaru's arm away from her. She pushed him against the wall and held the dagger close to his throat, the tip almost touching his flesh.

"Bitch," he hissed out.

Sasuke smiled as he slowly unsheathed a long knife from the holster on his belt. He fiddled with the knife as he started talking, "You thought you could get away with everything that you've done. You thought you'd won. You are going to die tonight, Orochimaru. We'll be free from your twisted, sadistic self. I'm going to make you pay for everything. By the time I'm through with you, you'll be begging me to just end your pathetic life."

"I don't think so…" Orochimaru hissed. Before Sakura had a chance to react, he had knocked her arm away, forcing her dagger to fly across the room and embed itself into the wall. He quickly took hold of her, choking her with his insane strength.

"Let her go!" Sasuke demanded as he pulled a semi-automatic PT-945 handgun from his pocket with his left hand. He held the knife firmly in his right.

It felt like time had suddenly stopped, and fear shone in Sasuke's eyes for a brief moment. He couldn't afford to accidentally harm Sakura.

Not a second later someone burst through the door into the bedroom. He rolled in, crouched low and aimed his revolver straight at Orochimaru. He stood slowly and took a few steps sideways towards Sasuke.

"I see you've gotten yourself into quite the predicament, Mr. Uchiha."

"Hm, nothing I can't handle, Sai." He smirked, but never allowed his eyes to leave Orochimaru. "The plans have just changed a little, that's all."

"They're about to change even more, Sir."

"What--?" Sasuke's eyes grew wide as he felt the cold metal of Sai's revolver pressing against his head.

"Goodbye, Mr. Uchiha."

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