Forged Love




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I just visit and report.


"Well go save him for me!" she shouted.

Tilting his head to one side, he asked coldly. "Why should I want to do that, Sarah?"

"He's your brother!" she moaned.

"OH no…" she shook her head, remembering what Jareth had said when they were battling Robin. He had set the game up with the rules that applied to life in Labyrinthia. "Nothing without payment." She moaned.

"Smart girl." Quinn edged forward. "So Sarah, you ready to dicker on a price for my brother?"

Sarah swallowed. "I will not come to your bed and rut like pigs! I will not be used for your licentious pleasure, Quinn! I don't want to be your…pear closet."

Quinn bobbed his head back and forth, "Yes, that was crude of me, Sarah. I could have worded that so much more… Well," he shrugged.

"What do you want Quinn?" She balled her fists at her side.

Quinn acted as if giving it hard thought. "What do I want…ah…I have it…I want a kiss."

"A kiss?" Sarah asked incredulously.

"A kiss." Quinn placed his hands behind his back and clasped them tightly to stave off the pain now racking him.

"Just a kiss?" He nodded and she shrugged. "Fine."

Quinn looked at her, "A kiss, freely given in front of the entire court."

"Great, invite the entire Seelie Court if you like." She was getting agitated. "Now go, find Jareth."

"You agree?"

"You want a kiss, fine, I'll give you a kiss…Freely."

Quinn smiled, "Open mouthed."

"Quinn you are wasting time!" Sarah argued.

"Open mouthed." He said firmer.

"Okay." She gave in.

"Eyes closed." He teased.

"Will you go?" she turned him and pushed him toward the door.

Quinn dug his heel in. "Tongue." He said over his shoulder.

Sarah stopped shoving him. "What?"

"Tongue." He repeated.

"Quinn…" Sarah was losing it and was becoming desperate.

Quinn turned and pulled her into his arms, staring down into her face with azure eyes filling with passion. "I want tongue, and lots of it! I want you to open to me….I want free passage to your tonsils!"

"You bring Jareth back and you can have my God damned lungs!" she growled

"I have your word?" he questioned huskily.

"Hell Quinn, you can have my oath." She snapped.

He pulled her closer. "Done!" he released her so quickly she landed on the floor as he made for the door. "Sarah take off your lipstick! I like naked lips…"


The nightmare ended, as it always did, with Sarah sitting up bathed in sweat and fear. She pulled her blanket closer. Telling her self…it is just a dream…it is just a dream…She also told herself Quinn was gone.

Chapter 1.

For two years, Sarah Williams had been leading a double life. Once a month her parents thought she was spending a weekend gaming at the local complex and hanging with the Si-fi-fantasy crowd. When in reality she was stepping though a portal and spending a week of exchanged time in another reality.

Sarah's two worlds were as separate as any could be. At home, she was the loving daughter and doting older sister to two little towheads. She worked hard on schoolwork, helped around the house and to all appearances was a perfectly normal teenager. When she stepped though the portal, her world changed. She would ride dragons before breakfast and practice magic in a wizard's tower. She lived in a castle, and she kept company with a King who was a powerful Fae.

She had been nervous about her first return trip to the Kingdom of Labyrinthia. After all, she had been rather bold with the King just moments before entering the portal. Sarah was not sure what to expect upon her return. Just one month in regular time had passed. Autumn having given way to winter, and snow in the Above. In the Underground, Sarah was not sure what she would find. To her surprise and delight, it was winter there as well. The kingdom was celebrating a wedding. Giles and the daughter of the Mystic of the Isle of Tarsi were having a court wedding. Being members of the King's personal court, Sarah, Anne and Ryan were expected to make every effort to attend. Each of them had received a personal invitation, giving them the day and time to be at the complex that now housed portals to the Underground Kingdoms.

The wedding had been picturesque and charming, both bride and groom had been radiant. Every member of the court was present and accounted for. The King himself officiated over the nuptials, and had arranged for the reception after the wedding. There was feasting, music, dancing and great merriment. Even the Goblins enjoyed the festivities.

Sarah had been nervous about having to come face to face with Jareth, and had more or less avoided being alone with him. Once or twice, they were in the same group of guests having conversations. Each seemed more than a bit shy with the other. When the bride and groom danced, and others joined them on the dance floor, Jareth at last asked Sarah for a dance. It was the only time the nervousness seemed forgotten. When their stay was over, Jareth had kissed her cheek, told her to be well and he looked forward to the next visit.

For two years, she made monthly visits to the Enchanted Kingdom. For two years, she and her King played a strange game of cat and mouse. At this point she was no longer sure whether she was the cat or the mouse. It seemed they took turns being the hunter and the prey. Sarah, so caught up in the web they had managed to weave, had not noticed a change in her mundane life. Her stepmother was beginning to look at her with worried eyes.


Karen Williams poured coffee for her husband Robert and called Sarah to come to breakfast for the third time. She looked at Robert. "I don't know where her head is these days!" she complained.

Robert, reading his morning paper, pretended he was interested in what she was saying. "She's a teenager, dear…none of them know where their heads are."

"Robert! She is graduating High School in less than a week! She's made no plans for the future, she's not enrolled in a college, or even looking for a job." Karen sat down across from her husband. "She didn't go to prom, and she's not attending the big senior class beach party. Now does that sound normal to you?" She tapped the table. "And when was the last time she had a date?"

"Maybe she's gay." Robert mumbled.

"That's not funny." Karen snapped.

Sarah felt the tension entering the room, she smiled at her stepmother. "Good morning, sorry about being late."

Karen looked at her husband, silently demanding he have words with the girl. Robert put his paper down and motioned Sarah to take a seat. "Your mother here, and I have some concerns."

Sarah bristled when her father used the word mother. She had come to accept Karen on some levels. She even liked her, but she was not her mother. "Dad." Sarah's tone got his attention. "Please don't call her my mother. Karen is your wife and my stepmother, she is not my mother." Sarah looked at Karen, "I'm not trying to be rude, really Karen…"

Karen patted her hand. "I understand."

Robert shook his head; he was the lawyer, yet these two women could make such mountains out of molehills. "Sarah what plans do you have for the future?"

Sarah had been expecting this little chat, "Well, actually I'm thinking of taking a year off and traveling though Europe. See a bit of the world before I settle down and make a life plan."

Robert frowned. "Alone?"

"No." Sarah said smoothly. "Anne and Ryan are going too. Ryan has an aunt in Scotland who said we can make our home base there."

"I see." Robert was looking like he was going to reject the plan.

"Giles will be there as well dad, acting as sort of a chaperon and guide." She sipped the juice that Karen had on the table.

"Oh well, that's different. I see no reason why you should not have the experience of travel on your own. You can even stop in from time to time and check in with your mother. She and what's his name are doing plays over in London this season." Robert purposely forgot Jeremy's name.

A car horn blasting in the drive ended the conversations. "That's Ryan, and I'm late. Got to go!" She kissed her father and stepmother. "Karen I'll take Toby to the park today, and you can take a break…you look tired."

Karen waited until the door closed, then looked at her husband. "You didn't ask anything!"

"You want to know about her private life, you ask." Robert folded his paper. "I'm going to my office." He kissed her brow. "Have a good day dear."

Karen frowned. "Right."


Anne looked at Sarah as she settled in the back seat. "Well?"

"I had to say Giles was going to be with us." Sarah rubbed her brow. "They were not happy about it. Karen is fussing over me like no bodies business."

"I told you to just accept a date to the prom!" Anne scolded. "Jimmy Markus asked you, and he's a harmless geek!"

Sarah shook her head. "I haven't been able to even look at another guy since…the …marking."

Ryan snickered. "Classic. You set a trap and got yourself caught!"

Anne sighed, "Once Graduation is over and done with, things will seem less…pressured."

Sarah closed her eyes, "I hope so…but once we get home, I'm going to make an appointment with the healer. Maybe he can do something about these bad dreams."

Anne smiled wistfully, "Home."

Ryan, driving toward the school smiled. "We'll be going home soon enough ladies. For now, let's get though the mundane" He soon pulled into the student parking lot. "I hear Mr. Woodland is retiring."

Sarah looked up. "He's not that old."

Anne shrugged. "Ever since he got married he's been talking about taking a sabbatical." Anne gathered the few books she needed to turn in that day.

"A sabbatical is one thing, retiring? That's another thing altogether!" Sarah said as she stepped from the car.

Ryan shrugged. "I just know he sold his house and he and his wife are packed up and ready to go once the school year is officially over."

Sarah looked at Anne; "I'm going to see Mr. Woodland before we leave today. So wait for me, okay?"


Mr. Woodland watched as students fled with the last bell of the day. "Yes, go!" He teased, "Fly to your busy lives." He leaned back in his chair, and looked at the classroom. He had a good stay here, and now it was time to go. A tapping at the door drew his attention. "Ah, Miss Williams, do come in."

Sarah came toward his desk. "I understand you're leaving us."

"I understand you're leaving us as well." He countered. "I'm told you and your two cohorts are off to Europe to trip the life fantastic."

Sarah nodded, "Yes, well, there comes a time when a bird must spread its wings."

"Poetic, my dear." Woodland praised as he rose to his feet. He took Sarah's hands into his. "Dear Miss Williams, I hope life gives you all the adventures you can handle. And I do hope our paths cross again." He kissed her brow. "Be happy my dear."

"You too." Sarah said feeling suddenly emotional. "Thank you for everything you taught me. For all the skills you honed."

Woodland leaned back. "You are so very welcome, Sarah." He watched as she exited his classroom. "Oh child," He murmured low. "I've a feeling I'm a long way from having seen the last of you."


Sarah arrived at home to find Karen suffering with a migraine. She offered to take both her siblings to the park and allow Karen some quiet. Toby now a three-year-old with endless energy was overjoyed about going to the park. He even sat quietly in the tandem stroller while Sarah settled Kerry in. Sarah called Merlin to her side, knowing his bark could shatter the most fragile quiet.

The park was a magical place for Sarah, and she loved sharing it with her siblings. As they crossed the bridge to her meadow, she began to spin a fairy tale for the two little ones. She pulled the stroller over toward the bench by the obelisk.


The orb in the gloved hand showed the girl in the park with the children. The face watching smiled. "Sarah." He said softly.

Giles found the King sitting on the window ledge. "Watching Sarah again, Sire?"

The King's Archer smiled, "She'll be here soon enough. They graduate in just a few days time."

Jareth looked wistfully at the orb. "I enjoy watching her."

"Really?" Giles raise a brow. "I'd have never guessed it."

"Giles?" Jareth was having thoughts. "This graduation…is it open to the public?"

"Yes, of course. Its held on the School's athletic field, and everyone sits up in the stands…unless the weather gets bad, then it's in the Field House, and that's limited seating…Why?"

"Make arrangements for us." The King left the ledge and walked passed the shocked man.

"You think that…wise?" Giles resisted.

Jareth shrugged. "I don't really care if it is or it's not. I want to see Sarah graduate."

"Yes, Sire." Giles bowed to the Fae King. "As you wish."


Graduation was an official ceremony that had wonderful traditions. The young men wore formal suits, and the young ladies wore long gowns in soft pastels. It was all very formal and very beautifully staged. Sarah had ridden over to the High School with Ryan and Anne, and was helping other girls with last minute touch ups. Anne was helping pin boutonnières on the boys who were having difficulties with the pins.

Ryan was pacing like a caged cat.

Sarah dropped the brush in her hand, turning to the large window began to breathe as if she had a weight on her chest. She ran over to Ryan, "He's here."

Anne came over as well. "What is he doing here?"

Ryan closed his eyes. "I can't get though…"


Giles and his companion took seats in the stands. Giles looked at the program they had. "Here," he pointed to the name Sarah Williams.

The slender man with a shock of blond hair in muted tones looked at the name, and the achievement behind the name. He smiled. "That's my girl." He said aloud. 'Our girl.' A voice within corrected.

Giles tapped the shoulder of the other. "Those are her parents sitting there." He pointed toward a handsome couple holding two young children in their arms. "And next to them is the Mother and her…I'm not sure what he is…boyfriend, lover…husband."

Jareth shrugged, "Does not matter what he is. It's the parents I'm concerned with." He looked at the boy in the man's arms. "Toby." He said softly. "My how he's grown."

Giles followed the King's gaze. "Sire?"

Jareth shook his head, not wishing to discuss his plans.


Both Anne and Ryan were seated closer to the front of the class, their last names being at the beginning of the alphabet. Sarah was seated farther back. The teaching staff all wore their robes and degree hoods for the ceremony. One by one, the names were called and the superintendent of the School handed out the diplomas.

Sarah headed over toward her parents who had come onto the field when the ceremony ended. She hugged her dad, and accepted the kisses of both Karen and her mom. Jeremy took pictures of all of them.

Giles approached. "Sarah?"

Sarah held out her hands to her long time friend and they kissed each other on the cheek. "Giles, how good to see you! You know my parents don't you?"

"Yes." Giles shook hands with Robert and nodded to Jeremy. "Robert, Karen I'd like to introduce my employer, J. G. King."

Jareth stepped forward and shook hands with Sarah's father. "Hello." Jareth turned to Sarah. "Congratulations, Sarah."

Karen looked at the handsomely strange man. "You know our daughter?"

"We've met a few times at the complex." Jareth said smoothly. "I must admit, I've always been…impressed by this young lady."

Sarah wanted to crawl into a hole. "Thank you."

Robert frowned, something about the man was triggering alarms. "You say you met at the complex?"

"I own it." Jareth said, "Along with a bout a dozen other gaming complex. Very good business gaming." He looked back at Sarah.

Karen watched the way the man was looking at her stepdaughter and could see there was interest. "How nice."

Linda's reaction was much like Karen; she was seeing an available male who was able to support more than his own weight. "Are where is Mrs. King?"

Jareth smiled sweetly at the ladies. "There is no Mrs. King as of yet."

Robert was still frowning. "You know my daughter is under aged." He said directly.

Giles held his breath. Both Linda and Karen gasped at Robert. Jeremy snickered.

Jareth took a royal stance, "I assure you sir, I've been a perfect gentleman at all times."A vice in his head laughed, 'I haven't, nor will I ever be.'

Robert narrowed his eyes, "See that you continue." He growled as he took Toby's hand and walked away being followed by his former and present wives.

Jareth looked down at Sarah he smiled and teased. "That went well, I thought."


Robert was pacing. "Sarah, I need to talk to you." He called from his study.

Sarah excused herself from the guests in her parents' salon. "Yes, Daddy?"

He motioned her to come in and close the door. "I want to know what's between you and this…King fellow?"

"I'm not sure what you mean, Daddy." The girl hedged.

Robert snapped the pencil he had been holding. "Sarah, have you been seeing this man behind my back? Are you dating him?"

"I've seen him at the complex and he's taken part in some of the fantasy games." She could say very truthfully. "We have not been dating."

"Is that man part of the trip to Europe?" Robert growled.

"No, Daddy. He is not…" Again, she was being truthful. "As far as I know, Mr. King has his own concerns to see to."

Robert paced. "I'm not sure I'm going to be able to allow you to go at all, not now."

"But Daddy!" she protested. "You said a year of finding myself would be good for me."

"That was before I met you friend." He snapped. "I think perhaps a year with your mother would do you better." He left his office and Sarah sat down.

"oh dear." She put her hand to her head. "This is not going well at all."