She was nestled into his shoulder, her face blissfully happy. The Goblin King watched her as she lay with her eyes closed beside him. His wife his Queen his Mystic his Sarah; the only woman who had ever conquered King and Labyrinth.

Feeling his gaze she tilted her face and looked up into the mismatched eyes with the dark azure centers. "Sill awake?"

"Contemplating." He said softly.

Rolling over to her side she draped one arm over his hip. "What are we contemplating my King?"

"Life, and its myriad of mysteries my sweet." He traced the line of her jaw with his long sculptured fingers. "How very wonderful you are. How fortunate I am to have you in my life."

Sarah sat up, "Listen." She pointed to the balcony. "Do you hear that?"

From the open doors came a sound that had not been heard during the great silence. The nightingale had returned and with it came its sweet songs.

The King sat up and folded his arms about the young woman. "The silence is over, and all is as it should be."

Sarah closed her eyes, leaned back on her husband and sighed. "Thank the Universe!"

"Amen." He said in her ear. "Any regrets, my love?"

Her hands moved over his, knotting fingers with his. "Not a one."

"I remember everything." He whispered to her softly. "All the thoughts of the two sides are now compiling into one. I do have one question…How did you know where the crystal throne was?"

"That would be thanks to our old friend Robin." Sarah laughed softly. "The clues were in the play Meander's Queen."

"And your mother's script gave that to you?" Jareth-Quinn asked.

"No, Millicent and Phineas destroyed the script. Jeremy gave me the clues. He ran dialog with the young man who spoke the lines… Jeremy is blessed with photographic memory." Sarah sighed. "When I heard the word, I just knew it was the crystal ballroom you'd created for me." She smiled. "In dreams of past, in shattered glass, therein lies the Crystal throne."

"We are blessed." He said pulling her back down onto the bed. "Both halves of the Shattered soul, The Two made One, thank you.

"Talk is cheap." She teased running her fingers over him. "Show me."

"Vixen." He murmured as he began to kiss her.

Outside the bedchamber of the King, seated on a little ornamental tree, sat a nightingale, singing songs that had never been heard. In the distance, high in the sky, Dragons were gliding and singing Dragon Song. In the valley Goblin mothers put their Goblin babes to sleep singing lullabies. Life was returned and renewed in the land of Labyrinthia. The old walls of the living being called the Labyrinth were bowed toward the palace, and it's new Queen.

The Bard, with his wife's hand in his, took one more look at the palace and its grounds. "Our work here is at an end, it is time to move on."

Solea looked at the kingdom from the windswept hillside. "Their story is not yet over, just this chapter."

Cairbre gathered his wife to him. "May they be as blessed in their union as we are in ours."

"Leaving so soon?" The High King asked the pair.

The Bard looked at the King of the Fae. "It is time."

Oberon nodded. "I too will be taking my leave. Young marrieds don't need a meddlesome old King looking over their shoulders, now do they?"

Solea spoke up the thoughts on her mind. "Will you be dealing with they who wished to sever the bond?"

Oberon shook his head. "They have their own problems to face now. Millicent will recover, but I doubt her lovely hands will ever be the same. Her father will still want what he can not have, including my daughter and her son. It will be his punishment. Phineas will always be tortured knowing that Quinn, like Jareth, choose Sarah." A faint soft smile covered his lips. "Not that I blame the lads."

"You accept that they are now as they should be?" The Bard questioned.

The High King gave the question a moment of thought. "I always did. It was in arrogance that they were conceived. My arrogance formed them and gave them life. I will always be grateful for having known both sides of my son's soul. For having seen the man he could, would, and should be." He drew a long breath. "My Queen awaits me. I've been too long from her side. Good night, good gentles." He turned and vanished into the night.

Solea looked at her husband. "Are you satisfied with his answers?"

"It matters not if I be, he needs to be." Cairbre held his hand out to her. "Come, let us away. I'm longing to be in our own cottage, in our own bed."


Goblins, Pixies and Fairies gathered on the windswept hill to dance and sing. The silence was over, the King was whole and he had taken a Queen. There was time to rejoice, and be glad. Any problems could wait until the cold light of day. While the stars gleamed in the dark blanket of the night sky, they could sing and dance. The sounds of drums and tubular bells, and what sounded like a carnival organ could be heard. As the song echoed though the Labyrinth.

"You remind me of the babe…"

"What babe?" the answer echoed.

"The Babe with the power!"