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Destiny Anew: A New Path

Sailor Pluto stood apart from the wreckage casting her eyes around the area. Sirens could be heard in the distance. She would have to be quick before the authorities got here. As she walked through the debris her thoughts were in chaos. 'How was it possible?' 'Why did I not see this?' questions kept coming to her to try and find a reason for the disaster that had just happened. As she walked she came upon the body of a small child around 7 or 8 years old. Casting a sad glance at the site she knelt beside the body and reached her hand out to stroke the cold cheek of the young child. A tear rolled down her cheek as she looked down at the face untouched by the accident. Her dream was gone with the death of this small child 'The Crystal Tokyo that I sacrificed for can never be'. Steeling herself for the task at hand she brought her hand down till it was over his heart. Breathing deeply Pluto closed her eyes in concentration gathering her magic into herself. The body began to glow a faint gold and a point of light began between her outstretched hand and the chest. In a burst of blinding light that signaled the end of the spell, Pluto knelt with a shining crystal in her right hand. Bringing the crystal to her chest she slowly stood, casting one last look down at the child. Pluto turned from the scene bringing out her Time Staff and vanished from the scene leaving behind the soul who was once to become the future King and love of her Queen.

"…. Farewell… King Mamoru….. May the next life be a happy one for you…" The quiet prayer of the departed Sailor Pluto echoed.

The silence of the void where the Time Gates stood was broken as a Sailor Pluto appeared and fell to her knees reverting back into Setsuna Meiou sobbing, her face buried in her hands. She cried for her broken dream, the loss of Mamoru, and for the failure to her Queen. "What am I going to do? How can I make this right?" she started to break down again. "…Pluto…" Setsuna's head shot up. "Whose there!?!" Setsuna stood quickly calling up her senshi transformation and sweeping the area for the intruder. Her dream maybe dead but she still had her duty to protect the gates. And she'd be damned if she failed her queen twice. "…Sailor Pluto…" Pluto spun towards the source of the voice bringing the Time Staff to attack and froze.

Genma Saotome cursed loudly as he limped through the forest. 'Where is that damn boy?' Tripping on the underbrush Genma cursed again as he landed on his injured leg and arm. 'How dare he hurt his father, ungrateful brat!' Genma's mind conveniently forgot that the state he was in was his fault. How was he supposed to know that the Neko-ken would drive the trainee insane? 'Stupid boy couldn't even handle a few cats.' Standing slowly Genma looked up to see the sunrise; 'I've been looking for the boy for 4 hours now where the heck could he be?' grumbling to himself about ungrateful children Genma continued his search.

2 hours later Genma came upon a small house, deciding to see if they had seen the boy. As he got closer he notice an elderly lady with a child curled up in her lap. As he got closer he realized it was his ungrateful child. 'That dishonorable brat, here I am looking for him and he's sitting there all cozy and stuff.' "HEY THAT'S MY SON!"

The small child watched from a tree as an old woman looked about the small clearing. "Ranma, Ranma are you here?" Curious the small child poked he's head out so he could be seen by the woman. The lady saw him and gave him a small smile as she kneeled and placed out her hand as if approaching an animal. The boy jumped down and landed on his hands and feet as if he was a four-legged animal. "Come here Ranma I won't hurt you." Ranma as the child was named sniffed the air and made a slow approach to the outstretched hand. After a cautious sniff of the hand he butted his head into the hand and began to purr. Smiling the woman began to pet the small child as if he was a cat till he curled up in her lap. Still smiling as the child fell asleep the woman stood and began to walk in the direction that would take her back to the house.

Few hours later Ranma was again curled up in her lap after being feed and playing. The woman's smile saddened as she watched the child. "Don't worry Ranma I will help you, I'll give you the ability to fight the effect and fear of Neko-ken. Why anyone would subject a child especially their own child to that horror." Suddenly the elder woman's appearance changed to a young woman with green hair. Sailor Pluto looked down and brought her hand up. A bright flash brought a golden colored crystal into her hand. Staring at the crystal she brought her hand down till it was right above the child's back. Removing her hand the crystal slowly lowered and vanished as it touched the child. The child gave off a golden aura for a minute as his body finished the absorption. As the aura faded the child stretched and made the first human noise since the training. "…momma…" Sailor Pluto smiled and shifted back to the elderly disguise as Ranma snuggled closer. "Not yet Ranma but soon, soon you will be with your mother and then you will begin a new destiny and start a brand new future My King."



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