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"BAKA" talking

'BAKA' thinking

my author note at the bottom has my feeble excuse for the LONG break. Anyway I'd like to thank Ranmagirl14 who will be my beta after this chapter since i was excited to get this out and my wife who is encouraging me to write and doing some proof reading as well when she can since she doesn't know anything about Ranma 1/2 and sailor moon.

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"Hi, my name is Tsukino Usagi. " Ranma continued to glare at the girl as she put her hands behind her head and watched him with a sense of amusement radiating off her. Finally she burst into giggles after which she exclaimed with enthusiasm.

"You're cute! I like you!"

Ranma's glare vanished as he ducked his head and blushed at the same time he spun around to put his back to the girl that introduced herself as Usagi. Giggling harder at the cute boy's shyness Usagi walked around him to face him once again.

"So… what's your name?"

Mumbling a response Ranma kept his head ducked. Usagi leaned in to hear she asked again what his name was.

"Saotome Ranma" was the mumbled reply.

"Nice to meetcha Ranma-kun!" chirped Usagi "Do you want to play a game?"

Looking up shyly Ranma gave a small slow nod. Usagi grinned and with a burst of speed poked Ranma in the forehead before he could react. "You're it!" was all he heard as the blond blur sped away from him before he could form a thought on how to respond. But with his limited social interaction with children his own age Ranma did not understand what being "It" meant and thinking that the girl was just making fun of him hung his head and started to tear up as he thought that he had messed up to make the girl runaway from him.

'Stupid, why couldn't I be better at this making friend's thing that Okâ-san told me to do while here… sigh. Maybe I should just head back to Okâ-san and ask to go home.' Ranma's thoughts continued to darken till a shadow fell over him.


Usagi sprinted away from her new friend heading to a group of trees to use as a obstacle for their game. Giggling to herself as she ran, Usagi thought to herself 'hehe this will be so fun! He's so cute!" Making it to the trees and hiding behind them her thoughts continued 'Yeah! Maybe he will want to be my boyfriend!' squeal! 'YEAH, He could be my Knight in shining armor! Or maybe, maybe he could be my Prince! Come to take his beautiful Princess to their Magical kingdom!' Starry eyed Usagi began to giggle to herself as her daydreams of magical princesses and a handsome prince to rescue her spiraled farther.

She was snapped from her daydreaming as a soft sound echoed from the clearing she had just ran from she noticed that Ranma hadn't found her yet. Giggling at her super fantastic ability to hide she turned from behind the tree to see what had caught her attention. She gasped as she spied her dreamy prince still in the same position as she had left him when she had tagged him.

"Huh?" confused Usagi slowly crept from her hiding place.

"Hic… stupid sob…"

The soft cry snapped Usagi from her confusing faster than her rush for her mom's cookies. Realizing that something was wrong but not understanding what Usagi rushed over to see what was wrong with her new princ... friend.

'Maybe he's hurt?' thought Usagi worriedly as she got closer.

As she stopped in front of him, she squatted down to get closer. This was her undoing.



"OWIE!" cried the startled and hurt children as they both fell backwards after a startled Ranma had smacked his forehead in to the perfectly positioned forehead of Usagi.

Sprawled her back Usagi's eyes began tearing as the small pain from her head registered with her.

"Ohhhh… that hurt!" came the surprisingly strong voice from in front of her, slowly getting up Usagi glanced over to see Ranma already sitting up; furiously rubbing his head, tongue out and eyes crossed. The face her friend was making was a funny one and as she watched Ranma continue a small giggle escaped her as her own pain was forgotten.


The small laugher stopped Ranma cold as he realized the girl from before 'Usagi' placed her hand over her mouth to stop the rush of giggles the face Ranma was making and his current one were causing for her. Seeing her laugh Ranma frowned and stood up. Looking down at the giggling girl and misunderstanding what she was laughing at, thinking she was laughing at him. He turned around and began walking to where his mother told him she would be sitting.

Grumbling to himself about not needing friends as his mother thought he did, he was stopped short as a small voice spoke up from the girl.

"I'm sorry"

Turning to the girl Ranma came face to face with what he would later call the most dangerous attack know to man.

Usagi was still on the ground but now she was kneeling and looking up at him with large watery eyes and a trembling bottom lip with her hands clasped in front of her. This image of sweet innocence and sincerity cut right through him as he found himself moving to comfort the distraught girl before he even realized he'd moved.

Panicking at the Look, Ranma used the Saotome final attack.


Startled Usagi froze at the sight of the rapidly bowing boy. Finally Usagi shook off her shock, touching the Ranma's shoulder. Ranma stopped still crouched in front of her.

"Ranma, are you ok?" stated the still concerned Usagi remembering what had originally brought her from her hiding spot.

Ranma slowly pulled himself from the bow to look at Usagi, frowning to himself as he remembered what had original caused his sad mood.

"Yeah" came the suddenly tense reply

With the sudden switch in moods Usagi became even more concerned.

"Are you sure?" stated Usagi as she looked him over trying to figure out what had caused his mood from before. His frown deepening Ranma turned away from the vivid blue eyes that seemed to show concern for him. 'It's just a trick so she can laugh at him again'

"Why didn't you chase after me?"

"Why do you care? You just going to laugh at me again" snapped Ranma as his ice blue eyes turned to her with a harsh glare for the 6yr old.

Taken back by the look Usagi she looked away. "I wasn't laughing at you." She spoke softly

"Yeah you did, right after you poked me in the head and ran away from me!" was the heated reply from Ranma

Confused now as she turned her eyes back to him as she spoke "But I thought we were going to play Tag, that's how you play."

"Yeah well…" here Ranma's voice lost its edge and softened to a whisper "I've never played, and I thought you were just playing at being my friend… I've never had a friend before."

With this Ranma turned his face to the ground and closed his eyes to avoid the mocking look he didn't see the expression of sadness on Usagi's face morph to a determined look with that admission.

"… I've never had a friend before."

Usagi's thoughts at that admission shifted instantly from sadness over Ranma thinking she was a meanie, to a fierce determination to not let her new friend ever be alone again. 'Maybe it's not the princess that needs to be rescued?' thought Usagi as she looked at her new friend Ranma with his shoulders sagged and head bowed in defeat over what he had just said. 'Yes! I'll be Ranma's Princess… um… Warrior! YEAH! His Princess Warrior protecting my prince from danger as he protects me!' nodding to herself at her decision Usagi moved closer to Ranma and put her hand on his shoulder.

"Ranma?" as the boy looked up at Usagi she met his eyes which were wet with unshed tears and her resolve doubled and she quickly pulled the boy into a tight hug. Usagi felt Ranma stiffen at the contact so she whispered to the boy "I will always be your friend, your best friend if you would like?" A second later she felt Ranma give a nod against her shoulder and relax into the hug as his arms wrapped around her.

Holding him tight till she felt he had recovered Usagi let go of the hug but kept hold of his hand so she could continue to give her new friend comfort.

"Thank you Usagi-chan?" The tentative whisper from Ranma as he looked at her with a questioning look in his eyes and a small smile on his lips made Usagi smile wide and nod her head at the Usagi-chan.

"You're Welcome Ranma-kun!" was Usagi's immediate response.

Blushing Ranma smiled wider and asked a question "Usagi, um could you tell me how you play Tag?"

Giggling at the blush Usagi nodded her head and chirp "Sure!" happy that her new friend was feeling better and wanted to still play. She started to explain to Ranma the concept and strategies of her favorite game.

Setsuna smiled as she watched from the tree line as her princess met the new holder for the Golden Crystal. She had caught a glimpse of Usagi being in the park today and had talked Nodoka into bringing Ranma to the park so that they could possible meet each other. 'It seems that my plan turned out better that I could of hoped' She had nearly had a breakdown as the start of the interaction had lead to Ranma crying while Usagi had run off but before she could decided to interfere Usagi had come running back concern showing on her face. 'Whatever she had said to him helped' thought Setsuna as she continued to watch the now animated conversation between the two children with both smiling and laughing.

'I think I'll head back.' Thought Setsuna as she turned from the clearing heading back to the bench she and Nodoka were sitting at before she had decided to see if Ranma was ok.

Giggling to herself as she thought of Nodoka's reaction to her son's first friend being a girl, Setsuna left the pair of now laughing children.

"… so then the person whose It has to touch or Tag someone which makes that person It." Finished Usagi "Does it make sense now, Ranma?" seeing Ranma stare off and shudder Usagi became concerned "Ranma, are you ok?"

"Huh, oh yeah I'm ok Usagi-chan. Sorry I just had a bad feeling there for a sec, but it's gone now." Was the reply she got as Ranma focused back on her. "Don't worry about it."

"Ok if you're sure Ranma-kun."

"Yeah I'm fine Usagi-chan." Returned Ranma as he smiled brightly at her, which caused a Usagi to blush and look down


Looking up startled, Usagi watched as Ranma sped away from her after poking her in the forehead.

"YOU'RE IT!" was Ranma laughing response at the questioning look Usagi sent him as he stopped near the edge of the clearing.

Usagi's expression turned to a glare at her new friend.


Usagi shouted as she jumped to her feet to give chase, her smile and laughter joining Ranma's showing that she was anything but mad at her new friend.

Nodoka was reading a book when Setsuna made her way back to the bench they had been sitting at while Ranma played. As Setsuna sat down next to her Nodoka put her book away and turned towards her.

"How is Ranma doing with the other children?"

"Good now, He seemed to have a little trouble in the beginning and was about to leave to probably practice when a girl about his age made her way over to him." Setsuna answered as she relaxed against the back of the bench.

"He as a little girlfriend already, my son's so manly!" Nodoka cheered as she jumped to her feet and danced with fans appearing in her hands.

Setsuna sweat dropped at the act and shook her head in disbelief at the grown woman next to her acting like a nutcase.

Coughing to get the other woman's attention, Setsuna motioned for Nodoka to sit back down as she had more to talk about.

"Hehe… excuse me." Nodoka's embarrassed comment as she settled back onto the bench.

Chuckling herself, Setsuna waved her hand dismissing the scene. As Nodoka became comfortable again Setsuna continued the conversation.

"Yes it does look to be the case with all the blushing going on between the two. As I left they were talking about how to play Tag."

Nodoka squealed "That's so cute!"

Nodding her head in agreement Setsuna changed the topic so to distract Nodoka before she leap back into her dance. "Did you think about what we talked abou.t before?"

Sighing Nodoka looked down to her lap before looking back to Setsuna with a defeated expression. "Yes I did and you're right." Turning back to the children playing out in the playground she continued. "I will send a letter to him tomorrow along with copies of the divorce papers showing him my marriage is over."

Nodding her head at the other Setsuna replied "Good, I know Katsuhito-san will be pleased that his only surviving daughter is well and that he has another grandson to teach."

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