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Chapter 20 - Goodbye Is Never Easy

Sakura steps back "I can't stay here..." she starts. He looks at her confused,

"What do you mean? Where are you going?"

"I can't say, but my time here is done, this isn't me anymore, I'm on a higher level now, I wish I could stay with you but I can't. I achieved what I set out to, I got my guy back on track, that's all I wanted, at least your heart is out of the darkness now, I know you will do good, you shall protect those in need" she smiles touching his cheek.

"Sakura I don't understand, just stay here, don't go" he tries.

"Please don't make this harder, I'm sorry" she steps back more. "I will miss you and will always love you" she looks at him and moves closer and kisses him passionately and he kisses her back, tears fall as she can't hold them back anymore, she moves back and sighs "I have to go, please take care of everyone and remember what I said" she puts on a smile trying to stay strong. He tries to say something but she turns back around and interrupts him, "Oh and you're welcome" with that being said she disappears out of his sight. He just stands there sadly,

"thank you" he sighs looking at where she once stood.

Sakura meets Talia, the tears still falling. "Goodbye is never easy, but you don't belong in this world anymore, you are needed elsewhere" she explains. Sakura sadly nods slowly and holds Talia's hand as they return to the spirit world. Sasuke lies in his bed staring up at the ceiling thinking how all this happened, he was glad that she knew he loved her and at least they had a happy time together.

He turned over and sighed "I miss her so much" he got up quickly thinking of something and grabbed some clothes on and rushed out the door running to the little graveyard which was just outside the memorial place.
He pushed opened the iron gates and headed inside his eyes scanning the area until he found a grave which had a cherry blossom tree on it, he sank to his knees in front of it and touched the earth, he noted that the ground was undisturbed and he smiled nodding and looked up at the stars. "She never did come back, she just wanted to help me sort my life back on track and she did, i owe you, thank you" he stood up and touched the gravestone gently and placed a fresh cosmos flower on it. He walked away, memories of him and Sakura stayed with him and he was glad that they had both been given a second chance. As he walked back to his house he realized he couldn't bring her back but he would live in a way that would honour her.

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