Danny got up to answer the door.

"Hey Flack."

"Are you ready to go?" He inquired.

"Ready to go where?"

"Hey Lindsay." Flack greeted her. "I guess you didn't tell him."

"Not yet."

"What am I missing here?" Danny asked.

"The other half of your father's day gift." Lindsay handed him an envelope.

Danny opened the envelope.

"Giant's tickets. Right behind home plate?"

"I might happen to know the owner." Lindsay shrugged.

"You're amazing." Danny kissed her. "I love you."

"I love you too. Now go and enjoy the game. Just be home in time to put Olivia to bed."

Danny made it home just as Lindsay was finishing giving Olivia her bath.

"Hey look Daddy's home to put you to bed."

"Hey." Danny gave them both a kiss.

"How was the game?"

"Good we won by two runs."

"Good." Lindsay passed Olivia over. "Goodnight sweet."

Danny joined Lindsay in bed once Olivia had settled. She was on an early shift whilst he was on a late.

"So did you have a nice Father's Day?" Lindsay asked as rested her head on this chest.

"It wasn't bad."

"Want to do it again?" Lindsay inquired.

"I think Father's Day is an annual event." Danny pointed out.

"I meant more kids."

"Maybe when Liv is slightly older."

"I was thinking more like eight months." Lindsay suggested.

It took half a second for it to sink in.

"You're pregnant?"


"How long have you known?"

"For definite since yesterday. I had the doctor run a blood test when I took Liv for her shots on Friday. They called with the results yesterday morning."

"We're going to have another kid?"

"Excellent deduction Detective." Lindsay kissed him.

"You're amazing."

"So I've been told. There's something else I should probably mention."


"I've been having the same dream for a week."

"What kind of dream?"

"That we had twins." She informed him before pointing out. "They do run in my family."

Danny paled.

"It's okay cowboy we can handle anything." She kissed him again.