Chapter one:

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Roxas sighed as he stopped in front of the door to his new art class.

'This sucks' he thought, 'No classes with my brothers.'

When they transferred over, Roxas, Sora, and Cloud had requested at least one class and lunch together. All they got was lunch. Sighing again, Roxas pulled open the art room door and stepped over the threshold and into the noise and bustling about. Spotting the teacher, Roxas walked around the edge of the room, attracting the class's attention as he moved.

"You must be Roxas," The teacher said as Roxas reached him, "Where's your uniform?"

"We had to order them. They haven't come in yet."

The teacher raised an eyebrow, but nodded nonetheless, "Axel Nox!" he called out, motioning toward the most gorgeous man Roxas had ever seen.

Flaming red locks covered a pale face with mischievous, cat-like green eyes and delicious looking, full lips, "Yo, Teach. Ya called?"

"Yes, I did. This is Roxas Sugisaki. Find a spot at your table for him and tell him what the class is doing."

Those green eyes turned on Roxas and the blonde had the sudden urge to blush as Axel grinned and slung arm around Roxas's shoulders, guiding him away from the teacher, "C'mon, gorgeous. You get to sit with me."

"I have a name," Roxas murmured, glaring up at the red head, "Use it."

Axel chucked as he steered Roxas toward his chair, "But 'Gorgeous' seems to suit you so much better, what with all that leather." His gaze raked down the blonde's body, totally unashamed.

Roxas snorted and popped a set of headphones into his ears, "Well then, 'Gorgeous' says you should pop your pretty eyes back in your head and let me go to sleep."

"Awww… You think I have pretty eyes?"

When Roxas just rolled his sky-blue eyes and laid his head on the desk, Axel took the time to really look at the little treat that had fallen into his lap: Tight leather pants with belts, chains, and spikes everywhere, the small black shirt with mesh sleeves and the willowy figure beneath it all.

Making sure the blonde was asleep, Axel leaned down and brushed his lips lightly across Roxas's cheek and whispered, "This time, I'm not letting you go."

Sora grinned when he walked into his new history class and saw his uncle, Cid, yelling at his students who apparently hadn't been listening earlier.

"Ne, Ojii-san. I don't think you're supposed to yell at your students," Sora said brightly, brushing cinnamon locks out of blue eyes.

Cid stopped his ranting and turned to look at his nephew. A lopsided grin lit up his face, "Nice of ya to finally join us, brat."

Sora pouted, "I'm not a brat."

"Whatever. Git yer ass over here."

Sora smiled and sauntered over to his uncle, who slung one arm around Sora's mesh-covered shoulders, "Ok, y'all. This here's my nephew, Sora Sugisaki," he turned to Sora, "Ya can sit next to Riku."

He pointed to a sliver-haired, aquamarine-eyed boy, and Sora felt his breath catch. 'Gorgeous' was the only thing that ran through his mind.

Cid noticed the small smirk that formed on Riku's face and the mischievous smile that appeared on Sora's as he slunk to his seat next to the gorgeous teen, whose eyes were automatically drawn to his.

"I'm Sora," the brunette said, a little purr in his cheery voice.

Riku's smirk grew, "Riku. It's a pleasure to meet you, Sora." The absolute sin in his voice when he said Sora's name had him wanting to melt in his boots.

Sora grinned and winked, before he took out a notebook and a pen and began to take notes on his uncle's lecture. About five minutes later, a little piece of paper landed on his desk. Curious, Sora unfolded it:

'Want to have lunch together?'

Sora blinked and looked over at Riku, who only smiled. He smiled back and turned and scribbled down something on the paper and tossed it at Riku, who caught it and opened it.

'Do you always ask the new kid that?'

Riku replied and tossed it back to Sora.

'Nope. Only you.'

'Should I feel special then?'


Just then, the bell rang and Sora looked up, startled. He heard a chuckle and looked over at Riku, who was standing up, looking down at him.

"Where's your next class?"

Sora pulled out his schedule and handed it to Riku, who looked at it, then laughed.

"What?" Sora asked, standing up and taking his schedule back.

"We have every class together."

Sora's eyes widened and he laughed as well, waving to his uncle as he left the classroom.

"So…" Riku said, casting a sly glance Sora's way, "What do you say to that lunch?"

Sora's grin turned feral, "So long as you don't mind a little company."

Riku nodded and fell in step beside Sora.

'Anything for you, darling.'

Cloud slipped into his second hour class before everyone else and walked over to the teacher.

"Vincent," the blonde said, walking up to his uncle's boyfriend.

Ruby eyes turned in his direction, and Cloud saw a soft smile before the dark-haired man stood and took his schedule, "You have to call me Mr. Valentine at school, Cloud."

Cloud smirked and nodded, "So where do I sit, Valentine-sensei?"

"You can sit next to Squall," Vincent said.

A blond eyebrow arched, "Squall?"

"My name's Leon," a husky voice said.

Cloud turned around and looked at the brunette in the back of the empty room. Choppy, shoulder-length, chestnut locks framed a tan face with stormy blue eyes and full lips, but what fascinated Cloud the most was the scar between Leon's brows and the silent power that radiated from him.

"My apologies, Leon," Cloud said as he walked to his seat and slid into it, popping headphones into his ears at the same time; he laid his head down on the desk and peered over at Leon.

Leon noticed he was being watched and looked over at Cloud, raising an eyebrow in question.

The blonde smirked, "Nice scar," he said before he turned his head the other way and proceeded to go to sleep, turning up the music before he did so.

Leon watched him for a minute before he leaned over and brushed a stray lock into place.

"He's still the same," Vincent said from his desk at the front of the class.

The brunette looked up and the teacher and let his eyes soften momentarily, "I would hope so. Though this time around, things will be different."

Red eyes widened slightly, "How so?"

Leon's face turned grim, "This time around I won't let him go. I refuse to lose him again."

Vincent chuckled, "Then let the fun begin."

Leon smirked as people began to file into the classroom, and he leaned back over toward Cloud and gently shook him awake.

Bright blue eyes glared at him from behind spiky, blond locks, "What?" he pulled out an earpiece and sat up, leather rustling.

"Class is going to start in a bout a minute."

"Ah," was all Cloud said and he pulled out a notebook and a pen.

Leon looked up at Vincent, who only smiled softly and went on taking attendance. Leon then leaned over and got Cloud's attention, "You said you liked my scar?"

Blue eyes twinkled in amusement, "Did I say that?"

A slender brow arched, "I wasn't hearing things."

Cloud shrugged and smirked, "It just seems to suit you. I don't know what it is that has me thinking that, but it suits you."

Leon looked around to make sure no one was looking, then leaned over so he was right by Cloud's ear. The blonde went to jerk away, but a gentle touch by Leon had him stopping.

"Maybe," Leon whispered in a sultry voice, "Someday soon I'll tell you how and why I got it."

Cloud shivered and looked at Leon who was watching him with a smoking, half-lidded gaze, waiting for a reaction.

Cloud smirked once more and leaned down until they were at eye level and barely an inch away from each other. "I can hardly wait," he whispered back, strange blue eyes glittering.

Leon was about to reply, but just then Vincent decided to intervene, "I hate to ruin the moment, you two, but if you could, please pay attention."

Cloud's grin was wolf-ish as he sat back up and looked at his uncle's lover, "Sorry, Valentine-sensei. He's just so delicious looking, I couldn't help myself."

Vincent chuckled at the look on Leon's face, "Then please wait until after class to molest your new friend, Sugisaki."

"Will do," Cloud said, giving Leon a wink before opening up his notebook and scribbling something down and giving the paper to Leon.

The brunette looked down at the slip of paper before he chuckled and nodded his head in agreement.

'This is going to be an interesting year.'