"Happy 22nd Birthday Sango!" Kagome yelled!

"Thanks! I just woke up so I'm not in a 'hurray' mood." Sango said.

"Well sorry for breaking into your house like that. I promise I won't do it again!" Kagome stated.

"Yeah right Kagome. You've been breaking into my house since we graduated high school, so no need for apologize anymore." Sango said.

"I guess your right. Well do you want to get something to eat for breakfast? My treat!"

"Sure let me go take a shower." Sango supposed.

"Ok I'll just hang out on your computer, k?"

"Alright." Sango confirmed while pulling out some clothes out of her dresser before walking into her bathroom.

Kagome looked at the screen and Sango was signed into her screen name and found that her fiancé, Koga, was online. She smiled a little bit to herself and messaged him:

SngheartsCooKis: hey

Wolfclaws69: Sango I have something urgent to tell you! But you cannot tell anyone. Not even Kagome !!11 :(

Kagome thought to herself for a little while. Kagome, Sango and Koga had been good since high school. Although, Kagome and Koga became a couple the first year of college and were always close and told each other everything. They were engaged three moths ago. 'What is so vital that he couldn't tell me?' Kagome thought. She checked her cell to see what day it was. It wasn't their anniversary. So what could it be?

'Should I tell him it's me or should I pretend to be Sango?' Kagome was always a bit selfish and she could sometime think of herself over others. So she decided to pretend to be Sango. She had to know.

SngheartsCooKis: Spill

Wolfclaws69: … I. Idk if I can say

Kagome was getting a little impatient.

SngheartsCooKis: What is it?

Wolfclaws69: I cheated on Kagome….

Kagome was in shock the second she read it. Her mouth was open all the way to the ground. She was too shocked to believe it.

SngheartsCooKis: … really:O

Wolfclaws69: Yes…

Kagome stared at her engagement ring for a few seconds. She was furious. She took her ring of and placed it in front of her.

SngheartsCooKis: … You manwhore! This is Kagome on Sango's computer. I can't believe you!!! I hate you!!!!

Koga thought, 'Oh shit!! I wasn't going to tell yet. I wanted to wait for the right moment, not on the computer. I hate you technology.'

SngheartsCooKis: Gee Koga, I bet you were having a great time forgetting that you had a fiancé you sick son of bitch! You are scum of the earth!!! Imp gunner throws this meaningless piece of shit of a ring down the fucking toilet!!!

Wolfclaws69: Kagome I can explain!

SngheartsCooKis: you have 5 seconds to explain.

SngheartsCooKis: 5

SngheartsCooKis: 4

Wolfclaws69: I was at a party and I was pissing ass drunk, babe.

SngheartsCooKis: Don't call me babe you bastard! I could careless if you were drunk. That still doesn't give me a reasonable explanation why I shouldn't end this relationship!!

SngheartsCooKis: I hate you Koga! I never want to see you again!! I HATE YOU!!!!!

SngheartsCooKis is away.

'Dimmit.' Koga thought.

Kagome was still sitting on the chair crying her eyes out. Sango came out of her bathroom and spotted her best friend crying.

"Kagome what's wrong?!" Sango came rushing toward Kagome.

"Sango I just chatted with Koga and… just read the conversation." Kagome said. It was hard for her to talk. So she scrolled the conversation to the beginning and Sango read it. Kagome was still crying. Sango was in shock when she read it.

"Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry." Sango hugged Kagome as Kagome's hands were still on her face.

"I'm sorry this had to happen on your birthday. I still want to take you out." Kagome insisted. Kagome finally took her hands off her face. Her mascara was running down her cheeks.

"Oh Kagome we could still hang out here for a little while. They don't stop serving breakfast for another two hours. So let's chill here for a little while so you can calm down a bit." Sango suggested.

Kagome nodded in agreement. Sango didn't want to ask any questions so she thought it would be better if she was there for her instead. Sango turned on the TV and they watched some music videos together. Kagome started to settle down.

"Ok Sango I'm ready to go out." Kagome assumed.

"Well that's good to hear. But we really got to fix you up."

Sango dragged Kagome to her bathroom to wash her face. Then Sango applied foundation, powder, blush, mascara, and some brown lip gloss. She brushed Kagome's hair and then made sure that she looked ok.

"You look fab!" Sango shouted. She was proud of her work. Kagome raised an eyebrow looking down to double check at what she was wearing. She was wearing an orange polo shirt and khaki pants. 'Fab?' Kagome thought.

"You know what I mean Kagome."

"Yeah sure… let's go. I'll drive there." Kagome proposed.

"Ok!" Sango said.

They got inside Kagome's Ford Focus and left Sango's drive way. Kagome was always jealous that Sango had her own house and she lives by herself. It was one story, but still. 'Well thanks to daddy…' Kagome thought. Sango was always known as the rich girl at their elementary school.

"Do you want to go to the usual place?"

"Yeah sure, The Selfish Goose is fine." Sango confirmed.

"Alright princess let me find a parking space." Kagome said. She found a space not to far from the restaurant. They got out of the car and Kagome locked it. They walked into the restaurant and a hostess attended them. "How many, two?"

"Yes ma'am." Sango said. She was about forty-something years old so they had to treat her with respect. "Ok, follow me." They pursued the hostess and sat in table with four chairs and were next to a window. "Your waiter will be right with you."

"Thank you." They both said as they were given their menus. The hostess left the table and Kagome and Sango stared at their menus.

"Oh we came too late for the breakfast." Kagome took a glance at her watch.

"I don't know what to order. Maybe I'll have the Spaghetti with pesto sauce." Sango said.

"Hm… I'm so picky." Kagome said. The waiter came to their table.

"Hello ladies, I will be your this afternoon. What would you like to drink?" He said with a smirk. He couldn't keep his eyes off Kagome. Kagome was still staring at her menu. Sango noticed that he was starring at her and she approved of him, if you know what I mean. "Yes, I'll have water and…" Sango looked over at Kagome who couldn't keep her yes off the menu. Sango kicked her under the table and Kagome gave a slight "Ouch". The waiter giggled a bit and Kagome looked up at him. She was in awe. "I'll have a Sprite."

"Ok one water and one Sprite. I'll be right back for your order." The waiter left them and went into the kitchen. Kagome turned her head slightly toward a smiling Sango.

"Hey Kagome, he was hot right?" Sango asked.

"He seems very, very familiar. But I can't put my finger on it." Kagome said.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Sango said peculiarly. "All I know is that he's hot, and you should talk to him."

"Sango shut the hell up! I'm not ready for that." Kagome stated as she stuck her nose on the menu once again. The handsome waiter came back with their drinks and placed straws next to the refreshments.

"So are you ladies ready?" He inquired.

"Yeah, I'll have the Spaghetti with pesto sauce." Sango said as the waiter wrote it down on his notepad. "Ok and what will you have?" He turned toward with a smirk on his face.

"I'm sorry you could come back to me. I still haven't decided." Kagome responded.

"Here let me show you what's good." The waiter came next to Kagome and placed his head over Kagome's neck and was pointing at the menu.

"My favorite is the Chicken Piccata, which is chicken breast with lemon, capers in a white wine sauce," Kagome could feel his breath on her ear. He smelled nice too.

"Also I recommend the Chicken Parmesan." He finished.

"I'll have the first one you said." Kagome said dazedly. The waiter got up and smirked once again and wrote down the order. "Ok I shall bring your food in a bit." He confirmed and took their menus from their hands and walked inside the kitchen.

"Wow Kagome, he's really into you." Sango said.

"Oh be quiet Sango. Can we please talk about something besides guys please?" Kagome requested.

"Fine." They continued normally with talking about random stuff. They eat their food regularly until Sango started bothering Kagome again.

"So how's your 'Chicken Piccata' that the hottie suggested?" Sango giggled.

"Shut up."

"It's good isn't it? You like it!" Sango expanded her words. Kagome grinned a little bit. She didn't want to admit it but she loved her food. "Ok Sango, the guy's hot! I'll admit that but he just seems so familiar."

"Oh well who cares," Sango paused looking over Kagome's shoulder. "Hey here he comes." The waiter came with the check book and two mints. He placed them down on the table and smiled at them. He left and Kagome took the checkbook. She slipped her debit card into the book and handed it over to the waiter. 'Damn he's hot!' He took the checkbook and they stared at each other for two seconds, which to them seemed like forever, and he left. Kagome faced down at her lap embarrassed. She knew Sango noticed. She notices EVERYTHING! It bugs Kagome a bit but she still loved her.

"Oh Kagome, you're so innocent." She dug into Kagome's wallet and took out $15.

"What're you doing with my money?" Kagome questioned. "It's tip money." Sango replied.

"Whoa, that's a lot for tip money. That total was only $32, we only have to pay him $7"

"So? You got a kick out of this!" The waiter returned and dropped the check book down in the middle of the table Sango took out her card and shoved the money into the book and immediately called the waiter.

"Sango!" Kagome was getting frustrated.

"Here you go sir." Sango handed over the checkbook to the waiter and he smiled. "Thanks." He turned over to Kagome. "Hey listen, do you remember me?"

"No," Kagome answered.

"Well I definitely remember you Kagome Higurashi. My name is Inuyasha Takahashi. I was in practically in all your classes in senior year." The waiter, Inuyasha, said.

"Oh my god!! I do remember you! We haven't talked in ages." Kagome said. "Yeah, I moved after high school. I went to the United States to go to college. Since I graduated, I came back." He responded. "You know I would like to talk to you again. Can I have your cell number? And maybe we could hang out some time." He implied.

"Sure," Kagome wrote it down on his arm. She was too happy that she totally forgot about Sango. "Oh Inuyasha you probably don't know my best friend. She went to a different school then us. Sango, Inuyasha, Inuyasha, Sango." Kagome introduced.


"Hey how are you? Kagome I think we should leave." Sango suggested.

"Ok well, nice seeing you again Inuyasha."

"Right back at 'cha." He winked at her as they said bye. Kagome blushed a little bit. They walked into the car and they decided to go the movies.

"What time are you going to dinner with Miroku?" Kagome asked.

"I think 9:30 so we still have plenty of time." Sango replied as she wrote down a text message. You could hear the chorus of Dark Blue by Jack's Mannequin. Kagome grabbed her phone and saw that it was Koga. She ignored the call. She started to tear up again.

"Sweetie, forget him. He deserves to be cut limp and fed to sharks. You can't forgive someone who cheats on you." Sango said.

"But, I love him." Kagome replied.

"No you don't." Sango responded. Kagome was in shock. "How the hell, would you know if I was in love with him or not?"

"If you were you would've never given Inuyasha your number nor ignore Koga's call." Sango said. Oh Sango the wise one. No wonder she rarely gets into fights with Miroku. She always looks in both points of views.

They got to Movie Theater in silence. They picked out a movie to watch and bought pretzels. They didn't talk to each other once during the movie. They usually did, such as making fun of a scene or comment on something. But they didn't this time. They went back to Sango's house and they talked normally during the car ride. Kagome was going to sleep over while Sango got ready to out with her boyfriend. Kagome got dressed for bed and said good-bye to Sango since she was supposed to meet with Miroku at the restaurant.

Kagome sat alone at her best friend's house watching TV. She cried a little bit but tried to ignore the feeling to want to cry more.

She heard her ringtone once again. "Stop calling Koga!" She said as she picked up her phone. It was a number she didn't recognize. She picked it up still crying a bit.


"Hello, Kagome?"

Kagome gasped, it was Inuyasha.

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