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"Sure, that sounds good right now." Kagome agreed. "See you guys there." Sango and Miroku waved bye to Kagome as she got into her car. When she left the parking lot she checked her missed calls. She got a voicemail from Inuyasha.

Hey Kagome, um, I'm sorry to bother you again, but I really want to hang out with you. Please call me back as soon as you can. Bye Kag.

"Should I call him back now?"

Kagome pouted a little and decided to call Sango and Miroku to let them know that she didn't feel well and that she wanted to go home.

"'Tsup Kags?" Miroku answered the phone.

"Miroku I can't meet you and Sango for dinner. I'm sorry, I just don't feel well." Kagome said.

"WHAT?! Kagome do you have a fever or something?" Sango asked.

Clearly Miroku had put her on speaker. "No Sango I just want to go to bed. I'll see you tomorrow though, k?"

"NOO!!" Sango yelled.

"It's ok Kagome. Go get some rest. I'll try to entertain Sango here. OW!"

Kagome heard a punch.

"Babe, I'm driving!"

"Drive! Anyways, bye sweetie! See you tomorrow!"

"Bye Kagome." Miroku said.

"Bye," she hung up and sighed. She was about 3 minutes away from her apartment so she couldn't wait to get there. She rummaged through her purse and grabbed a piece of bubble gum. She shoved it in her mouth and started chewing really loudly. It was one of her bad habits.

Once she finally got to her apartment, she went to her kitchen and reached for the cordless phone. She decided to call Inuyasha. She checked the time and it was 10:30. 'It's not that late. I hope he's not sleeping though.' She thought. She looked for his phone number through her phone book on her cell and called him. Kagome felt nervous though.

Ring… ring… ring

"Hello?" a tired voice asked.

"Hey Inuyasha, its Kagome."

"Hey, you caught me at a bad time. I was sleeping. I have a long day at work tomorrow."

"Oh I'm sorry. Do you want me to call you tomorrow so that you can get some rest?"

"No we can talk. I'll have plenty of time to sleep when I'm dead."

"Alright, so… How have you been?"

"What? Oh since school? Well, I've been alright. You?"

"Uh… Yeah same I guess. Lots of stuff happened."

"Yeah, you've changed a lot Kagome. I remember this shy little girl."

Kagome blushed, "Yeah, I don't really want to remember that."

"Aw, but you know you had fun all the time."

"I know. Remember Ms. Kamio in Anatomy? That was one of my favorite classes."

"Ugh, the devil lady, I hope she finally shaved that mustache off and gotten laid already."

"Hah, true. So… um…"


"How're you and Kikyo doing?"

"Oh her… fine I guess. She's been getting on my case a lot lately, but I'm used to it already."

"Oh so you guys are still going out? How long have you been together?"

"Well we took a break for a year but then got back together. So technically we've been together for three years."

"Do you shower her with gifts?"

"Uh… sometimes I guess."

"Gee you're not much of talker. I guess you've changed too."

"Not really, I'm still pretty social. I just don't like to talk about Kikyo that much. So what about you? Any relationships?"

"Uh… I had one."

"Had? Anyone I know?"

"Yeah, but you probably don't remember him."

"Aw common it hasn't been that long. I bet I remember everyone we graduated with."

"(Sigh) Koga. I was in a deep relationship with Koga."

"That son of a bitch? I always thought he was bad news. What happened?"

Kagome started tearing up a bit. "I really don't want talk about it."

"Ok, well, do you want to go out for coffee or something tomorrow?"

"I thought you had to work."

"Well, I can go on my break. Maybe later we could rent a movie and pig out on Raisinets and lightly salted popcorn like we used too after work."

"Sure why not?"

"Cool, meet me at the restaurant at 5."

They continued talking until 2 in the morning talking about the past and such.

Kagome woke up on her messy bed but didn't get up. She was reminiscing the times of her friendship with Inuyasha in high school. They never had a crush on each other. Kagome always thought Inuyasha was too headstrong and stubborn. And Inuyasha always thought of Kagome as to safe and reserved. He always went for the girls who were pretty much whores. Kagome wasn't super popular, but she wasn't a geek or nerd either. Inuyasha was more popular in school then Kagome was. He always looked after her though. They were pretty good friends. They had many good times.


"Ok class, any questions on today's lesson?" Ms. Kamio asked. This was Kagome's least favorite subject, Anatomy. She hated any kind of science. She was starting to doze off but she saw that Inuyasha next to her was raising his hand.

"Yes, Mr. Takahashi?" the teacher questioned.

"Yeah, teach uh, does it hurt when you pluck the little hairs between your eyebrows?" Inuyasha asked. People started to giggle around him as he was feeling satisfied by the crowds reactions. Kagome giggled a little herself but she didn't want to. It would have just given Inuyasha a big head.

"Mr. Takahashi you are doing very well in my class. Don't disrespect me like that in front of the class. Or else I will fail you."

"You can't fail me because of behavior!" Inuyasha protested.

"I can do whatever I want!" the teacher responded.

"Ok fine! Oh and by the way, your wig is crooked." Inuyasha said.

"What!" the teacher turned back and started to touch her hair. The students just laughed and the teacher realized what Inuyasha had done. She looked back at him and just stared at him.

End of Flashback

"Oh Inuyasha, you were always such a character." Kagome said to herself as she put her hair in a ponytail. She got dressed and went to visit Sango. She got in her car and drove off. She continued to recall her great moments in high school. Everyone says that high school is the best years of your life. Kagome agreed to that. It was fun. She wishes she could go back. Life now for her is hard. Jobs, bills, rents, law school preparations, and such.


"Hey Miroku, can you take me home after my dance practice?" Kagome asked her best friend.

"Sure, what time do you end?" Miroku asked back.

"About 4:30." She answered.

"Well my swimming practice ends at about. So come to the gym when you're done and wait for me." He responded.

"OK!" she yelled. Kagome was in her freshmen year and Miroku was in his sophomore. They've always stuck together hip and hip since kindergarten. When they were in seventh grade, Kagome met Sango. It was her first year at Kagome's and Miroku's middle school and Kagome always talked to Sango. They were good friends that year and Kagome introduced Sango to Miroku. They always liked each other, but they never told Kagome. Kagome always knew though. She could just tell. Although by the time Miroku was a freshmen and Sango and Kagome moved on to eighth grade, Sango and Miroku went out. Kagome at all times was thinking, "FINALLY".

After school, Kagome went to the bathroom to change into her dancing clothes for practice. She walked into the little dance studio the school had and put on her Pointe shoes. Kagome had been dancing since she was seven. It was one of her passions, but she never planned it as one of her future goals. After one and a half hours of standing on the tips of her toes, Kagome was finally finished. She thought, 'What a relief. My toes are killing me.' She sat down on the floor and took off her shoes. She got up and said bye to one of her friends. Kagome was too lazy to put her shows back in her bag so she just carried it with her. She put on her flip flops and walked to the gym where she would have to wait half and hour for Miroku to be finished. While she waited, she checked out some of the guys in the swimming team. The bleachers that she sat on were wet due to all the water splashes. Kagome didn't care since she was too tired to look for a dry spot. Kagome rested her head on her palms and started to snooze off. Then she felt someone sit next to her.

"Hey, your Kagome right?" a guy's voice asked. Kagome turned her attention to the guy next to her. He had long silver hair, gold eyes, and dog ears. He looked kind of familiar to her.

"Yeah, and who are you?" she asked.

"I'm Inuyasha. I'm in your Geometry class."

"Oh yeah, I remember you. So you're in the swim team?" She inquired him.

"Yeah, I'm taking a break. What're doing here?" he asked.

"Oh I'm waiting for my best friend." She responded casually.

"Really? Who?"

"Miroku Houshi,"


"Yeah, we've been best friends since I was in kindergarten and he was in first grade."

"Cool. I wish I had a best friend like that. When I was little, all I had was a mean older half-brother and the house keeper to play with. I didn't have many friends back then." Inuyasha said.

"Aw, that's so sad." Kagome replied. Inuyasha chuckled to himself.

"Don't worry about it. I have plenty of friends now." Inuyasha said.

"Well that's good to hear. So when's your birthday?" Kagome asked.

"September 26th, when is yours?"

"January 3rd, hey do you have any food?" Kagome requested.

"No, why?"

"I'm starving!" Kagome shouted.

"Dude, you don't just ask someone you just met for food." Inuyasha stated.

"Does it look like I care? I will do anything for food when I'm hungry."

"Gee a little feisty are we?" Inuyasha said.

End of Flashback

'That was the first time I met Inuyasha.' Kagome thought to herself. She parked in Sango's driveway and went up o the door and tried to open the door. It was locked of course. She looked to her right and saw her bedroom window open and heard a blow dryer going on. Kagome walked to the window and climbed herself inside the room. Once her feet were on the opening, she jumped inside and fell on the floor. Kagome got herself up in a sitting position on the floor.

"Morning princess, why didn't you just knock on my door?" Sango inquired turning off her blow dryer. Kagome sighed.

"Front doors are for squares. I prefer windows." Kagome answered.

"Yeah sure, anyways, what brings you here?" Sango asked.

"I was bored. I wanted to out but I didn't know what to do." Kagome said. She got up and sat on Sango's bed.

"Do you want to go to Starbucks or something?" Sango suggested.

"I want to go to Smoothie King. I want a Light & Fluffy." Kagome answered.

"Alright, let me just put some pants on." Sango said.


"Wow I haven't had one of these in a while." Kagome said while taking a sip of her smoothie.

"So is there anything new with you?" Sango asked while they took a seat in front of the store.

"Well, I'm going to hang out with Inuyasha later. You know, to catch up." Kagome said.

"Cool, Miroku's coming over later. So what do you mean by catching up, Kagome?" Sango asked sensually. Kagome stared at her trying to figure out what she meant. Then when she saw Sango lift one eyebrow, she clicked.

"Sango, please, it's nothing like that. It's just to hang out. Gee can't a girl hang out with a guy without doing anything perverted?" Kagome asked while taking a sip of her smoothie.

"… No not really, especially when we are dealing with a situation of yours. You know, broken up, single, the feeling of revenge against your lover, and-"

"Ok Sango I get it. But no, I am not going to have sex with a guy just because Koga cheated on me." Kagome said.

"Kagome you do not know how unreasonable you sound. Just do it, there's no crime or harm to it." Sango explained. Kagome just stared at her. "No Sango I won't do it. Besides, Inuyasha and I have never seen each other in that way."

"Well you all are grownup now. It was just a suggestion. No need to listen to little old me. If you won't even touch him, then I will find another match for. You paired me with Miroku and look at us now!" Sango yelled. Kagome started to get scenes of Sango beating up Miroku and arguing with him.

"… Yeah Sango, you and him are thee couple to be." Kagome said sarcastically. Sango didn't get the sarcasm though.

"That's right. And I will be the one to find your number one. Just like you matched me with mine! So are you ready to start!" Sango shouted enthusiastically.

"Sango, where the hell are you going to find me a guy right this moment??" Kagome asked.

"… I don't know! But just suck in the moment with me." Sango commanded.

"… Can we leave?"

"Alright, fine." Sango gave up due to Kagome's "dryness". Kagome checked her watch and it was four forty-five. She asked Sango to drop her off at the restaurant. Sango gladly said yes and drove to the restaurant. Sango stopped at the front and Kagome opened the door and waved bye to Sango. Sango smiled at Kagome perversely and Kagome tried her best to ignore it. She got out of the car and walked into the restaurant. She looked around for Inuyasha but she couldn't find him. Kagome looked to the left and right of her and couldn't find him. Then she bumped into someone. She backed up a little and placed her hand on her nose.

"Ow!" she looked up and it was Inuyasha.

"Sorry, didn't mean to hurt ya." Inuyasha said.

"It's ok, don't worry about it. So where are we going?" Kagome asked him.

"I don't know. But let's just get out of here." Inuyasha suggested. When they walked out, they both agreed on going to the park. It wasn't too far, so they walked there fighting against the cars and pedestrians.


"So do you want an ice cream or something? I'm in the mood for one right now." Inuyasha offered.

"Sure," Kagome answered. They were already at the park walking in circles. There was an ice cream stand on the corner of the park where Inuyasha would buy their ice creams.

"I'll have one chocolate and one strawberry cone please." Inuyasha said while pulling his wallet out. A young girl who appeared to be 14 or 15 years old served them.

"Sure, that'll be 2.50 sir." She said with a big smile on her face. The girl put two scoops of ice cream on two cones and handed it to them. Inuyasha passed the money to her and they got there ice cream. "Thanks,"

They continued to walk down the concrete way talking.

"So Kagome, what do you do for fun?" Inuyasha asked. (Remember kiddies, Inuyasha and Kagome were not best friends. He wouldn't know every single thing about her like regular best friends did. They were just plain friends, but it was kind of a different friendship that they had with anyone else.)

"Nothing really, maybe bug Sango and Miroku sometimes. They're already in med school and I'm still applying to law schools. It was hard because she didn't do well on her admissions test. They're always busy, but they make time to hang out with me. I love them dearly." Kagome answered. Inuyasha smirked to himself and Kagome noticed.

"Hey what are you smiling about?" she asked while licking her ice cream.

"Oh nothing, I just thought that you and Miroku wouldn't be friends anymore. That's all." Inuyasha answered. Kagome was slightly appalled.

"What are you talking about?"

"No nothing, since he's got a girl and he's still going out with her, I would've thought that you and he would've stopped hanging out with him. It's not a big deal. It's a good thing you guys are still best friends! I don't really have a best friend as close as what you, Sango and Miroku have." Inuyasha replied.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Kagome felt kind of bad now. Inuyasha grinned by her innocence. "So is Kikyo still a, Kikyo?"

"I guess, I think I'm going to break up with her." Inuyasha said normally while licking his ice cream. Kagome's mouth went open.


"There's no spark between us anymore, you know. When we hang out, all she talks about are her friends or she texts on her Sidekick. I'm looking for more then that. I think I'm ready to settle down, just not with her." Inuyasha responded.

"I guess that's a reasonable answer." Kagome stated. Inuyasha checked his watch and his break would be over in five minutes.

"Oh I have to go!" he shoved the rest of his ice cream down his throat including the cone. Kagome laughed at him. "Ok Inuyasha I'll see you tomorrow."

"Don't you want me to walk you back?" Inuyasha asked.

"No I think I'll stay here for a little bit longer. You go ahead, I'll be fine." Kagome waved bye to him and he did the same. Kagome sat on a swing set bye herself. It was almost completely dark and no one else was in the park. The wind blew threw her face and she stared at the few visible stars. She started thinking to herself about personal issues. She still hasn't gotten over Koga. It still hurt her, the fact that he cheated on her and lied that it an accident.


"No I will not give 'us' a chance. Being drunk isn't an excuse for cheating on me. We had something great and special. I have a feeling that it was intentional. I bet that you weren't drunk, huh?!" Kagome asked. Koga didn't respond. He was dead on his tracks. She had caught him red handed.

"I knew it!" She started to tear up.

End of Flashback

The fact almost completely tore her heart. She didn't know why he did it. Kagome wanted to know really badly, but there is no way she could find out now. Maybe she should look for someone the exact opposite of Koga. Kagome thought that probably would work. She loved the man he was, but she couldn't be with him knowing that he probably didn't love her back. Even if he did, Kagome just couldn't deal with him. She thought that she should let Sango meet some guys and then date them. If she thought that they had some sort of potential, then another date. Then, who knows after that.

Kagome just kept thinking about random things. She hated doing that because she always made herself depressed when she did that.

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The next morning, Kagome was woken up by a phone call from Sango.

"Hey Sango," Kagome said in her raspy morning voice.

"Hey sunshine! Were you still sleeping?" Sango asked.

"Yeah, I was." Kagome still had her eyes closed.

"Well its noon already so, up you go babe!" Sango said energetically. It hurt Kagome's ear.

"Sango can I keep sleeping?" Kagome almost dropped her phone on the ground.

"Heck no, it's time for you to get up. I have a lunch date for you in an hour." Sango said casually.

"What!" that woke up Kagome. She sat up directly ion her bed when she heard that.

"I knew that would wake you up! But seriously go get ready, you have a date with a guy from my program and he's cute. So go get dressed." Sango commanded.

"Sango, what the hell, you just set me up on a date super short notice." Kagome no longer had her raspy voice.

"Doesn't matter, as long as you make a good first impression it won't matter! Oh and by the way, his name is Hojo. He's human though, not a demon."

"Sango, I don't think I'm ready to date anyone yet. It's only been a few since my encounter with Koga. Please don't make me go!" Kagome urged on Sango.

"Sigh… fine this is what we could do. We could make it a casual hang out. Just think of it as you meeting on of my friends from school. Forget the word 'date'. Miroku and I will even be with you guys. Just come over my house in one hour."

"Fine Sango but I don't…"

"Oh got to go! Daddy's on the other line."

"Say hi to him for me."

"Ok bye!"


Kagome tossed her phone next to her and dropped herself on bed. She laid there for five minutes.

"Fucking whore, she didn't even ask me if I wanted to meet a guy." She got up from her pink soft bed and went to her bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror for about a minute. She focused on the bags under her eyes and few small pimples she still had on her cheeks. When she was in middle school, she had acne and was made fun of. She didn't like her middle school years. They were her dark days.

Kagome stripped down to her pajamas and turned on her hot shower. She took out a towel from the closet and walked inside her shower. She once again started to think about Koga. You can't blame her for not getting over him. It's only been a week. He had always treated her like a princess. Why would he do this to her? The main question is why? That was the word that kept flowing through Kagome's mind, 'why'. It'll never stop bothering her until she talks to him. She has to tell herself to behave and act civilized. 'I want to choke and strangle him though! What if I went behind his back and cheated on him? I bet he wouldn't have liked it either!' Kagome thought. "AHHHH!!!" she screamed out loud hoping that it would've felt better. It didn't work very much. "Sigh,"

She got out of the shower and wrapped the towel around her body. She picked out some clothes not having any idea what to wear since she didn't know where they were going. She just wore a pink tank and black pants. She put on some black Diesel shoes and put some make up on.

"Alright Kagome, let's go to Sango's for a wonder time." She told herself.

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