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Chapter 1: The long parole

"It has been many years since I first fought in the galactic civil war, but it seems just like yesterday. It seem like yesterday I shot my captain just because he she stood me down, I don't know why I did it I just did I guess I loved her really but I couldn't tell my self that for the years I've spent in this cell that she was nothing to me and now I feel as though a piece of my heart has just returned to me. I must have been on parole now for at least 3 months, time flies when you're getting beaten up for good behaviour and sucking up to the guard but it has to be done if I want out, it sickens me just to look at my self in the morrow because I know I'm not that type of person.

I can only just remember the glory days when I was a pilot for the human empire till those vile Orion's came along. Humans and many races joined together too many to mention came to fight against these Orion's but our ships where no match one buy one the races fell under the sheer strength of the Orion fleets till only we humans and a coalition of small bandy ships stud against the might of the Orion marauder. The pride of the human fleet the USS Toldeer a dreadnaught to be feared across our sector its power was well known by the Orion's but yet Evan thou the Orion's power was great not Evan there biggest fleet could match up to the power the Toldeer had. But that was a long time ago to long for my children to remember if I had any that is.

You don't here that much in jail but what I have heard is that the Orion have been working on some sort of organism and it escaped, and now not Evan the Orion's them selves cant stop this so called harvester I say it serves them right for playing god in the first place but what can we do when they rule us Evan thou so called galactic council is there to give each race a fare say in our sector I say it just a cover up to hide the Orion for the crimes they have committed against my race of man and many other races like us ."

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