Joe's Story
Part 1/ Invitation
Summary: A twisted future...An adventurous past...Joe Kido is reunited with the Digidestined, wanting an explaination and Mimi's story...Maybe it's time he knew the truth..
AN: My explaination of the Digidestineds future, and their children...

Dr Joseph.Kido whistled as he walked up the ashphalt driveway towards his house. After making three succesful deliveries at the hospital, he was once again enthralled with new life.
He smiled to himself, pushing his wire glasses back up. This was why he had become a doctor. To help people. He set his briefcase down, retreiving his key ring from his pocket and unlocking the door.
Came the tiny shout from the livingroom, as his nine year old son came barreling out the doorway.
"Linden!" Was his laughing reply, as he caught his little boy in a hug and lifted him up.
The boy hugged him for a moment, before wiggling down.
Linden peered up at Joe, his big black eyes wide, his cerulean hair cropped short. The nine year old looked at his father, pushing his glasses back up his nose, a silent echo of his prior generation
"Hey Dad, yo' frien' cawed."
Joe nodded, picking up his breifcase and walking to the kitchen.
"Which friend, Linden?"
The small little boy lifted himself up onto a stool, promptly picking up an apple. "Wew, he said his name wav Tai Kama-someting." Joe listened to his son's lisp. Poor Linden had just lost both his front teeth, and now had trouble saying certain letters. He was patiently waiting for his adult teeth to grow in, despite the early age.
"Tai Kamiya?"
Linden nodded, intent on devoring the red apple as he kicked his tiny feet into the air.
"What did he say Linden?" Joe sat down acrooss from the boy, resting his leather satchel along the counter, and shrugging off his leather jacket.
"Wew, he said 'Hey is yo' dad dere?' and I said 'Dad can't come to da phone wite now. and da man said 'Ok, coud yo' tell Joe' (Cuz dat's yo' name) 'Dat I need to tak to him' and I said 'Yep, but who is 'I' and da man laughed, an said 'I'm Tai Kami-so on, an od' frewn of yo' Daddy. I can caw back dis evewing.' and I said. 'ok, I'm Winden, I'll tell Joe yo' cawed. Bye-bye.' and Tai said 'Bye'. Kay?"
Joe nodded, impressed by his son's memory.
"Alright Linden. So Tai said he would call back tonight?"
The blue haired boy nodded, jumping off his seat and adjusting his blue baseball jersey.
After the discovery of the Digiworld, all the former digidestined had found their place in the world. Now, Digimon were pets instead of companions. This angered Joe, who refused to take advantage of Gomamon like that. Linden was going to get his own digimon though, in relation to his own, when he turned ten.
The youngest Kido didn't know about Joe's escapades in the Digital world, and nobody told him. All in time, he would learn that the legendary hero's who discovered the new world, and saved the old one, were 'very' close to him. His father was one of them.
Joe bit his lip as he watched little Linden run off to watch television.
He sighed, thinking of his mother, before sadly turning down the hall to the bathroom.
"Linden! I'm going to have a shower! Come get me if the phone rings!"
He shrugged off his shirt, and took off his glasses, turning on the water.
What had Tai wanted?

When Joe got out of the warm, clean water, he pulled on a pair of warm cotton pants and his navy, silk robe. Shrugging on his slippers, he padded to the livingroom.
"Hey kiddo, I'm going to-"
Joe stopped dead, his breathing catching in his throat.
Linden turned to his father. "Goin' to what Dad?"
But Joe didn't reply. His dark blue eyes were fastened to the television, pain filling their depths. He clutched his fist over his heart, feeling as though he just had it ripped out all over again.
Linden looked from his father, to were his gaze sat. On the television.
Why did Daddy look so sad and scared? It wasn't a horror movie! It was only a pretty lady!
"Daddy?" He repeated, and Joe drew in a shaky breath, never removing his eyes from the screen.
"W-what are you watching, k-kid!"
and Linden raised a blue brow.
"I dunno, it was on tewevision, so I left it on...Isn't she beautifuw?"
The women on the screen laughed at her Digimon companion, her long silky hair bouncing. Joe swallowed, as the vision winked one golden eye at the camara, her adorable pink apron covered in flour, a cute white spot on her nose. Her soft melodious voice met his ears, and he lurtched at the remote, swithching it off.
"Hey! Dad!" His child whined, glowering at his father. "I wiked her! She seemed so nice!"
Joe nodded, finally looking at Linden
"She is son, she is...You don't...remember her?"
Linden came and sat beside his father, patting his back.
"It's okay Dad. I won't watch the wady anymo' so you don't have da be sad."
Joe smiled ruffling the boys blue hair, pain hidden in his eyes.
How was he supposed to tell his child that that women was...
The phone rang.
"Hello?" Joe said with a sigh, as he rested his forehead in his palms.
Linden watched for a moment, before scurrying across the carpet towards his car set.
"Hello, Joe?" The voice of Tai Kamaiya greeted him, and some of Joe's fears slid away. "Tai!" He grinned, leaning back.
"Hey Joe, long time no see, hear or letter!"
Joe apologized, his voice regretable. "Linden and I moved again. We haven't been able to get a hold on any of you!"
Tai cleared his throat, discomfort in his body movement, half a continent away.
"Listen Joe, it's been a long time..Things have happened you're going to want to know about."
Joe braced himself, dread coiling around his spine like an iron snake. He ran a hand through his short blue hair, edgy.
"Like what Tai?"
The other man cleared this throat. "It's been 6 years, Joe. None of us had had much contact, so were going to have a reunion."
The blue haired Kido frowned. "Reunion? The ambassador of the Digital World want's to come into contact with lowly Doctor Kido?"
Tai chuckled, humor returning.
"What! Lowly! You're the best damn doctor in the both worlds! Not a newspaper goes by without you being in it!" The other man waved it off.
"Bah! You lie, ambassador. I'm only in every 'other' paper"
They both laughed, reminded of older days, before Tai sighed.
"Joe it's going to be in a week. I don't get much spare time, neither do the others, but we've all confirmed. We even chose Saturday because that's the day you get off!"
Joe was touched, then indignant.
"So I'm the last to know!" He grinned, and Tai growled.
"Lay off Joe, and get you're ass down to the digital world. We ar e going to meet in one of the parks. No scratch that. We are going to meet at the beach were we had our first battle. Remember?"
Joe grinned. "I remember. What time?"
"10:00am." and Joe groaned.
"That early?" Then he sighed blissfully. "Just like old times...Only, can Linden come?"
Across the line, Tai sweatdropped. "Of 'course' Linden can come! He can meet all of our kids! And I think Mimi would like to see him..."
Joe grimiced, his happiness fading. "Yea...I think it's time..."
Tai shrugged, knowing Joe couldn't see him.
"I have to go , Agumon need some help with the papers. " Tai moved his mouth from the receiver.
"Agumon! I'll do it! You'll just get ink everywhere!"
And Joe smiled, nostalgia clouding his eyes. "I guess I'll see you there!"
The ambassador grinned again "Yep, Ken, Yolei, their kids, Sora, Matt, their kids, Davis his son, Everybody!We might eve find Gomamaon!" The brunette closed his eyes. "A-and Mimi has something to show you Joe..."
He clenched his fists "But I have to go. See you Saturday!"
He hung up before Joe had a chance to say goodbye.
He looked from his adorable son, who resembled the Joe of long ago.
"Hey Linden..." He said softly, bringing his boy's sunny smile, an mirror of his mothers, towards him.
"...How would you like to meet Tai and some of my other friends? They have kids your age to!"

Saturday came sooner then he would have liked, and he adjusted Lindens sweater nervously.
The blue haired boy fidgeted, glancing around the room for other kids.
"Dad! Stop it! I wook fine!"
Joe chuckled, standing up and casting a nervous glance at himself. He wore a black T-shirt, which unwittingly highlighted his muscular arms and chest. His khaki shorts were comfortable and showed off his long legs and taut midsection. Joe figured he looked fine, but was stressed besides.
"Sorry, Lindy, I just can't wait to see my friends again..."
The nine year old sighed, glancing at his father from behind his large glasses. He shook his blue head.
"It's okay Daddy, I'll ho'd yo' hand." With that, he reached up to his fathers long fingers and grasped the large hand firmly.
Joe smiled, looking at his son.
Together, they stepped through the portal.

The first thing Joe saw was Ken Ichijouji. He gaped as he looked at the young man, still handsome, but taller then he had been six years prior.
Currently, Ken was chasing a purple haired boy around the sand. The boy, about 8 years old, squealed and sped off, leaving a mock growling man in his dust.
"Sam! You can run but you can't hide! Mom has the food!" A tall girl, about 11 grinned at her brother, her startling resembalence to Yolei almost scaring Joe. Erynne had looked like her when she was 5 to, but now, except for the navy hair, she was a mirror image of the former digidestined!
He looked at the scampering boy, then at Ken. Sam looked like his father to, but with lavender hair.
Joe studied the parents in question, spotting them standing a ways off when Ken joined his wife. Yolei looked franticaly for something in a big, pink bag, and stood triumphantly when she found it.
Letting out a victorious crow, she lifed her prize into the air, before handing it to her husband, who was nervously juggling a baby in his arms.
Another child?! He thought wonderingly, a smile on his face. The newborn, probably about 7 months, eagerly snatched the bottle from his mothers hands, and Ken sighed in relief.
Yolei looked up, spotting the doctor, and waved.
Joe scanned the park, waving back.
Davis was with a boy that looked exactly like he had, spiky hair and all, but Davis didn't. The burgundy haired Digidestined now had tamed his unruly hair, letting the purple red locks spike only a bit.
He wore a white muscle shirt and jeans, as he helped his son ride his bike. The son, Davis jr, laughed as he rode the bike, his father standing triumphantly behind him. Being the rich owner of a chinese restaurant chain, Davis was well off, and even his casual clothing spoke it. The former digidestined leader caught Joe in his eye, and shouted a greeting.
Moving on, Joe began to walk towards Tai Kamiya.
The doctor noticed Sora and Matt to the right, hovering over a picnic table. Their children, 5 year old Fiona and 7 year old Jackson, cuddled with their digimon on the floor. Upon noticing Joe and Linden, they waved happily.
Joe smiled, waved, and continued towards Tai.
Tk and Kari stood near the ambassador, their children around the beach. 10 year old Lana stood beside her Salamon, talking to it, and the younger boy, 8 year old Jordan, was currently running around with Sam. His blonde hair and eyes almost exactly like his fathers.
Cody, handsome and dignified, stood with Izzy, deep in discussion. But when they spotted Joe, they grinned, shouting.
Their daughters, Izzy's tiny red haired 9 year old, Kaisha, and Cody's 10 year old Claira, seemed deep in converation as well, but as far as Joe heard, it was about the merits of Barbie.
Finally, he reached Tai, who hugged him with a laugh.
His son Alexander, laughed and hugged Linden.
"Hello! We haven't met before, but let's go play with Jack and Sam and Jordie!" Linden smiled shyly.
"Okay, bye Daddy!" and sped off with the tiny Tai.
Soon, Joe was joined by Matt, Sora and Izzy. Receiving hugs, kisses, and compliments. Joe took it all in stride, grinning at his friends.
"Geez, has it been so long?"
He smiled, and the others laughed. Sora wiped a tear away.
"Oh, It's been to long! As soon as Mimi gets here, it will be like old times!"
Just as she spoke, they heard a familiar shriek, and Sora echoed it, turning,
A tiny brunette, her eyes glittering with tears, was running across the sand. She was tall and curvy, dressed in a pink tank top and white shorts, her little feet pounding over the sand as the other women ran to greet her.
The women laughed, embracing, and the men watched. Joe turned away. It was just to much for him.
Frowning, he looked for Linden, finding him laughing well being chased by Sam.
Mimi was looking at him to, after greeting everyone, her amber eyes wide and sad.
She turned to Joe glancing at the small boy by her feet. She looked between the two, fearful, before gesturing to her child to go find the other children.
The other digidestined moved off, giving them space, and Mimi stood beside Joe who refused to look at her. The young women waited for him to acknowledge her, but when he refused, she grasped his arm and turned him to her.
"Joe, don't do this!"
He remained silent, not looking at her, and she sighed. "Joe...I have to tell you something. And by the end you're going to hate me more then you already do."
Joe frowned, finally looking down at Mimi.
"I don't hate you."
Her golden eyes filled with tears, and she glanced away, in the direction of the other children. Joe followed her gaze, his eyes widening as he saw the newest addition to the group.
A small, boy, about 5 or six years of age, sat with Linden and Jackson, who was pointing out something on the beach. The boy bore a striking resemblance to Mimi.
"Then you will now..." She whispered brokenly, and Joe swallowed.
"W-who is h-he?" He mumbled dryly, and Mimi winced.
"His name is Kiernen, Joe, he's 5 years old."
Joe closed his eyes, ready to ask the dreaded question, but Mimi beat him to it.
"Joe, you need to know...I couldn't tell you! It was to hard!" Joe looked at her, his blue eyes wet.
"Oh Joe! I'm so sorry..."
He turned away. "Just say it Mimi."
She winced. "Kier is...he's your son!" She cried out, and Joe swung around.
This hadn't been what he was expecting.
Mimi cried, covering her face with ther hands. "That night, after we...and then I found out! But you wouldn't talk to me! And I knew I had to stay away from you and Linden so he wouldn't get hurt by our fighting, and then Kier was born and you were the only one I hadn't...and I wanted to tell you!"
She broke off, sobbing, and Joe was stuck dumb.
He had to sit down! This was to much! He had to sit down!
And so he did, next to Mimi on the ground. She sobbed, and he sat, horrified by the turn of events.
Stricken, he mumbled to the weeping women.
"He is my son! He is MY son!"
He covered his face with his hands, angry and hurt and happy, beyond anything he had ever imagined.
"That little boy is MINE!!" Joe lifted his had, grabbing Mimi by the arms and raising her face to his.
"I had another son and you didn't tell me for FIVE YEARS! I had a son and THIS is how you break it to me! If it weren't for this reunion...Dear God! Would you EVER have told me?!"
Joe's eyes filled with tears, and they trekked down his face.
"Imissed everything because of you! You at least got to be with Linden before we...I...How could you be so selfish!"
Joe pushed himself to his feet, and tore away though the woods untill he found a secluded clearing.
He needed to think...To sort thrugh this...He buried his face in his arms.

Back at the beach, the other men and women left Mimi to cry. None of them were with, or against her. Joe and Mimi neeeded to figure this out for themselves.
This wasn't the way Linden saw it.
He cautiously walked up to the crying lady, sitting himself beside her, and patting her back like he did his Daddy.
"Do' be sad, I do'n wike to see pepo' cwy!"
The lady raised her head to the small boy beside her.
He was adorable, as he smiled gently, missing two front teeth. He was the very image of his father, and he was her son as well...God he was wonderful, and she had been a awful mother.
"O-okay Linden..." She whimpered, and the boy continued to look at her face.
"Yo' dat pwetty gir' frowm TV, wight?"
Mimi nodded. "Yea, right."
"Wew, how did yu get hewe?"
Mmi grinned, her tears fading as she looked at the boy she hadn't seen for so long.
"I flew on a plane, Linden." The boy cocked his blue head. "How do yo' know my name?"
Mimi wrapped an arm around the boy, and he smiled.
"I wike yo', yo' feew safe, and wemind me of Daddy when he weads me stowies!"
Mimi laughed gently. "Thank you. I know your name, because I gave it to you."
Lindens eyes widened. "Weally! Yo' gave it to me!"
Mimi smiled. "I've wanted to talk to you for a long time, Linden, why don't you tell me about yourself! Everything you can think off!"
She wiped tears away from her golden eyes, and Linden was glad he had made her happy. Now she looked like the lady on Tv again, the one Daddy had been sad about. Why would Daddy be sad! She was very nice!
"Wew, I jus' got into gwade 3, and I wike to wead, and I can dwaw weally good! My favowitw colow is..."

Back int the clearing, Joe rested his face in his knees, closed eyes and silent. Tears dried on his face, and he tried to blank his mind. Another child...
Something cleared it's throat, and Joe's eyes jerked up. Directly in front of him, stood a young boy, five years old, with longish, pale brown hair, and bright sunshine eyes. He wore a red t-shirt and shorts his little feet in black sandels, a somber expression on his face.
Kiernen studied the man before him, his smart mind working over time.
Mommy had said to find the man with blue hair and glasses, before they came through the glowy door, so here he was.
He watched as the man sadly stared back. Kier looked at the man's tears, poor Mr. Man. Mommy must have made him cry! She did that sometimes.
" Are you crying because of Mommy?" He quieried, sitting on the ground beside him.
Boy this guy was tall!
The man sighed, smiling at the child. "Yes, I guess I am..."
Kier shook his head sadly. "She wouldn't give you a piece of gum either?"
Joe chuckled, watching his new found son, trying to garner anything he could to get to know him.
"No, it wasn't about gum, Kiernen."
The boy smiled at the tall man. "I like you, you can call me Kier."
Joe grinned. "You can call me Joe then."
"Okay Joe, if it wasn't gum, then what was it?"
The doctor looked away, back in the direction of their picnic, "Actually Kier, it was sbout you..."
Kiers bright eyes widened. "Me! Oh, geez, I'm sorry!" Joe laughed, his love of this boy immidiate.
"No, don't be sorry."
The brunette looked at the man, who looked back. "Why did I make you cry?"
Joe looked away. "Well, you probably should wait until you're older, kiddo."
Kier stood indignantly. "I 'am' older!" He pointed a chubby fist to his chest. "I 'm five! And I'm very smart! Mommy said I have Daddies mind!"
Joe frowned," Did Mimi say who Daddy was?"
The boy scuffed his sandel in the dirt, blushing. "Nah, Mommy didn't, she just said he had blue hair and was very han'some."
Joe sweatdropped, nodded and Kier continued, casting a shrewd gaze at Joe. 'Mommy also said he was a doctor'
"Okay, Joe what do you do for living?"
Joe smiled, his sapphire eyes happy to get to know his son.
"I'm a doctor, Kier."
Kier suddenly threw his arms around the man.
" I knew it! It is you!"
Joe gasped, hugging the boy despite himself. To be accepted by him was wonderful...Made the shock easier to bear...
"What do you mean, kiddo?"
The five year old, with the almost perfect speech, removed himself and stood, arms akimbo, in front of the man.
"Well, Mommy said Daddy is a famous doctor, and had blue hair. She said he was handsome and smart and perfect, and that he wore glasses. Mommy said he had a son, so I had a brother, and his name was Linden!"
He looked at his reunited father. "Well, 'you' have a son, who siad his name was Lindy, and 'you' have blue hair and glasses. 'you' are a doctor, and I have a brother now!"
He grinned. "See! I am older! And you're my Dad!"
Joe stared, surprised at the quickness of the boy. This kid was only five for God's sake!
"You're right Kier...You're right..."
The boy stuck out his hand, still smiling.
"Hello Daddy, I'm you're new son. Nice to meet you."
Joee grinned, awestruck and proud.
"Hello Kier, I'm you're Dad, nice to meet you to..."

Mimi was building a sand castle with Linden, when Joe returned....Kiernen getting a piggy back ride...
Mimi had known her son had gone after Joe. Tai had followed to make sure he was okay, but had left when the little boy found his father.
She had pushed away her worry, knowing the type of man Joe was, and had began building with her other son.
Currently, the boy was packing sand into a pail, explaining that they needed sea shells, so she should look for them.
Mimi nodded, standing a little ways away, and nervously questioned the boy.
"So, has Joe mentioned anything about you're mother, Lindy?"
The child shrugged, pursing his lips as if in deep thought.
"Wew, Daddy said she is da most beautifew pwincess in da enti'e wo'ld and dat he woves her more den anyting!"
Mimi stopped, smiling softly. "He said that?"
Linden nodded again. "Dad said dat she woves me, but she and Dad got vewy mad at eachoder, so dey stopped tawking."
The boy stood, scoffing. "I to'd him, 'Dad! If 'I' had a pwincess, I wouldn't want to wet he' go!' and dad said. 'Wew, Windy, I didn't want to, but sometimes dey weave you fiwst.' What a siwy pwincess! Daddies da best guy evew"
Mimi wiped a tear from her eyes, collecting shells.
" Yes, he is...Sometimes, Linden, princesses make mistakes..."
She looked up just in time to see Joe emerge from the trees, Kier on his shoulders.
They were laughing, and his father picked the boy off his shoulders, and Kier immedietly ran to his mom and Linden. Joe at his heels.
"Mommy! Guess what!"
He leapt into her sandy embrace, grinning at Linden and waving a hello.
"I found him! I found my Daddy!" Mimi cautiously looked at Joe, who was gazing at the sunlit ocean.
"What do you mean, baby?"
"Well, you said that my Daddy had blue hair, glasses, was a doctor, and had a son called Linden! I put two and two together, and look! Joe is my Daddy!"
Lindens eyes widened, and he stood. "Yo' da pwincess and you didn't tew me!"
Mimi looked at the boy past Kiers brown hair.
"I wanted to Lindy, but I didn't know if your Daddy wanted me to..."
Linden turned from the young women to his father. "Dad! Is dat why you got aw sad and quiet when I was watching Mimi on tewevision!"
Joe looked at his son, picking him up and looking him straight in his big, blue eyes.
"You talk to much, Linden." The boy crossed his arms, huffing.
"I towd Mimi 'bout da pwincess, and how you wove her, den I find out she 'is' da pwincess! How embawassing is dat!"
Joe smiled, tweaking Lindens nose, The frowned. "You told her, everything?"
Mimi stood, looking at Joe.
"Linden, Kier, I need to talk to your father, would you go play?"
Kier shook his finger in his mothers eyes. "Only if you promise not to make new Daddy cry!"
And Mimi's eyes teared up. "Yes, baby, Mommy promises."
Kier got to the ground, And Linden grabbed his brothers hand, leading him towards Sam, Jackson and Clara.
"Well...They don't seem fazed at all..."
Joe turned away. "They're only children. It wouldn't seem strange to discover a sibling out of nowhere to 'them'."
Mimi clenched her fists. "How long are you going to hate me for that!"
Joe swung around, his eyes burning. "As long as it takes!"
"For what!" Mimi yelled, holding her hands to her chest. "For me to die! For our children to grow up and move out! For me to crawl back! Because dammit Joe, I will! If that's what you want I will!"
Joe turned again, closing his eyes against the pain.
"No Mimi, you already left! You already broke my heart!"
Mimi's mouth hung open, and she swiped hot angry tears from her eyes.
"Me! 'I' broke 'your' heart! Don't give me that! You're the one that told me we had no future! You're the one who let me walk away!"
Joe grimiced, "What the fuck did you want from me! I gave you everything I had, heart, body and soul! I told you we didn't have a future if you weren't going to give me a hundred anf ten percent as well!"
The tiny brunette turned away, silent as she watched her children play.
It was all so complicated...There was so much hurt between them...And her secret...
"I guess we both said some things we didn't mean..."
Joe sighed, glaring at the sky.
"What did you want from me, Meems?" He whispered brokenly, and she joined his lamentations.
"I just wanted you to love me...I didn't need money, or a house, or a car, but you never understood that. It always dragged you down."
Joe looked at the women by his side, who looked at him in return.
"Where do we go from here? I mean, I have a boy I barely know, so do you. But I have custody of Linden, and Kier doesn't know me..."
Mimi glanced away, "Do you want to spend time with us?"
Joe frowned. "How do you mean?"
Mimi studied her hands. "I mean, Joe, do you want to get to know you're son. Kier needs a Daddy, and I think Linden needs a mother. Can we reach a truce? Can we-"
Joe grabbed her arm, sending hot shards of longing straight to her heart.
"Don't say it Mimi! I never hated you! I never will! We can overcome this and-"
He broke off, blushing, and cleared his throat. "Why don't you stay with Lindy and I? Maybe we, maybe we can get to know our children, and help them understand in the process.
Mimi looked up at her ex-lover, her breath catching as she watched his soulful blue eyes and handsome face. She loved him so much...Even after all this time...
"Is that fair, Joe? To bring them together then take them apart?"
He ran a hand though his indigo hair, closing his eyes. "Would you rather never have them know one another? Would you rather we never get past this pain?"
The women cocked her head, looking at Joe sadly. "This isn't just about Linden and Kier is it Joe?"
He shook his head, sadly.
"No Meems, it's not. We still have so much to say, so much that needs to be clarified."
She bit her lip. "I never wanted to walk away, Joe...But you never came for me..."
The doctor nodded, embracing her for a moment, surprising the girl silent.
"I didn't think you wanted me to..."
They went to join the other adults.

Yolei whole heartedly agreed with their plan when Mimi explained it to her. She smiled, rocking her baby gently.
"It's about time you found a bit of happiness, Meems."
She leaned closer, carefully holding baby Sabastion.
Mimi blushed, looking mischeviously at her friend. "How are you and Ken? Are the homefires still burning?"
Yolei grinned. "More then ever! All that ex-emporer stuff." She licked her pouty lower lip. "Gee, talk about sexy!"
Suddeny, two strong arms wrapped around the lavender haired women, and she grinned.
"I hope you're referring to me, honey..."
Yolei stuck out her tongue, shifting Sabastion in her arms,
"Actually, we were talking about Davis, but I guess you're cute to..."
Ken kissed her temple, smiling at Mimi. "Just cute? As soon as you give Sabby to Meems, I'll have to rectify that situation..."
Mimi found the baby in her arms, as Yolei danced away from her husbands embrace.
"Well. I guess you 'might' be able to convince me...But Davis is pretty hard to beat..." She laughed, and dashed into the woods, her husband in hot pursuit.
Sora and Matt appeared at Mimi's side, both grinning widely.
"So, I hear you and Joe are making up!" Sora grinned, and Matt nodded.
"You should have told him sooner."
Mimi sighed, tickling the giggling baby in her arms. "I know Matt. Of course I should have. I've made some mistakes and I'm just thankful Joe is giving me a chance for redemption."
For a moment, all were silent, as they enjoyed the peace and serenity of the digital world.
Mimi found herself lost in the dreams of yesterday, as she watched Davis jr and Jackson approached Alexander and Linden. They proceeded to organize a game of capture the flag, getting Fiona, Lara, Kier, Sam, Jordan and even Erynne and Clara to play.
She felt at home, here on this beach, little Sabby in her arms...
Her gaze sought out Joe, who stood with Tai, Izzy, Cody, Davis and Takeru, talking about finding their partners that were aroung the forest..
She found herself staring, as he threw his head back and laughed, Mimi saw his gaze shift to her, and her breath caught.
Joe tore his gaze away, and she blushed.
After all this time, after all their pain..The secrets and the misgivings...
Joe Kido still made her feel like she was a young girl, trapped in a digital adventure...
She looked at Sabby, who stared at her, blue eyes wide.
Yes, she would stay with Joe for a time, and maybe, just maybe, they could work through the pain...

End part one.

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