HeeroXDuo: Hello people!!! Sorry I haven't been writing stories for you guys! It's just that for some reason I couldn't login.

Sasuke: (sulking)

Naruto: (sweatdrop)

HeeroXDuo: eh…wat's wrong with him?!

Naruto: well u haven't been updated Forbidden Love yet…

Sasuke: YEAH! WHY!? WHY?! I hate you! (run away)

Naruto: ….

HeeroXDuo: Ok….well now with the new story I've written! Enjoy!

"Talking" Kyuubi

"Talking" thinking mentally

The Same Fate

There was blood everywhere. On the grass, the trees, the lakes, and even the sky seem tainted …corpses littered the ground. Konoha had won the war against the Sound! …and yet...and yet… there was no reason to be happy because they're all dead.

All my precious people dead…and here I' am on the verge of dying…

Naruto was lying on the ground dried and fresh blood intermingling. He lied there staring up in the sky with a bitter smile adorning his face. He raised both his hands up as if reaching for something that he can never have. He can feel the demonic chakra trying desperately to heal his wounds and still failing for the blood was coming out faster than it can heal.

Kit don't you dare die on me!

I'm sorry Kyuu but I can't hold on…

And with that said Naruto gradually closed his eyes as his arms fell limply against his side. A single tear fell from his eyes as his heartbeat slowly came to a stop.

No it's not over yet! You don't deserve this…

Suddenly there was a huge amount of red chakra surrounding the area. And when it faded Naruto's body was nowhere to be seen.

You'll live that I promise you…

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