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As Naruto stared down Kakuzu and Hidan, his mind began to wander back to the beginning. Sadly, he went all the way back to when Sasuke nearly killed him at the Valley of Ends. Back when Kakashi choose to save Sasuke and allow Naruto to be swept down river and into the ocean. Yeah, that far back.

In a way, it had turned out to be a good thing. The Kyuubi had died trying to save him by merging with him. While the powerful chakra that Kyuubi gave him was gone, Naruto had gained a new power called the Bikoutai or Tail Shift. Sure he had gotten an actual tail, as well as fox ears, but the abilities he had gained allowed him to accomplish much. He had met Mai and Zanku, his future wife and best friend, respectively. It was where he found someone to become his little sister, Asahi. He had saved the Milky Way Dynasty and then changed the way things were on the entire continent.

Yet, somewhere deep inside, Naruto knew that his past would return. He didn't know how or when, but Naruto knew that the one day people would come looking for him…and they did. Kakashi and several others for the Hidden Leaf Village came to the shinobi village he had created and caused some trouble. Well, it was mainly Kakashi and the rest had been forced into it. After Naruto had beaten them to a bloody pulp he had considered detaining them with his village but them decided to let them go. That plan turned out to be a big mistake because Kakashi had kidnapped his son, Haku, and his sister.

Naturally, Naruto kicked the door down (literally) to get them back. Luckily, for both sides, Tsunade had found out and managed to get Haku. However, Asahi had been taken by the Hyuuga clan. They had planned on placing the seal on her but Naruto arrived at the last second and had beaten them all down. After that, Naruto and his allies would have left right away if Mai hadn't given birth to twins. And then again Ukyo, Naruto's evil side that had been given life by the Panda-sennin, had arrived. Oh, and emo Sasuke found out he was alive and has turned his attention towards him. He was in Naruto's top ten things to do, but barely.

Naruto was then taken out of his thoughts as Kakuzu and Hidan began their attack once more. They charged at him together. Hidan swung his scythe and Naruto did a back flip to avoid the attack. However Kakuzu appeared next to Naruto as he landed with a kunai in hand. Naruto jumped to the side to avoid it only to be attacked by Hidan this time as his scythe aimed for his neck. In one simple motion Hidan cut Naruto's head off and watched it fall to the ground.

Kakuzu narrowed his eyes as he moved over to the body while Hidan picked up the head. Kakuzu gave the body a hard kick and watched as nothing happened. This is wrong, he thought. From everything that we have heard, he should have been much stronger than this. I don't like the looks of this.

"Ugly little fuck," swore Hidan as he held Naruto head in front of his own. "Bet you thought you were something. Bet you thought that we were beneath you. And look at you now you…" Hidan broke off because he smelled something odd. He began to sniff at the air. His eyes then widened as he realized what it was and threw the head away from him just before it and the body exploded. When the smoke cleared Hidan was several yards away and his hands where slightly burned. Kakuzu, on the other hand, had remained where he was and only his outfit looked like it had taken any damage.

"Booshi Shuriken!" yelled Naruto from some hidden spot. A half second later his hat came flying at the two rogue nins. Kakuzu bent backwards to avoid it like in a Matrix movie. Hidan, on the other hand, wasn't as lucky as the hat hit him right in the neck and sliced right through him. And as his head fell to the ground Naruto's hat curved around back to the area where it had been thrown and was then caught by Naruto who calmly placed it on his head.

"Well that's one immortal down," said Naruto calmly.

"What the fuck?" screamed Hidan, causing Naruto's eyes to widen. Hidan was just a head, cut off from the rest of his body. Yet he was still swearing his mouth off! Naruto narrowed his eyes as he watched Kakuzu launched his hand to grab Hidan's head, roughly, and then quickly sew it back onto his body.

"Now I can see why you can call yourselves immortals," said Naruto.

"Damn straight, shit head," said Hidan as he stood up while gripping his scythe. "No matter what you do to us you can't kill us. Guess you already figured that out seeing as you're too scared to make a move."

"Baka," muttered Kakuzu. Hidan's eyebrow twitched as he turned his head to glare at his partner.

"What the hell was that for?" he demanded.

"He's observing us you fool," said Kakuzu. "He's waiting to see what we can do before he makes his next move." Kakuzu then looked at Naruto. "I know all about you before you vanished Uzumaki. You are an expert at the Kage Bunshin and you are known for doing the unexpected. But it appears that time as caused you to be more cautious. You have also shown us great restraint. I am sure that, had you not left, there would have been a great bounty on your head."

"Perhaps," said Naruto with a slight grin. Then he seemed to visibly relax and shrugged his shoulders. "To tell you the truth immortality just seems like a pain. Well, for you that is. Because it just means that I don't have to hold back as much as I normally have to. See, normally I like to take people like you in alive for questioning. And there is this one scar faced man who would love to just pick at your minds for a while." Kakuzu narrowed his eyes.

"Don't think it will be that easy," he said. Naruto just smirked as a response and then seemed too flicked out of existence only to reappear in front of Hidan and deliver a flying roundhouse kick right at him midsection. Hidan, who had not braced himself, was thrown through the air only to find Naruto a few yards ahead of him. Waiting for him! As soon as Hidan came close and looked like he was about to fall to the ground, Naruto punched him in order to keep the momentum going and then again. This kept on going until Hidan flew into a large, thick tree.

Hidan hit the tree hard while making a cracking sound. Then, not even a second later, Naruto appeared in front of him and began to punch him over and over again. Each time seemed to push Hidan deeper and deeper into the tree creating a louder and louder cracking noise. Hidan had his head thrown back, mouth open as blood dripped down the corners of his lips. His eyes were widening open as well and were unseeing. Finally, Naruto brought back his fist and super charged it with chakra which he used to punch Hidan hard into his gut. The blow was so powerful that the tree split in half down the middle and Hidan was blasted right through it. The immortal flew for several yards until he landed on his back.

Naruto was about to continue his attack when he sensed something behind him. He dodged to the left, only getting nicked by Hidan's triple bladed scythe. As Naruto skidded to a stop, Hidan reached up from the ground and caught it. Slowly he got up while grinning.

"Time to pay you back for that beating," said Hidan as he licked some of Naruto's blood from his scythe. Hidan then began to draw a symbol in the ground using his scythe. From what Naruto could see it looked like a triangle inside a circle.

"About time," said Kakuzu. Naruto turned his head to see the other immortal leaning against a tree. "I was wondering how many more times I needed to help you before decided to get serious."

"Shut the fuck up," said Hidan as he completed the symbol. Suddenly his skin turned as black as night as white markings similar to bones appeared all over his body. "You know how serious I take my religion. Now don't interfere again or I'll fucking kill you!" Kakuzu seemed to just shrug. Naruto, on the other hand, returned his focus to Hidan. From what he could tell, these two didn't seem to care about the other like real partners. They seemed to barely tolerate each other at best.

"From what I can tell," said Naruto calmly as he pointed at Hidan, "you're not very fast. In fact, I've seen academy students faster than you. So either you have a hidden ace up your sleeve or you're arrogant enough to think you can defeat me by yourself."

"Actually, it's both," said Kakuzu.

"Whatever," said Hidan as he pulled out a long spike like blade from his robe. "It's time for the ceremony to begin!" With that, Hidan stabbed his own right leg. Moments later Naruto's right leg had the same wound in the same spot. Naruto gritted his teeth to deal with the pain as fought to keep standing while Hidan laughed like a lunatic.

"Ok," said Naruto through gritted teeth. "So whatever injuries you inflict on yourself happens to me as well. Well let's try this then!" Naruto then opened him mouth all the way as chakra began to spiral in front of it. Soon, a Rasengan formed between his upper and lower jaw. Then, to everyone's surprise, he swallowed it. Everyone's eyes were opened wide in shock and even more when Naruto's body expanded. He opened his mouth and yelled "Raseniki!" and a blast of chakra shot out of it at high speeds. It hit Hidan right in the chest and launched him several dozens of yards back, rolling around until the back of his head hit a tree causing more blood to be spattered. Naruto felt the same force on his chest as well, being sent back an equal distance. However his stop was much calmer than his opponent.

Slowly, Naruto pulled himself up only to see Hidan grinning at him like a mad man. Naruto cursed under his breath as he watched Hidan, whose skin was back to normal, get up and calmly walk back to the symbol. That's when something clicked inside Naruto's head. He only suffered the same damage from his own attack and nothing else. Slowly a sly smile appeared on Naruto's face as he watched Hidan's skin turn black again.

"What's so funny?" asked Hidan mockingly. Naruto didn't respond immediately. Instead he did several hand signs and then yelled "Doton: Koketsu!" Suddenly over a dozen spikes popped out of the ground in an oval shape around Hidan, but not one touched him.

"This is what's so funny," said Naruto. "You are standing in the jaws of death! All you have to do is lift one foot and the trap will be set and you will die." Hidan blinked at Naruto for a moment and then burst out laughing.

"You fucking baka!" he laughed. "Haven't you figured it out yet? Whatever happens to me will happen to you. The only difference is that I'm immortal and you're not!" Hidan, who wanted to kill Naruto with his own jutsu, lifted his bad leg. Immediately the earth on both sides snapped shut like a bear trap shaped like a foxes head. And the only difference from the previous times Naruto used this jutsu was that it was designed so that the 'teeth' would bite off Hidan's head which rolled to the ground. And when Hidan's head looked at Naruto, his eyes widened in rage. He was alright! "How?"

"Like it was that hard to figure out," said Naruto calmly as he walked over to Hidan's head. "I figured out that your jutsu is a lot like that voodoo thing. First you got my blood as an identifier so your curse would have a target. After that, you create the symbol to start it up. I can see why you don't need to be fast, you want to get hurt and close to your enemy. Even your weapons are designed so that they have a greater chance at drawing blood. However, there is a great flaw: the symbol. You need to be inside of it to work your jutsu. So all someone has to do is either more you or destroy the symbol."

"But I was still on it when you used that jutsu!" yelled Hidan.

"That's true," said Naruto. Now he was right in front of Hidan, looking down at him. Naruto reached down and picked up the foul mouth immortal by his hair and held him up so they were face to face. "But the moment you activated my trap, it moved the earth below your feet and destroyed the symbol." Hidan's eyes widened as he absorbed this information and as the foxes head began to sink back into the earth.

"You…YOU BASTARD!" screamed Hidan moments before Naruto tossed him onto the ground and turned to face Kakuzu. Kakuzu had barely moved. He seemed unfazed at what he had just seen.

"Now it's your turn," said Naruto.

"Don't think that it'll be easy like it was with Hidan," said Kakuzu. "Hidan is a fool who enjoys taking his time with his opponents. But me, I prefer not to toy with my opponent. I always fight them seriously and with the same professional attitude I used when I fought the Shodai Hokage." Naruto's eyes widened a bit after hearing that.

"Man," said Naruto. "You're old."

Kakuzu, who was only slightly irritated by that remark, leapt towards Naruto and delivered a roundhouse kick of his own. Naruto did his best to block it, but the force behind that kick was close to his own and sent Naruto skidding across the forest floor. When he stopped, Naruto launched at Kakuzu while focusing a large amount of chakra into his fist and hit him right in the chest. Only, Kakuzu didn't budge. And it was like Naruto was hitting solid steel. That was when Naruto noticed that Kakuzu's skin had turned a grayish color. Naruto tried to think for a moment, but Kakuzu smacked him on the side of his head and sent the blond sailing.

Naruto tried to land on his feet, but he was starting to get a little winded and he was injured. When he landed, Naruto began to roll and then used that same force to get back up. He stared at Kakuzu for a moment and realized that he had to be using a jutsu that greatly improved his defenses as well as offenses. Realizing this, Naruto began to concentrate the chakra in his hand and formed a Rasengan with a ring of wind around it. "Fūton: Rasenkazaana!" yelled Naruto as he thrust his arm foreword. The ring shot out and became a mini twister that raced toward Kakuzu at blinding speeds. He tried to dodge it but his leg got caught in it and soon the rest of him was sucked in and sent spiraling backwards. He tried to move but couldn't, the high winds made that impossible. Kakuzu couldn't use a substation jutsu or anything else to save himself, he was trapped. It wasn't long until his body crashed against a bolder and he laid there unable to move. Then, the blue sphere, which had stayed intact, was propelled by the wind going directly down the tunnel. There was then an explosion when the jutsu connected with his body.

It took a minute or two for the smoke to clear, but when it did Naruto was simply shocked at what he saw. Kakuzu was standing! His robe and shirt were gone revealing a body covered with stitches. On his back, Naruto could see five masks that seemed to be attached to the man's very skin. Kakuzu's back then began to bulge until two of the masks fell off.

"It…has been a long time since anyone has destroyed two of my hearts," said Kakuzu. "You should feel honored."

"Hearts?" said Naruto with a raised eyebrow. Kakuzu just smirked as his back began to budge once more. This time his skin seemed to rip apart revealing that under his skin were thousands of grayish threads or tentacles. They then seemed to separate from him along with the masks. There was a red mask that looked like a tiger and a blue one that looked like an eagle.

"That's right kid," said Kakuzu. "I have stayed alive this entire time by stealing the hearts of my opponents and adding them to my body. And, as an extra bonus, I get their chakra natures as well. And you should know what that means."

"Yeah," said Naruto. "It means that you can use all five elements with ease."

"Pretty smart," said Kakuzu as the eagle shot towards Naruto. It opened its mouth and Kakuzu yelled "Fūton: Atsugai!" sending a high pressured, tornado like mass at Naruto which destroyed nearly everything in its path. Within seconds, nearly every tree in front of Kakuzu was destroyed and blown away. Naruto, however, had managed to jump over the blast. Sadly, Kakuzu saw him and commanded his red mask to attack him. The tiger opened its mouth and he yelled, "Katon: Zukokku!" which sent out a small, but powerful fireball at Naruto. It hit him and exploded creating a large explosion.

Naruto fell to the ground and then slowly got back up. He was panting and starting to get tired. But he had to think about Daemon. He had to save some of his strength for him. If he didn't then he would be of no use to Shikamaru and the others. Basically, Naruto had no more time to waste and he had to finish this soon.

Meanwhile, Kakuzu was impressed by what he had seen. Naruto had taken some heavy hits and just kept getting back up. The immortal knew that if he didn't have five hearts, he would have been killed with Naruto's first attack. It was only because of that hidden fact that he was still hear and had managed to get Naruto off guard. But now he had to finish this.

Kakuzu moved his creatures so that one was in front of Naruto and the other was behind him. Both of them opened their mouths, ready to combine both jutsus together. The fire element would be strengthened several times by the wind element. And if Naruto tried to get out of the way his beasts would be on him. In short, Naruto was trapped like a fox corned by hounds. Then, Naruto yelled "Fūton: Kaiten!" With that, Naruto began to spin and was then surrounded by a spinning chakra dome. And all around it were thousands of small wind blades that seemed to chop up everything that got too close. And his monsters were too close! They both let out a cry of pain as they were sliced and diced by this take of the Hyuuga jutsu in a matter of seconds. And once the spinning had stopped, Naruto began to stare Kakuzu down.

Never before had Kakuzu felt so…vulnerable. He had one heart left and no one had been able to do that since the Shodai Hokage.

"I know what you're thinking," said Naruto as he took a step forward causing Kakuzu to jump a bit. "That jutsu I just used was a lot like the one that the Hyuuga clan uses. It should because I learned it along with my little sister and then improved it. I seem to have a talent for doing thing like that."

"You," said Kakuzu as he gulped. "You're a monster!" With that, Kakuzu turned, ready to run as far away from Naruto as he could. But before he could take one step, Naruto appeared in front of him with his favorite jutsu in hand. "Rasengan!" he yelled as he slammed it into Kakuzu's chest which sent the so called immortal flying backwards.

"A person who steals other people's hearts so he can cheat death has no right to call me a monster," said Naruto as he gazed at Kakuzu's body. He just laid there, unmoving. He was done and almost dead.

"How?' asked Kakuzu. "How could a kid like you defeat me?"

"Because you haven't really changed," said Naruto as he looked up at the sky. "The world is constantly changing. People are constantly changing. This generation is stronger than the one it replaced, just like how the one after mine will be stronger. And they will be stronger, my children and sister."

"I… see," said Kakuzu as he faded into the darkness of hell.

Naruto stood there for a moment as he stared at the body of Kakuzu. Then, he began to look for Hidan's head. He would need it to gather information. Plus, if he fought Daemon first he might forget to come back for it later.


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Jutsu list:

Booshi Shuriken: Hat Shuriken


Name: Ukyo

Rank: Leader of Chika

Age: 21

Ukyo is basically Yami Naruto. The Panda-sennin created him so that he would destroy his original. However, it has so far proved to be a long lasting stalemate between the two.

Ukyo's origins date back to when Naruto was living in the Leaf village. He is basically all the hate and anger that Naruto kept inside. He is the one who whispered words of anger to Naruto and perhaps the one who caused most of Naruto's outbursts. There was a time when the two of them nearly merged permanently, but Iruka's words kept that from happening.

Now that Ukyo is free, however, it is a different matter. He is very insane and seems to be in love with Naruto. He feels like Naruto has rejected him and wants to become one with his original, only with him on the outside. Yeah, he's sick in the head.