Dragon Ball Hazard


Hung (Animeaddiction) Nguyen

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The Seventh Night

Champion of Gold

El Hazard...

Rune Venus and the rest of her court gasped when they saw Trunks, Nanami and Shayla-Shayla suddenly vanish from sight. For a moment, there was silence as everyone was too shocked to speak or move. Then, as suddenly as they disappeared, the two women and the son of Vegita reappeared in the throne room.

Mr. Fujisawa let off a startled sound as he saw his students and then everyone's eyes turned to the youth who was dressed in full Saiyan Battle Gear, with a replica of his broken sword strapped to his back.

Trunks looked harder and that innocent look that he once carried was gone. He was serious... dead serious. He was a bit taller and seemed... older, like a warrior that had been seasoned by numerous battles. In a way, he was; after spending two days in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, which was the equivalent of two years. For twenty-four long months with no one but his mother Bulma to keep him company, Trunks had endured heavy gravitational forces, incredibly thick atmosphere, and temperature extremes that would have broiled or frozen an ordinary person in seconds. Then there were the training exercises that his mother had put him through. He had spent long hours dodging lasers, missiles, and battling several waves of war-bots; all under the influence of the portable gravity-wave generator. He had no idea that Bulma could have shrunk all those things into those capsules, but she did. And his mother had proven to be as hard a taskmaster as his father.

However, the training had its desired results. Trunks no longer had to strain to transform into a Super-Saiyan. He had spent the majority of his training sessions in his enhanced form, and now it was almost second nature to him. Like Goku and Gohan had done during the Cell Games, Trunks had built up his body to battle as a Super-Saiyan for long periods of time, and had more than enough power to match Ifurita's level. And if he needed to, he could power up to the next level to overcome whatever Ifurita could throw at him. Physically, he was ready. Mentally however, he still had his doubts.

Ever since he had merged with the Demon God's mind, he had been getting these strange sensations. He felt... something that he couldn't explain and it scared him a bit. He couldn't get the image of her face out of his mind, no matter how hard he tried. He wondered why he was feeling so unsure about destroying her, though he couldn't think of any other way. He felt torn. He had seen the sadness in her soul. But she wasn't even real so she couldn't have a soul... could she?

No! He was being foolish. Ifurita had been created to destroy, to kill. She was a weapon, plain and simple. She didn't have a heart. She said so herself! She wasn't like Krillin's wife, 18. Number eighteen had started out as a human being before Dr. Gero had changed her. However, she proved that she was still human inside and even gave birth to a daughter!

Ifurita had been built from scratch and it would be a terrible mistake for Trunks to even think of her as anything else! Such thoughts could get him killed and he would have to give it his all to beat her. That was the reason why he trained so hard in the time chamber. End of discussion... or was it?

"Trunks! Shayla! Nanami! What happened?!"

His sensei's words brought the young half-Saiyan back to reality as he gave his teacher a nod. "It's... okay, sensei. Shayla-Shayla, Nanami and I just... went on a little side trip."

"I'll say! We were back on Earth!" Nanami remarked as she addressed her teacher and the others with excitement. "You wouldn't believe what was waiting for us there! There were these two green guys that looked like Martians, a little black guy in a turban, some other guys who were like Trunks, a talking cat that grew these magic beans, and this big dragon..."

Trunks held up a hand to Jinnai's sister, cutting her off. "We'll have time to explain it all later, Nanami." He then turned to address Princess Rune. "Your Highness, as I had said before, I WILL save your sister and bring her back to you. I swear by the blood of the Saiyan Royal Family that Fatora will be returned safely."

This caught Rune's attention. "Are you saying that... you are of royal birth?"

The young warrior sighed and nodded. "I am Trunks, son of Vegita, the Prince of all Saiyans."

"I see..." Rune said with some awe as she gazed that the youth in armor. "But what of the Demon-God Ifurita?"

Trunks took a stance and said in a determined tone. "I will deal with her."

At that moment, he triggered his transformation and became a Super-Saiyan. Though Afra, Miz, Masamichi and Allielle had seen the transformation before, they were still in awe at the sight as Trunks began emitting incredible power and his hair turned gold. For Lons, Schtallebaugh and especially Rune Venus, it was like witnessing... a god. Rune could only gasp at the sight.

In a very quiet whisper, the princess breathed out the last words of the prophecy. "...and the Golden Champion shall return... to save us all."

Trunks powered down his energy, but remained in his Super-Saiyan form as he addressed the priestesses and his friends. "You don't have to come with me. I'll save Fatora myself and..."

Fujisawa shook his head as he stepped up and said, "Sorry Trunks, but you're going to have to count me in. I, Masamichi Fujisawa am always ready to save a damsel in distress!"

Shalya nodded as she said, "I wouldn't miss this for the world. I'm going too!"

"It's a matter of pride. I'm going!" Afra said.

Miz giggled a bit as she snuggled up to her man, Masamichi. "My last job, before I become a housewife!"

Nanami nodded as she said, "I'm going too!"

"Same here!" Allielle said.

However, Mr. Fujisawa placed one hand on each of their heads and said, "You two are staying put this time. Safe!"

Nanami turned to protest but she could see that her sensei wasn't going to change his mind. She then gave him a pleading look. "Mr. Fujisawa... my brother is to blame for all this, so when you see him... promise to me that you'll kick his sorry butt!"


Princess Rune and the rest of her royal court stood on the balcony as they watched the cruiser take off to where the Bugrom had set up a stronghold and were holding her sister captive.

"Our hopes and futures now depend on those brave souls." Dr. Schtallebaugh remarked as the ship headed off into the distance as the sun dipped toward the horizon.


Trunks was deep in thought as he stood on the deck of the ship. He had decided to conserve energy and had reverted back to his normal form. At his side sat Ura. Though he didn't need the cat to act as his armor, since he now wore Saiyan Combat Gear, Ura still insisted on coming with her new master. It was then that Shayla spoke to him.

"Are... you going to be all right this time, Trunks?"


"She will be there... Ifurita."

"I know..." Trunks replied as he mentally prepared to face off against the Demon-God.


Just on the border of Roshtaria's outermost territories...

"That is the Bugrom Stronghold." Afra stated as she pointed to the huge, hive-like structure that was in the distance. The group was now situated on a ridge that overlooked a large expanse of rocky terrain.

Shayla's temper, along with her flames started to flare. "Grrr, how dare those filthy bugs build that thing in Roshtaria's front yard?!"

"Well... I could just blast that thing to rubble, but..." Trunks began.

"But we came here to save Princess Fatora." Afra finished. "Without her, the Eye of God cannot be controlled."

"Right. So how do you think we should go about getting in there?"

"That's going to be tricky." Afra held a hand to her chin in thought.

At that point, Miz kneeled down and placed her hand on the ground. The Lamp of Water glowed on her finger as she focused her power.

"I can sense an underground river running beneath us... and it seems to run directly under the fortress!"

Shayla smiled as she nodded. "Looks like we've found our way in!"

Trunks nodded as well while turning to his teacher. "So how's your alcohol level?"

Fujisawa smirked as he gestured to himself with his thumb. "Don't worry about me, kiddo! I'm as dry as a desert!"

"Good, so are we all ready?"

"Hold on a minute." The sober sensei took out his pack and extracted the last of his cigarettes. "I've been saving my last cigarette for such an occasion." Just as he reached for his lighter, Shayla held up a thumb and lit the cigarette with a spark. Mr. Fujisawa smirked as he said to the Fire Priestess, "Well that's handy."

A minute later, after taking several long puffs, he extinguished the cigarette and said, "Okay! Let's do it!"



The Bugrom were taken by surprise as a section of their outer defense walls was blown apart by a combination of fire and wind. When the dust cleared, two Priestesses of Mount Muldoon stood at the opening they had just made.

"You don't have to do this, Afra."

The Wind Priestess shrugged as she replied, "We've fought together this long. We might as well go the distance. And besides, I still have to thank Trunks for saving my life with those beans of his."

The Fire Priestess didn't like the way that sounded. "Hey! Trunks is mine!"

"We'll see." Afra said with a smirk as she gestured toward the attacking Bugrom forces.


As the two were keeping the majority of the Bugrom forces busy, Miz, Fujisawa, Ura and Trunks were traveling in a large bubble of air deep below the surface.

"By my calculations, we should be directly below the fortress." The Water Priestess stated as she focused her powers to maintain the bubble. "All right. Here we go!"

The three people and one cat appeared in a water geyser inside the center of the fortress. At that moment, Ura began sniffing about, then began running off down a corridor.

"What is it Ura? Do you smell the Princess?" Trunks asked as he began going after her.

"Hey yeah, I forgot. She used to be Fatora's pet." Fujisawa exclaimed as he and Miz followed them.

"This way! This way!" Ura said as she began leading them toward her former mistress.

Just as they turned a corner, a huge Bugrom suddenly leapt out from the shadows.


One casual swat from Trunks sent the insect flying. However, more Bugrom began appearing from all directions. And in such limited spaces, Trunks couldn't cut loose with any energy blasts without hurting Miz or his sensei.

"Trunks! You go on ahead!" Fujisawa shouted as he began manhandling another of the giant insects.


"Don't worry about us! Go save Fatora!" Miz added as she stood by her fiancé.

Trunks took a deep breath and nodded as he continued to follow Ura down a passageway, knocking down his attackers like bowling pins.

Back at the other corridor, Miz and Masamichi shared a quiet moment as they looked into each other's eyes.

"You want to kiss me?" Miz said with hope.

"No." Fujisawa replied.

"Hmpf!" Miz became irritated.

"Sorry, but I'm a little too busy to think of romance right now!" Trunks' sensei said as he crushed another Bugrom's skull.


A few minutes later, Trunks and Ura came to a large, dark chamber that had a cage situated in the middle. Both he and the cat stopped when they came to the enclosure. The son of Vegita then peered into the cage and saw a female version of... himself.

Fatora was still unconscious and was laying off to one side. However, there was enough light for Trunks to compare her features to his own. Her face was somewhat softer and her hair was brown and longer, but he could still see himself in her.

"Whoa. She really does look like me." Trunks let off a low whistle. He then shook his head to clear it, and prepared to smash open the cage. It was then that he heard a noise and whirled about. That was when he saw her standing at the doorway.


"How foolish of you to come." The Demon-God said as she leveled her staff at him.

Ura instantly leapt up and wrapped herself around her master's chest, though he was already wearing armor.

Trunks however, wasn't going to back down. Not then, not now... not ever. However, there was still a small part of him that told him that Ifurita could be changed. He just had to give one final try.

"Ifurita... we don't have to do this!"

"I must..." Ifurita replied in a shaky voice as she took aim.

"Please... don't do it! I... I don't want to have to destroy you." At that point, Trunks began to power up while taking a stance.

At that moment, they both heard Jinnai's maniacal laugh as he appeared from behind a pedestal.

"Jinnai." Trunks said with venom.

Nanami's brother smirked at his rival and nodded. "I just knew that a hero-type like you would come."

"And you've been waiting for me this whole time, eh?" Trunks replied with a growl. He had been so preoccupied with saving Fatora and confronting Ifurita, he hadn't sensed Jinnai hiding nearby.

"Yes." Jinnai said with a smug grin. "I have been waiting for you. A very LONG time. I have been waiting for this moment, just so you could witness my moment of ultimate triumph!"

"How exciting." Trunks said with sarcasm.

"You were a worthy opponent, Trunks. I'll never forget this moment." It was then that the egomaniac took on a sentimental expression, then changed back to his usual self as he pointed to him. "BLOW HIM AWAY IFURITA!"

"Don't do it!" Trunks countered firmly.

There was a long pause as the Demon-God stood like a statue.

Jinnai then looked at his weapon with surprise. "Hah? Well, what are waiting for?! Didn't you hear me? I SAID KILL HIM!"

"You don't have to listen to a raving lunatic, Ifurita!" Trunks called out.

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING A LUNATIC?!" Jinnai then calmed down and ordered his servant. "Please hurry up and finish him, Ifurita!"

The Demon-God's hands trembled as power began to build at the point of her weapon.

"I... must... obey...the master... of the staff."

Trunks gritted his teeth. There was no turning back now.

"Ura! Get off me now!"

The cat shook her head, even though she knew that she wouldn't be able to withstand the blast. "NO! Protect Trunks!"

"I'm so sorry Ura, but YOU HAVE TO GET OFF!" Trunks then powered up to Super-Saiyan status. The sudden outburst of energy was too much for the living armor and Ura was forced to release her hold on him. In that instant, Ifurita fired. At the same time, he fired off a counterblast.

The two attacks met head-on, causing the entire chamber to be bathed in light.



Both Afra and Shayla had just finished the last of the Bugrom sentries when they heard the explosion. They looked up as twin flares of golden light erupted out of the Bugrom fortress like a pair of Patriot missiles. The two lights then began darting at each other and letting loose with energy bolts.

Shayla and Afra stared up into the sky, trying to follow the two combatants, but they couldn't catch their movements. They were like two angry fireflies.

"I can't keep up with them! How about you Shayla?" Afra asked.

The red-haired priestess shook her head. She couldn't follow them either. Then she remembered the device that she had used on Earth and that she still had it. She took it out of the holster that she usually carried her Lamp of Fire in. Hooking it over her right ear and swinging the lens over her right eye. She then pressed the button to activate it.

"What's is that Shayla?"

"A thing that Trunks' mother called a Scouter. Trunks and Ifurita are moving too fast for normal eyes. Bulma showed me how to use this. This device will help me follow their movements." Shayla gasped as she read the energy measurements on the readout. Nanami had taught her how to read Earth numbers during her stay on her world. "Whoa! Those two are really going at it! Just look at those power readings! Trunks is as strong as Ifurita now! No! Wait!"

"What? What is it?" Afra asked eagerly.

"He's... stronger... than Ifurita."


Ifurita was finding out that this was not the same Super-Saiyan that she had trounced twice before. Trunks was faster, far faster than she had remembered, and a LOT stronger.

She launched several Destructo Discs at her opponent, but the young half-breed dodged each one with such speed that he left after-images of himself. She then tried a Kamehameha, but Trunks deflected it as if he was swatting a fly. Then the son of Vegita charged in and began throwing punches and kicks.

The Demon-God found herself hard-pressed to block or evade the blows as they came in hard and fast. Every hit she defended against impacted with increasing force. She couldn't understand it. Trunks had never been this formidable. How could he have such power in so little time?

However, she was the Demon-God and could adapt to any opponent. If Trunks had more power now, then she would simply up her level as well. She began glowing with even more energy, forcing back the young Super-Saiyan with her staff, connecting several times.

Trunks gritted his teeth as he took the hits and returned them with interest. Since he was wearing gloves, his hands never made contact with Ifurita and his special power did not interface with her mind. Trunks knew that would have been a distraction to him. As of now, Ifurita was the enemy and must be destroyed, no matter what kind of feelings he had for her.

As a few more strikes of her staff hit home, Trunks then pulled out his sword and countered the next swing that was coming toward his head. He started thrusting and slicing with his new blade, nicking Ifurita several times in the arms, legs and waist. The two exchanged several hundred strokes in the blink of an eye, but neither one backed down.

Ifurita found herself being slowly overpowered as Trunks continued to increase his energy output with every passing second. Though she could duplicate the powers and abilities of her adversary, even she had her limits. Powering up to the level of Super-Saiyan required tremendous amounts of energy, and Trunks was steadily exceeding that level. She was reaching the breaking point, in which her opponent's power would be beyond her capacity to duplicate.

Trunks kept all emotions out of his mind as he continued to press the attack. He forced himself to ignore the pain he was causing to her as his sword continued to cut into her. He could feel her energy level dropping with every blow. Though she was still strong enough to level a continent, Trunks was wearing her down, slowly but surely.

The son of Vegita hated this. He had thought he was ready for this battle when he emerged from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. He had no doubts at that time. However, as he was forcing her back, he felt a part of himself being beaten down with her. He had merged with her mind, seen the very depths of her being. He knew her, felt her very being when he came into contact her. And now, he had to destroy her.

The two broke apart and hovered several hundred feet in the air. At that point, Trunks was breathing hard from the intensity of their fight, but he knew that he had the upper hand. But Ifurita would not give up. She was still obeying the master of the staff. It looked like that Trunks would have to up the ante. His aura began flaring like a sunburst as he began taking his abilities to the next level.


"Holy shit!" Shayla gasped as she watched the power readings on her Scouter rise. It had been a good thing that both combatants were in the air, otherwise the entire landscape would have been reduced to a wasteland. Even so, the energy that was being emitted was causing everything to tremble and shake. Tiny rocks started floating up into the air as the ground cracked and vibrated.

"What's going on now?" Afra demanded.

"It's Trunks! His power level's skyrocketing! He and Ifurita were both at 10 billion, but hers is dropping and Trunks is now..." Shayla shook her head as she read the readings. "Eleven billion... twelve billion... fifteen billion... seventeen billion five hundred million... twenty billion..."



Even though Bulma had improved on Vegita's old Scouters, so that they could measure higher power levels, the energy that Trunks was projecting STILL overloaded it.

"Ow! Damn!" Shayla winced as she removed the smoking piece of equipment and tossed it away.

"What happened?"

"Trunk's power level is too high for the Scouter to read! I'd say that... he's now even more powerful than a Demon-God!"


Ifurita didn't even see him coming as he suddenly blurred from view and reappeared behind her.


A kick to her back sent her flying forward.


Trunks suddenly appeared in her path and sent a another kick to her midsection, knocking her back.

The Demon God turned to try and brace herself for when Trunks would appear again, but it was not fast enough. In a heartbeat, the Super-Saiyan appeared above her and slammed a fist into her face!

That really made Trunks uncomfortable as he continued to press the attack. More and more of his blows were landing. Ifurita couldn't hold out much longer. Her power levels were fading fast. Even the original Golden Champion had never given her such a beating. Dozens of punches became hundreds, then thousands as Trunks steadily beat her down.

The Demon-God broke away and launched a huge barrage of blasts, including Destructo Discs, Beam Cannons, and of course, the Kamehameha. An enormous cloud of destruction was formed where Trunks was, but she continued to fire into it for a full minute without stopping. Finally, she felt her strength waning and had to stop. She lowered her staff and slumped down a bit as she ceased firing. The cloud that had formed from the barrage started to blow away. Nothing could have survived such withering fire...

However, her eyes widened as she saw a glowing figure hovering at the center of the cloud. Trunks merely gazed at her with a bit of sadness in his eyes. He slowly shook his head as he floated forward and said, "So that it, huh? I'm sorry that it has to come to this, but I guess I have no choice. Goodbye Ifurita..."

Trunks then flashed forward and slammed an elbow into the Demon-God's midsection. Ifurita's energy stores were depleted and now she was at his mercy. She made a half-hearted attempt to fight back, but it wasn't enough. Trunks delivered a crushing, double-fisted blow to her back, sending her plummeting down toward the ground.

"KAME... HAME... HA!"

The son of Vegita then sent a gigantic blast of ki down after his falling opponent. The energy slammed into her back and drove her down toward the Bugrom stronghold like a flaming meteor. Coincidentally, she was heading down to where Jinnai and Fatora were.


Jinnai yelped as something impacted against the roof of his fortress, causing the entire structure to shudder. He then heard several explosions as whatever it was slammed through eight levels before coming to a stop at the ground floor where he and the princess was. The would-be ruler of El Hazard took cover as the object crashed into the floor and caused a deep crater. The energy that had propelled it exploded all about the chamber, blasting huge holes in the walls and threatening to collapse the room. Huge chunks of rock and debris was thrown about as Nanami's brother ducked for cover. Fatora's prison was study enough to shield her as the entire fortress shuddered from the crash. Then, the tremors began to die down as the citadel settled back down on its foundations.

At that moment, a streak of golden light came down from above and landed at the center of the massive depression in the floor. As the dust cleared, Katsuhiko looked out from where he had taken cover and gasped. There was Trunks... about to deliver the final blow to Ifurita.

The Demon-God was on her hands and knees, struggling to get up after landing, but as she looked up, she saw that the end was near. Trunks was standing before her, looking down at her with one hand aimed at her forehead with palm open wide. At point-blank range, with her power at its lowest level, she would not be able to withstand the next strike. Her opponent had won. She was beaten.

Ifurita nodded and accepted... no, welcomed the end to her long and terrible existence. She could only say one thing. "Do it."

Trunks paused for a long, long time. This was his chance. This was what he had been training so long and hard for. One blast would send Ifurita to oblivion. Then...

His hand began to tremble as he tried to summon up his power to destroy her. However, that small nagging doubt that he had resurfaced. The memories that he had shared with her came back to him. Then one image in particular came into his mind. The first time he had met her... in Shinanome High School. The picture of her so battered and weak made him uneasy. Did he do that to her? Then how did she end up here in El Hazard afterwards and didn't remember him? It was all so confusing. And then there were those feelings he had for her. They were preventing him from firing and finishing her off. There were so many unanswered questions and he knew deep down, that Ifurita held the key to it all.

With one deliberate motion, he removed one of his gloves and placed his unclad hand onto Ifurita's forehead.

The power that he had gained when he came to El Hazard activated itself as their two minds became one.


Deep within the Demon-God's very being...

What are you doing? Are you looking for my soul?

Trunks' mind heard Ifurita's voice as he traveled through the depths of her psyche... searching... probing.

Your search is in vain. A soul does not exist for me...

Yes it does! Trunks answered with his own mind. Even for you. There's got to be a control circuit somewhere in here that forces you to obey the master of the staff. If I can just get to it...

No. It is impossible. Ifurita interrupted. I have been alone all this time... and I shall continue to do so. You should have destroyed me, for I will be commanded to kill you by the master of the staff.

You've never known hope... have you?

Trunk's dream-self continued to drift in Ifurita's mind for what seemed to be an eternity. Then after an undetermined period of time, he found himself in front of an image of what looked like the Master Key Staff.

Is that it? IS that what's been trapping your soul?

Trunks listened for Ifurita's voice but heard nothing. Going with his gut instinct, his dream-self began powering up and then with one single blast, vaporized the control circuit.


Ifurita found herself on her feet and facing Trunks as he smiled at her while holding her shoulders. She had no recollection of ever standing up. Her Key Staff was lying on the ground beside her. However, she could only gaze at the Saiyan, who was now in his normal state.

"The control circuit has been destroyed, Ifurita. You'll never have to listen to anyone giving you a command again."

The Demon-God gasped as she held her hands to her chest.

"You're free, Ifurita!" Trunks said happily as he let go of her shoulders and put the glove back on.

Ifurita let off a contented sigh as she felt her very being revel in its new-found freedom. It was if the chains to her heart had been unlocked.

"It's... true... I am free at last!"

This did set well with a certain egomaniac as he ran toward her. "What the..?! NO! She's mine, I tell you!"


Jinnai was sent flying back from Ifurita's casual slap. Even though her power was now at a low ebb, she still sent him flying back more than a dozen feet.

At that moment, Fujisawa and Miz came running up to them from a side passageway.


Both Saiyan and Demon-God turned to the newcomers and smiled.

"You're... Fujisawa-sensei, aren't you?" Ifurita asked.

The history teacher stared in surprise at their former enemy. "Err... that's right. How... did you know that?"

She smiled as she replied. "I saw you in some of Trunks' memories."

Behind them, Jinnai groaned as he was helped up by a couple of the Bugrom. His nose dripped some blood as he said, "Damn you! You betrayed me, you miserable wind-up witch! SOLDIERS! ATTACK! KILL THEM ALL!!"

Hordes of Bugrom appeared from every adjoining passageway and began converging on the group.

Ifurita picked up her staff and prepared to retaliate, but slumped down weakly. Her power was too low.

However, Trunks still had a LOT of energy to spare as his aura powered up.



Shayla-Shayla and Afra Mann turned in the direction of the explosion and saw a huge spout of water explode from the front of the fortress. In that spout they saw four figures within it. Miz, Mr. Fujisawa were in front and Princess Fatora was being carried by a certain half-Saiyan.

"Trunks!" Both the Priestesses of the Wind and Fire said at the same time. They both began running toward him as he landed on the ground. Another explosion was heard and everyone looked back to see... Ifurita fighting the Bugrom?

"What is she doing?!" Shayla asked in complete bafflement.

Trunks handed Fatora's unconscious body to his sensei and flew back to help their new ally. Ifurita was too weak after her battle with him, but she was still determined to help.

A few blasts took out several dozen of the giant insects as Trunks landed beside her and lent her his arm for support. In a few minutes, the entire rescue party was off in their cruiser, heading back with the Princess Fatora. Mission accomplished.


As they sped out toward Florastika, the son of Vegita lay Ifurita down and asked Shayla and Afra to look after her.

"Where are you going, Trunks?" The red-haired priestess asked.

"Oh, I'm going to take of some business." He replied as he took off and flew back in the direction of the burning fortress. He soon hovered several hundred feet above the fortress and began focusing his powers.

At that moment, he decided to use a different move than the Kamehameha Wave. He took a new position with one leg bent and pulling his cupped hands back and up above his head. His aura took on a light violet color as he prepared to unleash his technique.


"What's he going to do?" Afra asked.

Shayla smiled and nodded. "I think he's about to cost the Bugrom... one fortress."



A tremendous power blast was let loose at the fortress as Trunks used his father's technique. When the beam hit, the entire structure was obliterated, along with the unfortunate Bugrom forces that were still inside. The surrounding areas trembled and cracked as they were subjected to the aftershocks of the blast. In front, the statue of Jinnai crumbled apart, along with the stronghold as the young Saiyan flew off to join his friends.


Jinnai sighed as he stood on a nearby ridge. "And it was such a GOOD likeness too!" He then growled with steam coming out of his head. "GRRRR! I'LL HAVE THEIR HEADS FOR THIS! INFORM THE TROOPS THAT WE WILL BE LAUNCHING AN ALL-OUT ATTACK ON ROSHTARIA!"


Back at the palace, as night was starting to give way to day...

In the Royal Chambers, Princess Rune could barely keep in her tears as she saw her sibling standing before her.

"Oh... Fatora! You're home!"

"Hi sis." Fatora replied as she and Rune embraced each other.

Off to one side, Allielle giggled as she said, "Ooh, I'm SO glad that Fatora has returned! I haven't been able to think of anyone else!"

Beside her, Shayla-Shayla became uneasy after being with Allielle and choked a bit.

When the two princesses broke their embrace, Rune took on a more serious tone. "Fatora, I know that you've been through a horrible ordeal and need some time to rest, but I must ask you to help me activate the Eye of God."

Fatora smirked as she chuckled evilly. "Heh, you don't have to worry about me, big sister. When I think about what those bastards did to me, I'll do anything to pay them back!" She then took on a maniacal look. "THEY'RE GOING TO WISH THEY NEVER HEARD OF PRINCESS FATORA! AH HA HA HA HA!" She then turned to Trunks, who was standing nearby. "And you there. Can I assume that you were the one who was playing my double?"

The half-Saiyan nodded as he replied with some reluctance. "Yes."

"Remarkable resemblance." Fatora said as she got a closer look at Trunks' features. "Of course, you have nowhere near my beauty!" She then gave him a nonchalant toss of her head. "As a commoner, you obviously enjoyed impersonating me, a princess of Roshtaria! I hope you have new respect for my rank."

Not really. Trunks thought to himself. He was only just meeting her, and already he didn't like her personality. She was spoiled, arrogant and rude. At least his father had SOME sense of dignity and respect toward others.

At that moment, Fatora spotted Ura hiding behind Trunks' legs.

"URA! What are doing? Don't you recognize your master? Come here!"

The living armor nervously padded toward her, but then flinched as the princess grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and hauled her up to glare at the cat.

"You're a useless animal! If you had done your duty and protected me, then I would have never have gone through that horrible ordeal!"

Ura could only look to Trunks helplessly. "T-Trunks."

Seeing his friend in trouble, the young Saiyan tried to protest in her behalf. "Hey, don't be so hard on her. She did the best she could and..."

"Stay out of this! This is none of your business!" Fatora snapped as she turned her attention back to the cat. "You failed in your duty and now you must be punished!"

Ura then decided where her loyalties lay and began writhing and reaching for Trunks. "Trunks! Trunks! Trunks!"

Fatora gave the cat a final look of disgust and then tossed her to the ground at Trunks' feet. "Fine then! GET LOST! Don't ever cross my path again! Maybe he'll take pity on you and keep you!"

Trunks gently picked up Ura in his arms while glaring at the spoiled brat he had helped rescue. "I'll be glad to keep her. In any case, who'd want to be around someone as spoiled and ungrateful as you, anyway?"

The young Saiyan's insolence got Fatora's temper rising. "What did you call me? Do you realize who you are speaking to? I am a member of the Royal House of Roshtaria and you will address me in the proper manner!"

Trunks snorted as he replied. "Hmph! You are nothing but a ROYAL PAIN in the butt, and I'm starting to regret saving you."

"How dare you?! I'll have your head for this, you peasant! I am a Princess of Roshtaria!"

"Not my Princess." Trunks said with an uncaring shrug. "I'm not from El Hazard, so I owe you no allegiance. And as for calling me a peasant, I'll have you know that I am also of royal birth." He tapped the crest that was engraved on his Saiyan armor. "My father is the Prince of all Saiyans, so that makes me a prince as well. And you're forgetting one important detail." He then triggered his transformation and became a Super-Saiyan. This made Fatora back off a bit as he addressed her in a stern voice. "I defeated Ifurita, which makes ME the most powerful fighter in El Hazard. You DON'T want me as an enemy."

At that moment, he turned his head toward an end table that was beside Fatora and glared at it. The furniture piece suddenly exploded into pieces, causing everyone to gasp. This effectively made Fatora pause as Trunks addressed her sister Rune Venus.

"Princess Rune, you don't have to use the Eye of God against the Bugrom. Without Ifurita, they're nothing more than a bunch of bugs. I could easily destroy them all."

Princess shook her head and said, "We thank you for your offer, Golden Champion, but as you said, you are not from El Hazard, and therefore this is not your concern. We are grateful for your saving my sister and all that you have done for us, but we shall deal with the Bugrom ourselves."

Fatora then regained her courage as she sided with her sister, "Yeah, we don't need you!"

Trunks ignored Fatora and said to Rune, "All right, Princess Rune. I kept my promise to save your sister. I'll leave the Bugrom to you."

Without another word, he walked out of the chambers with Ura in his arms.

Fatora then called at him with some parting taunts. "Yeah! Get lost! Go back to where you came from! We can handle the Bugrom. We've got the Eye of God! When you see it in action, then you'll be sorry you ever insulted the Royal House of Roshtaria!"

On the side, Allielle clapped her hands and said, "Ooh, Princess Fatora, I'm so glad that you haven't changed."

Fatora turned to her lover and said, "Ah, Allielle. Sweet sentiment, but you didn't cheat on me, did you?"

"How can I?" The young girl rushed over and cuddled up to Fatora while tracing a finger on her side. "You know that you're the only object for my affection."

"What about the redhead?"

Shayle then began frantically shaking her head.


In another bedchamber, Trunks was back to normal and was kneeling at the side of the bed where Ifurita was resting. Beside him was Ura.

"I'm... sorry that I wasn't more help to you." The Demon-God said. "My power must have weakened during my long slumber and our battle..."

"Hey, it's okay. I'm just sorry that I had to beat you so hard. The important thing is that you're free."

"I am free." Ifurita couldn't get over that fact.

"You'll be up and about in no time. Maybe what you need is a windup?" Trunks grasped the Power Key Staff that was leaning against the bed.

The Demon-God laughed lightly. "No thanks."


A little while later, both Princesses were standing atop the Stairway to the Sky as the communications antennae extended themselves to transmit to the Eye of God. Below them, Trunks and the others watched from ground. One of their party was not happy.

"Oh no! I'm out of cigarettes! I've got to have my nicotine fix! If I can't smoke, I don't know what I'll do!" Mr. Fujisawa looked about and saw a plant that had leaves that resembled those of a tobacco plant's. He plucked a leaf, rolled it up into a tube and put one end into his mouth. He took out his lighter and lit the other end. He took one puff and...


Trunk's sensei turned purple and began spouting flame before keeling over. That plant was definitely not a tobacco plant.

Both trunks and Nanami had sweat drops as they gazed at their teacher. At that moment, Afra came flying down and landed beside them.

"I've got bad news! Bugrom Forces are heading right for us!"


"Faster! Faster! We can't let them launch the Eye of God!" Jinnai said as he rode one of the huge transports toward the Stairway to the Sky. However, when he was less than a mile away, his forces suddenly stopped as their path was blocked by the Three Priestesses of Mount Muldoon.

"Hold it, right there!" Shayla said as she stood in front of Afra and Miz. "You're NOT going to get past us, so what's you're hurry?"

Jinnai however was not afraid, even though he no longer had Ifurita. "So it's those harpies again. Good! This gives me the chance to test out my new training tactics. Groucho!"

The purple-colored bug nodded as it blew a whistle, signaling its brethren to form lines.


Up above, the two Princesses of Roshtaria joined hands and began focusing their power toward the Eye of God, giving it commands and preparing it to fire.


"What the heck are they doing?" Shayla asked as the Bugrom linked arms and legs together. Then one line got onto the shoulders of another, then a third line mounted the second, followed by a forth. Then they opened up the carapaces on their backs and began emitting some kind of substance that enveloped their bodies, merging every Bugrom into one massive form. "How are we going to fight against that?!" Miz eeped.

On the Bugrom Transport, Jinnai laughed. "HA HA HA HA HA HA! Take a good look at our new strategic offense! Devised by me of course!" He then commanded the giant Bugrom. "Kill them! Crush them all!"

The behemoth began swinging its appendages, which were shaped like war clubs. The Three Priestess had to run for cover to avoid being hit by those weapons or crushed by its gigantic feet. Shayla fired a searing blast of flam at it, but the enormous insect deflected the shot with one of its arms. At that moment, Trunks, Nanami and Mr. Fujisawa came onto the scene.

"WHAT IS THAT?!" Nanami gasped.

"It's going to be toast in a few seconds!" Trunks said as he began powering up his aura.

However, just as he was about to cut loose, the giant Bugrom lurched forward and stomped down with one foot. Everyone managed to get out of the way... save for one. Mr. Fujisawa was an instant too slow and was crushed beneath the heel of the monster.

Miz let off a scream as she had witnessed her beloved disappear underneath that massive foot. Everyone else stood in shock.


"Mr. Fujisawa!"

Trunks felt his anger rising after seeing his favorite teacher killed by that sadistic Jinnai's pet. Just as he was about to go Super-Saiyan and shove that monster down Jinnai's throat, he heard a grunting noise coming from beneath the Bugrom's foot. Then the foot began to rise as something started pushing it up. Everyone gasped as they saw Mr. Fujisawa glowing with a faint red light as he lifted the heel up. Then, with one final grunt, he threw the Bugrom off balance as he knocked the foot to one side. The Bugrom went crashing onto its belly.

"Mr. Fujisawa!" Miz cried out as she saw that he was unharmed.

The usually drunk history teacher looked down at himself and said in amazement, "Wow! I'm stronger than I've ever been! I can feel the power coursing through me whole body!"

Nanami then gave her theory. "Maybe... when you ran out of cigarettes... you got stronger like you did when you stopped drinking."

At that moment, the giant insect began getting to its feet. However, as soon as he saw that, Masamichi went into action and began running toward it. He then leapt at its chest as it stood up and with absolutely no grace whatsoever, extended his right foot forward.



Trunks could only gape as his sensei went clear through the Bugrom's chest and out its back.

Well... not exactly what I'd do... but it worked!

"YES!" Fujisawa exclaimed as he landed on the other side. The gargantuan monster fell flat on its face again and was then grabbed by the toe by the ultra-powered Masamichi. Like an Olympic athlete competing in the Hammer Ball event, he started swinging the Bugrom above his head, building up speed and momentum.

"Shouldn't... we help him?" Shayla asked as she came to Trunks' side.

"Why? He's doing great on his own!" Trunks replied.

A moment later, Fujisawa let go of the Bugrom. The monster went flying up into the stratosphere and became a distant dot in the sky.

"MY GOD!" Miz exclaimed as she got a starry, lovesick look in her eyes. "WHAT A MAN!"

Jinnai was in a state of shock. Now if he had seen Trunks accomplish that feat, he wouldn't have been so surprised, but to witness the usually drunk Fujisawa do it was something else. "H-H-H-How could he?!" He turned to his entourage. "ONE LOUSY GUY BEAT US! DON'T YOU HAVE ANY SELF-RESPECT?!"


At that moment, on the Stairway to the Sky, Princess Rune and Princess Fatora aimed the Eye of God at the areas where the rest of the Bugrom forces were gathered... and fired.

The center of the Eye swiveled and let loose with a huge globe of black energy, which shot across the skies. The globe then split into five smaller globes; each of which went off in different directions. When they came to their designated coordinates, they hovered above the insects and began expanding into voids of nothingness. Like miniature black holes, they started sucking up the Bugrom into another dimension. A dimension of utter oblivion from which they would never return. Huge transports and even the giant Bugrom was sucked into the voids like dust mites into a vacuum cleaner. One void formed over the Bugrom Palace across the Holy River. Queen Diva's home was torn apart and drawn into it.

The entire process of cleansing El Hazard of the Bugrom took only a matter of minutes, and when it was all over, the giant insect race was no longer a threat.


"We did it, Rune!" Fatora said with a bit of a smug smile. "Like I said before, we didn't need that insolent Trunks! We got rid of the Bugrom ourselves and..."

"Wait! Something's wrong!" Rune interrupted as she noticed that the Eye of God was still active, shooting out more globes of energy and forming numerous voids all over Roshtaria. "The Eye of God isn't stopping!"

"What?!" Fatora looked up and saw that the weapon was indeed still working. "IT HAS TO STOP!"

At that moment, several figures came up through the elevator platform and ran toward them. Two other figures flew down from above. Afra Mann and Trunks had taken the direct route and flew up to the top.

"What's going on? Why hasn't the Eye of God stopped?" Afra asked.

"We can't stop it!" Rune replied. "It's not responding to our commands!"

It was then that they all heard a familiar voice as he laughed at their misfortune.

"HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Of course you can't stop the Eye of God! NO ONE CAN!"

Everyone turned around and saw the ruler of the Phantom Tribe standing on a nearby platform.

"Gallus!" Rune hissed at her former fiancé. "You're behind this?!"

Gallus smiled maliciously as he answered. "Yes! I had a special device placed within the Eye of God, which would activate the moment the weapon was put to use! Now it won't stop until all of El Hazard in a world of nothingness!"


Gallus smirked at her. "Because I seek revenge. Revenge for my people in which the Royal Family had condemned and cast out during the Holy Wars. Soon, you too shall know what it is like to spend your entire existence in darkness! And I shall observe it all from the very weapon that you thought as your salvation! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"

Before anyone could act, Gallus disappeared from view.

"Damn it all!" Shayla shouted. "That bastard planned it all from the start!"

Rune could only shake her head sadly as she looked at Trunks. If only she had accepted his offer in the first place, instead of insisting to use the Eye of God. Now it was too late.


"I might be able to stop it."

Fatora stopped in her blubbering as she heard this. Everyone else turned to Trunks.

The half-Saiyan nodded as he continued. "The Eye of God is a piece of Ancient Technology, right? If that's the case, then I could use my power to synchronize with it and shut it down."

"Even if you were to gain control of the Ee of God, Gallus and his minions will be waiting for you." Afra interjected. "It is impossible to see through their illusions."

Trunks shrugged. "Like they could stop a Super-Saiyan." He then transformed to his ultra-powered self. "Besides, we do have ways of getting around their tricks."

At that moment, someone else came up the elevator. "HEY! WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA OF LEAVING ME BEHIND! I'M REALLY PISSED AT YOU GUYS!"

The group turned to the sister of Katsuhiko Jinnai and gave her a knowing look.


Trunks flew up toward the Eye of God with Nanami in his arms. Ura was wrapped around her for protection. Behind him was Afra with Shayla clinging to her waist. Both Priestesses were wearing the enhanced Scouters that Trunks had brought along with him when he came back to El Hazard. The devices were set to pick up the energy signatures of the Phantom Tribe and could also pick up heat signals from living people. As they neared the most powerful weapon of El Hazard, they noticed something strange. The huge globe was moving toward the capital city of Florastika and gaining altitude.

"Trunks! It's moving!" Nanami cried out.

The son of Vegita nodded. "Looks like Gallus still has some control over the Eye and wants to get a bird's eye view of Roshtaria's destruction." He then increased his speed and soon landed on the surface of the weapon. As he was setting Nanami down, the two Priestess came down to a landing behind them. They both switched on their Scouters and began scanning about. Seeing no hidden enemies at the moment, they all began running across the surface. The Wind Priestess then pointed to a nearby structure that looked like a giant vent.

"There! That's the main power outlet that allows the Princesses to communicate with the Eye of God. It leads straight into the heart of the weapon!"

"All right, then that's where I have to go. Stand back and..." Trunks suddenly stiffened as he felt the presences of some certain people. At the same time, the Scouters began beeping their warning signals. Just as Trunks drew his sword, Nanami shouted out and pointed toward a large control antennae.

Gallus and several dozen of his followers appeared from out of nowhere. They were all armed with swords, spears and such. The leader stepped forward and grinned at the Super-Saiyan.

"Well, if it isn't the other-worlders who are supposed to have great powers!" Gallus sneered. "Well if you think I'm going to let you ruin my plans when I'm so close to victory, then you are mistaken! You shall not stop the Eye of God!"

"Well see about that!" Trunks said as he took to the air.

At that moment, the entire Phantom Tribe attack force vanished in a haze of white mist as they used their illusionary powers to hide from sight.

However, they were not invisible to Nanami or the Scouters.

"Look out behind you Shayla-Shayla!"

The Fire Priestess swerved to the right to avoid being gutted by a spear, then unleashed a scorching blast at her unseen attacker. The Phantom man screamed in agony as he was incinerated. The redhead then pivoted on one foot and nodded as her Scouter beeped and indicated three more body heat signatures and energy readings. Another fiery blast sent a trio of Gallus' followers into oblivion. She continued frying more and more of them as they were revealed by the Scouter.

Afra was using high-pressure air blasts like battering rams to dispatch her attackers. She marveled at the device over her right eye, which showed where each of her unseen opponents were. More and more of the Phantom Tribe fell under the onslaught.

High above, Trunks was using his own senses to detect his foes, using ki blasts to destroy them. However, he still searched for the one who was the cause of this. He wanted to stop Gallus once and for all.

He then heard a scream and recognized it was Nanami's. He looked down and gasped as she saw that Gallus' boy servant Nahato had sneaked up behind her and now had a knife pressed up against her throat. She had been so busy covering Shayla and Afra's backs, she had neglected to watch her own.

Gallus laughed as he reappeared and addressed to Afra, Shayla and Trunks. "Surrender now, or the girl dies! You are too late! The Eye of God has now passed the point of no return! It can not be stopped and..."


Nahato screamed as some sharp teeth sunk into the hand that was holding the knife. He had not noticed that Nanami had Ura wrapped around her and the cat was now biting down into his flesh. His hand opened by reflex, dropping the blade.

Nanami took this opportunity to slam an elbow into Nahato's side and then tossed him over her shoulder. The boy went sprawling as she stood up and glared. She couldn't believe that she had thought he was cute.

"Serves you right, you little brat!"


Nanami screamed for the second time as she turned and saw Gallus charging at her with a sword. She tried to run backward, but to her horror, found out that she was near the sloping side of the Eye's surface. She stumbled and went tumbling down. However, Ura reached out with her paws, extended her claws and dug into the metal, stopping herself and Nanami from falling over. But with her front legs clinging to the surface of the Eye of God and her hind legs and body wrapped around Nanami, Ura couldn't do anything else as Gallus leapt at them with his dagger aimed at the girl's face.

Just as Trunks was about to dive down to save her, a bolt of energy shot forward and burned a hole in Gallus' chest. The ruler of the Phantom Tribe screamed in agony as he staggered back for a moment, but then lurched forward, determined to kill Nanami before he died. At that moment, the Super-Saiyan got between him and his victim, delivered a sweep kick to knock him off his feet, then with another kick, sent him flying up.

Gallas attained several dozen yards straight up, but just as he reached the apex of his ascent and was about to fall back down, Trunks blurred into view above him with sword drawn.


With one quick slash, the blade passed clean through and for one split second, the despot saw Trunk's face seeming to split into two.

As Future Trunks had done with Frieza, Present Day Trunks began giving a rapid series of slashes which reduced Gallus to pieces. Before the segments could fall, Trunks extended one hand and let loose with a burst of ki. Gallus, or what was left of him was blasted to the next dimension.

"MY LORD!" Nahato screamed as he had witnessed his emperor cut apart and destroyed. He picked up his knife and then charged with utter bloodlust at Nanami, determined to finish what his master had started.

"NANAMI!" Trunks shouted as he acted within a split second.

Just as the Phantom Boy was about to deliver the death strike, something plowed into his chest and sent him hurtling towards a control antenna. He slammed into the metal and found himself pinned to the mechanism. He looked down and saw that Trunks' sword had run him through. The Saiyan had hurled his sword and Nahato was now impaled upon it, his life's blood trickling away.

Trunks landed before him and gave the dying boy a saddened, yet determined look. "It's over."

Nahato managed to sneer at the so-called Golden Champion as he gasped his last words. "No... my... Lord has... won. The Eye of God has gone past... the point... of no return. You may have destroyed... my people, but... we are the final... victors."

At that point, Nahato slumped down and his body disintegrated into dust, which blew away with the breeze. The last of the Phantom Tribe was gone. As Trunks removed his weapon from where it was embedded, Nanami and the others came running toward him.

"Trunks! You killed... I mean.. you.." Nanami began.

The son of Vegita shook his head as he sheathed his blade. "Both Gallus and his servant would have killed you without a second thought. It was either them or you, Nanami."

"He is right." Ifurita said as she came down from the skies. Everyone turned to look at her and realized that she must have been the one who had shot Gallus before Trunks had dispatched him.

"Ifurita! What are you doing here? You should be resting!" Trunks asked, then shook his head. "Never mind that now!" He began running toward the access port which led to the center of the Eye of God. He stopped at the edge as the others caught up to him.

Afra shook her head as she looked about and saw that more and more voids were forming. "I'm afraid it's too late now."

"What do you mean? I can still shut it down!"

The Wind Priestess shook her head again. "No. The Eye of God is now emitting dimensional energies exponentially. Even if you were able to deactivate it, you would become trapped in a vortex of reality and thrown across time and space. Who knows where you might end up!"

"It's a chance I'll have to take!" He then addressed both Ifurita and Afra. "You two will have to fly Nanami and Shayla down and..."

"No Trunks. It is I who must go." Ifurita said as she pressed her Key Staff into the Saiyan's hands.


"Do you not remember? The school and how you came to El Hazard?" The Demon-God said. "I must have gained an ability that I do not yet possess from the Eye of God, which allowed me to send you and the others to this world. I must have been thrown through time and space, where I drifted for ten thousand years before landing on Earth. Therefore, it was I, not you who went into the Eye."

"But I'm the only one who can synchronize with the Eye!" Trunks protested.

"Do not worry. With my Key Staff, you will be able to maintain a direct link with me and instruct me on how to deactivate the Eye of God."

"But you can't! You're still too weak from our battle and you were close to dying when we met! And without your staff, you won't be able to rewind and if your main spring runs down, you'll die!"

Ifurita simply smiled as said, "But it has already been decided and I will risk my existence if it will keep you safe. Farewell... my dearest Trunks."


However, Ifurita already dove down and let loose with a brief, but bright flare of light.


This caught Trunks off guard as he tried to stop her. In that instant, a force-field was erected and prevented him from going any further as the Eye of God went into its final stages.

Seeing that it was dangerous to remain, Trunks swept up Nanami as Shayla was carried by Afra. As they descended toward the ground, Trunks maintained his mental link with Ifurita through her staff.


Thank you my dearest Trunks. Before I met you, I had no happy memories, nothing to live for.

Then... let you give you... mine!

As Ifurita descended toward the depths of the Eye of God, she began seeing images in her mind. She saw herself as a young girl as she watched eight-year-old Trunks battle Goten in the World Martial Arts Tournament, then later take the Disguise of Mighty Mask to compete in the adult division. She then saw him during the Majin Buu incident and grew up with him during his teen years. She became a student in Mr. Fuijsawa's class and met with all of his friends, Goku, Gohan, Videl, Krillin, Piccolo and so on. All that Trunks had experienced became hers.

Thank you, Trunks. Until we meet anew.


On the ground, on the observation deck of the palace, Trunks and the others watched as the Eye of God shuddered and trembled. They waited for the moment of salvation or destruction as the energies within the weapon pulsated, threatening to explode. It was the longest minute anyone could remember. Then... it was over. The Eye of God grew silent as the clouds cleared.

Trunks could only shake his head sadly and said, "She did it. She stopped it, but... she's gone. I don't feel her presence, even with the staff."

As the crowds below began cheering that disaster had been averted, the young Super-Saiyan sighed as he turned away from the balcony. It was then that the cheers became screams of horror. Trunks turned back to the balcony and saw the crowds below pointing toward the Eye of God. He looked up and his blood turned cold as he saw that the massive weapon was falling... toward Florastika.

"What's happening?"

Princess Rune could only shake her head in disbelief. "It must have been Gallus! It appears that he not only sabotaged the control mechanisms of the Eye of God, but also the systems which kept it aloft. When the Eye deactivated, it also shut off the anti-gravity fields! Apparently, if Gallus couldn't destroy El Hazard, he'd settle for the destruction of our capital!"

Shayla slammed a hand on the railing. "DAMN IT ALL! That bastard!"

"So what are we going to do? No one can stop that thing!" Nanami gasped.

Trunks laid the Key Staff off to one side and said quietly, "There's no choice now. I am going to have to... destroy it."

"WHAT?!" Everyone gasped as Trunks took off and flew down to where the Eye Of God would impact with the capital city. He landed in the center square of the city and saw that most of the people had scattered for cover and left the area empty. He then looked up at the descending weapon and began powering up. He then decided on the technique that he would use, thinking that it was appropriate.

Father... for all that you tried to teach me about being a Saiyan... this one's for you.

Bending down on one knee, he started focusing his power and using another technique that he had figured out in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. His mother had told him about it, and it had taken him months to figure out how Goku had done it. With his increased Super-Saiyan powers, he was certain that it would be enough.


His battle aura increased by a thousand-fold as a ball of violet energy formed in his hands. When he felt that the power could no longer be held in check, he let it fly.


The beam released by Trunks would have obliterated North America, but he had to make certain that the Eye of God was totally destroyed with no large fragments left over to endanger the inhabitants. The blast caused aftershocks to be sent across the capital city, shaking many of the buildings to their foundations. The attack struck the Eye of God dead center and was enveloped. The super-strong alloys melted like butter and the infrastructure began buckling under the stress. Finally, the Eye of God could no longer withstand the energies being forced on it and was closed... forever.

The weapon was sent straight back up and exploded like a miniature super-nova, leaving nothing but ashes in its wake. Then the skies cleared and all became silent. Down below, Trunks fell flat on his face from his effort and reverted back to his normal self.

OW! I think I overdid it!


Sitting on a ledge that overlooked Florastika, Jinnai and the Bugrom he called Groucho were in a state of deep depression. It appeared that they were the only ones who had escaped the Eye of God's power when it obliterated the Bugrom Race.

"Well, Groucho... I guess it's just you and me."

The insect nodded and replied with a series of clicks.

"Mr. Jinnai!"

Both stood up and saw Queen Diva being carried by five other Bugrom on her dais. "It's Diva! And Harpo, Cheeko, Zeppo, Gummo and Alice! They're still alive!"

The Bugrom Empress nodded as she explained. "We were getting extra supplies for the troops when it happened."

Jinnai then took on a new face as he said, "Hah! Then that means it isn't over yet! Just you wait, Trunks! We'll rebuild a new empire and you will finally bend to my will! WAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"


A few days later...

The city of Florastika was still in a state of jubilation after the utter defeat of the Bugrom and the salvation of their city. However, with the Eye of God destroyed, (the symbol of the unity between the kingdoms), the had to be something, or someone to keep the nations from conflict.

In the Royal Chambers of Rune Venus...

"I don't know WHY I have to do this!" Trunks complained as the handmaidens added the final touches to his new outfit. Ironically, they were the same girls who had made his Fatora disguise.

"I don't know what you're complaining about, Trunks! I think it looks great!" Nanami said as she straightened out the navy blue cape that was attached to the shoulder epaulets, which had been added to the Saiyan armor he was wearing. The Royal Crest that his father had engraved in the breastplate was now accentuated with gold and crimson etching, thanks to the Roshtarian artisans. His boots had been given extra lines with overlapping cuffs on their tops, giving them a pirate-swashbuckling style.

"Yes, you look very regal!" Afra added as she admired the new gauntlets he was wearing in lieu of his regular white gloves. "A TRUE image of the Golden Champion!"

"I like this look a LOT better than your OTHER outfit." Shayla said with a smile.

"Trunks look nice!" Ura said as she rubbed up against his leg.

Trunks sighed. It had been bad enough that he had to pretend to be a princess to keep the nations of El Hazard together, but now he had to be someone else! He began having bad flashbacks of Gohan in his Great Saiyaman disguise. With the Eye of God destroyed, the neighboring kingdoms had to have some SYMBOL in order to keep them at ease and assure them that they were protected. And since Trunks was going to remain in El Hazard for at least a year, Princess Rune had thought that his presence could give the citizens hope and eventually become united through trust, rather than through some symbol.

"Trunks! They're waiting for you!" Namami told him after getting the message from one of Rune's servants.

The half-Saiyan sighed again and nodded as he went toward the balcony. Just as he was about to take off, Jinnai's sister called after him.

"Trunks! They're expecting the GOLDEN Champion, remember?"

The teen sighed once more before transforming to a Super-Saiyan, then took to the air for a tour about the city. Below him, the crowds cheered as they witnessed the return of the legendary savior of their world. As he flew about, making a few low passes, Trunks couldn't help but smile back at the cheers and smiles that were directed at him. He then made a beeline toward the observation deck of the palace where the leaders of the neighboring nations and Princess Rune were waiting. As he came down for a landing, his thoughts were a million miles away, or this case... ten thousand years away.

Ifurita, I hope that you will be safe and I promise you... I'll see you in a year.


Speaking of whom, at Shinnanome High School, that fateful day...

"Trunks! My dearest Trunks! I have waited patiently for this day. For ten thousand years, I have only thought of you, my dearest Trunks!"

A younger, inexperienced half-Saiyan could only stand in confusion as he was embraced by a strange girl who was battered and wore tattered clothes.

"Through the endless nights, you were the only thing that kept me going these past ten millennia." Ifurita continued.

"Excuse me, but.... who are you?" Trunks asked as he and Ifurita stood in the middle of the ruins.

"You mean... you've forgotten?" Ifurita then remembered that this Trunks had yet to meet with her. She then broke off the embrace and stepped back. "No matter. Time grows short and my power has dwindled with the passage of time. With my remaining strength, I shall send you to El Hazard."

"El Hazard? What are you talking about?!"

"Go now... and be safe... my brave Saiyan."

"Hold on! How do you know that I'm a Saiyan...?"

At that moment, Ifurita let loose with a bright light, which engulfed Trunks and those who were still in the school, namely Nanami, Mr. Fujisawa and Jinnai. A moment later, they were gone, leaving only the Demon-God.

Ifurita then fell to her knees and a tear ran down her cheek. She had waited ten thousand years to meet with Trunks and had only been able to see and touch him for a few minutes before sending him off. But to her, it had been worth it. Now the question was... what was she going to do now?

She then remembered the images that Trunks had given to her in the Eye of God and one such metal picture burned brightly. It was an image of a large structure called... Kami's Lookout.

Though she knew that it would exhaust whatever remaining energy she had, she took off into the sky.


A few days later...

Vegita turned his back after his son and those two girls had disappeared and sent back to El Hazard. At that moment, he heard the other Z Fighters and their friends gasp in shock as something came down and crashed onto the platform of Kami's Lookout.

The Prince of All Saiyans joined his wife and daughter as they looked at what appeared to be a girl in tattered, outlandish clothes and looked as if she had taken on the Ginyu Force, Frieza, Cell and Majin Buu all at once.

"Who are you?" Vegita demanded.

The girl was just barely able lift her head and said in a quiet whisper, "I am... Ifurita."


The Capsule Corp...

"So my son saved El Hazard?" Bulma said as she tended to Ifurita's damaged systems. She was lying on the same work table that Bulma had used to repair Android Sixteen.

"Yes... he defeated me and freed me. He is a very.. special young man."

Bulma couldn't help but smile at Ifurita's praise of her offspring after the Demon-God had told her of what happened when Trunks came back to El Hazard. "Yes, he is, but then again I always knew that. After all, I am his mother."

"I only saw him for that brief moment before sending him to El Hazard, but it was worth the ten thousand years of waiting. I was glad to have seen him one last time."

"And what do you mean by that? You'll see him again in a year."

Ifurita sat up at these words. "W-W-What? But... I FELT the Eye of God being destroyed, just after I was flung through time and space!"

Bulma shrugged and smiled. "Who needs an Eye of God, when we've got Dragon Balls?"

"Dragon Balls?"

The mother of Trunks laughed as she told the Demon-God about the mystical orbs and of the Dragon Sheng Long.

Meanwhile, scattered all across the Earth, the seven Dragon Balls were laying in their new hiding places, turned into ordinary stones until the time in which the Eternal Dragon would once again grant wishes to the person who found them.


Author's Notes

Well, that does it for Dragon Ball Hazard, and I hope everyone enjoyed it. I certainly enjoyed writing it. As for the next obvious question... yes, I did write Dragon Ball Hazard 2... on paper. And as for the following question as to whether or not it will posted, the answer is yes... eventually. Until then, I'm going back to my other stories now. Any other questions can be e-mailed to me at animeaddiction@hotmail.com.