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Chapter One

Team 7 was summoned by the Hokage. They were in his office waiting for him to tell them why they were there.

"Today a young shinobi has arrived from the Village Hidden In The Mist and I will place the child in your team. I hope that you will welcome your new partner as they will remain in your team permanently."

They were all surprised to hear that they would be getting someone else in their team and even more surprised at hearing that they came from the Hidden Mist Village. Kakashi stepped forward.

"Hokage-sama, why has a shinobi from the Hidden Mist Village come here?"

"It is a complicated matter, but the new Gennin was originally from Konoha. I will tell you the details of her arrival later Kakashi. For now I think you should all meet her."

The door opened and a young girl with short blond hair that reached her shoulders and blue eyes stepped in. She was thin, but looked to be healthy. She was wearing a pair of black trousers that reached halfway to her calves and a white shirt with black trimming and a black sash (like Tsunade's shirt). She had a headband from the Hidden Mist Village. She stepped in without looking at the others. She looked nervous.

"This is Rei Hatori and she will be joining your team. I think that she will be a good addition to your team. I expect you to treat her kindly and help her around the village. Remember that she is new here and so you will need to help her until she gets used to things. Now, you children can leave. I believe Kakashi has some things he wants to discuss."

Naruto, Sasuke, Rei, and Sakura left. They went outside. Sasuke looked at the girl that was his new teammate. She looked weak to him. He hoped she wasn't as weak as Sakura and he really hoped she wasn't as obsessed with him as Sakura. He shuddered a bit as he thought of his fangirls.

'God, please don't let her be crazy.' He thought.

Sakura looked at Rei and was glad to have another girl in his team. Sometimes it was annoying to have to put up with the guys' constant fights. She looked at her and saw that she was really pretty. She looked nice, but she also looked a bit nervous. Could it be that being around someone as good looking as Sasuke made her nervous? What if she liked Sasuke too?

'I won't let her steal my Sasuke-kun!"

Naruto looked at the new girl and immediately noticed how pretty she was.

'Wow, she might be even prettier than Sakura-chan!' He thought as he stared at her.

Then Naruto had an idea. They were supposed to show her around the village and welcome her so he would take her to the best place in town.

"Hey, you guys, why don't we take Rei-chan to Icharaku ramen. I bet she'll like it!"

"That's a good idea. Come on Rei-chan, you must be hungry after traveling from such a far place." Sakura said grabbing Rei's arm.

They headed to the ramen shop with Naruto leading the way, Sakura dragging Rei along and Sasuke in the back pretending he didn't know the other idiots. As they walked he looked at the new girl. There was something about her that was strange. It was like she was hiding something. He dismissed the thought as being absurd.

"Hokage-sama, what is the real reason that she is here? Why couldn't she stay in the Hidden Mist Village?"

"Kakashi, the girl has had a very troubling past. You see, her father was from our village, but her mother was a shinobi from the Hidden Mist. During a mission her father met her mother and they got married. They lived in our village for a while, but when she was five they left to the Hidden Mist Village. She trained there and became a Gennin, but a month ago her parents were killed. She barely escaped with her life. Perhaps the only reason that she is still alive is because of her special abilities."

"Special abilities?"

"Yes, she inherited the Kekkei Genkai from her father. Doesn't the name Hatori sound familiar to you?"

Kakashi thought about it and gasped once he remembered.

"You mean…she's…"

"Yes, she has that power. That is why she is so important. She is the last of her clan and so she must grow up to be strong. That is why I have put you in charge of her. I know that you can help her get stronger, besides, you already have a student in the same situation. I think that she will get along well with Sasuke."

"I hope you're right." Kakashi sighed.

This would be harder than he thought.

Back at the ramen shop Sakura and Naruto were interrogating Rei and trying to find out who she was.

"So, how long did you stay in the Hidden Mist Village?"

"About seven years."

"So you know how to do jutsus from the Hidden Mist and Konoha?" Asked Naruto.


"Where are you going to stay?"

"I'll stay at my father's house."

"Why did you leave Konoha?"

"My mother was from Kirigakure and my father was from Konoha."

"Where are your parents?" Sakura said.

Rei paused and looked down at her ramen. Sasuke looked at her puzzled at her reaction.

"They died." She said.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to…" Sakura said.

"It's okay. You didn't know. I should get home, I have to arrange my things. I'm looking forward to working with you." She left.

Sasuke looked at her departing form and frowned. So she was alone like him. Maybe things wouldn't be as bad as he thought. Maybe she wouldn't be a rabid fangirl.

End Chapter One

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