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Chapter One

"Damn that woman" Tokiya muttered to himself as he pondered how she got him to come.


"Not in a million year!"

"Come on Mi-chan!" Fuuko said, while giving him a truly pathetic look, complete with big doggy eyes and nibbling at her lower lip.

If only he didn't have pride as high as mount Everest or even higher, he would have laughed his head off. But this was Mikagami Tokiya we're talking about, 'The Hokage Iceberg... So instead of laughing till his stomach and face hurts, he just rolled his eyes and showed her, that whatever it was she was doing, it wasn't working. He then turned his back on her and started walking again.

"HEY BAKA, don't just walk away from me like that, after..."she yelled at his silently retreating form, and as she was about to explode, she got an idea.

"AFTER IMPREGNANTING ME, YOU JUST LEAVE!" she continued. Tokiya stopped dead in his track. He could hear people started whispering and trying to comfort the now loudly crying girl.

"He promised me we would be together forever... she sniffed. An old lady was now holding Fuuko's hands and was listening to whatever she was telling.

"I felt he... loved me then, but now" she wailed. "He has found someone elsssseeee!!!" she continued wailing.

Now two men started approaching Tokiya.

"How the hell can you do that to her, don't you have a heart, you cold bastard!" one of them said trying to grab a hold of him, but Tokiya was quick to dodge. But unfortunately not quick enough to dodge an old woman with her umbrella, who hit him on the head.

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE, can't you see she's playing you?"

"Now he's even denying me!" she said with watery eyes.

Tokiya quickly walked over to where Fuuko was standing and grabbed her hand, trying to pull her out of the café, but she pulled away. Tokiya looked at her with serious eyes.

"Fuuko, I swear to God if you don't stop this, i'm" Tokiya whispered, hissing out the words. She looked him straight in the eyes, challenging.

"NO, Promise me first!" she replied not waiting for him to finish his words.

They were now having a staring competition, each daring the other to blink and surrender. Then Tokiya gave her an annoyed look and shrugged.

"FINE, you win!" he said.

"YEAH!" she smiled wickedly and started jumping up and down, while clapping her hands. People was giving them a confused look. Tokiya could feel heat starting to rise to his face.

He narrowed his eyes and said, "Monkey, this isn't a zoo. Come on!"

Fuuko then stopped and threw herself at Tokiya, jumped up and wrapped her legs around him. Tokiya was too shocked to react, but he just instinctly held her closer to him, so she wouldn't fall down.

"Now, for the standing ovation!" she smiled at him. She held his face by her hands and gently kissed his lips, then she deepened the kiss, plunging her tongue deep into his mouth, urging his to hers. He held her even closer and kissed her more passionately to show her his acceptance. He could hear the audience clapping and cheering, but all he could focus on was her lips on his. She tasted like strawberry...

Fuuko slowly pulled away from the kiss and gasped for air. Her ckeeks all flushed pink, her eyes glowing and her lips red and swollen from kissing. Never had she been more beautiful than she was right there, in his arms. Unconsciously, she touched her lips with her fingertips, then touched his. She then tried to avoid his intense gaze and lowered herself from him, as she let go of him. She then turned to the people around them, she then held her hand up and the people awed in chorus as a gold ring with diamonds shone on her slender finger.

'Nani? Where did that come from' Tokiya thought.

She then took a hold on Tokiya's hand and pulled him out, while the crowd where cheering and congratulating them.

They stopped as they reached two blocks away from the café. They were still holding hands and they haven't even noticed.

"Now I can never show my face in there anymore, thanks to you monkey!" he hissed.

"Relax, it's not as is they liked you anyway!"

"But seriously, what the hell was that for!"

"What?" Fuuko asked trying to act innocent as she let go of his hand. She started walking ahead.

"Don't do that, it doesn't soothe you to act like that! Everyone knows that you're the devil in disguise!" he said with a smirk on his face, as he followed her. She stopped and punched his shoulder playfully for his insolence and stuck her tongue out at him, which made him laugh.

"You know I like you like this! Smiling looks good on you." she said smiling gently at him as she continued walking.

Tokiya stood still for a second or two, then started walking after her again. There was a silence between them. It was a little strange but not awkward, it was peaceful.

"Anou... But what about the?" he asked her with low voice.

"Nah... It was a part of the show! Besides it was the perfect ending. The heroine gets the man she loves. Everyone loves a happy ending" she chuckled wickedly.

"And those people wouldn't have let us go if I didn't do that!" she continued.

"Fine, whatever!"

Fuuko then stopped walking. They were now in front of her house and they just stood as if paralyzed. Neither knew what to do. Fuuko didn't know if she should just run inside or turn around to bid him goodnight. Tokiya broke the silence.

"Just go in already, or we will be standing here till dawn!" he said a bit annoyed. She then turned around and looked him in the eyes and kissed his cheek.

"Goodnight Mi-chan!" she said as she started running towards her front door, but she stopped before opening it.

"Don't forget about your promise Mi-chan. So you better be there Friday, if you're not i'm gonna have to drag you by the hair out of your house."

"Try and you die!"

"Besides Yanagi would be diappointed if you don't come!"

"I think i'll live"

Fuuko then turned her head and looked at him with a crease between her brows and a very scare expression on her face. Tokiya took a step back and held his hands up as a sign of surrender.

Tokiya wondered how a picture of Fuuko getting angry with him scared him more, than to see the replica of his sister in tears. He was lost in his thought for while.

"FINE, i'll be there okay!" he then said with a small smile.

"Heh, that's the second time today you surrender Tokiya. Are you going soft on me?" she then started laughing.

"In your dreams Kirisawa..."

"Another night with those idiots" Tokiya shooked his head.

"Damn monkey and her zoo animal friends!" Tokiya cursed as he kicked a small rock out of his way.

Tokiya was now on his way to Recca's house as he promised and he was definitely in a bad mood. He really didn't want to go to another one of Recca's drink-your-brain-off-party. But it's not as if Fuuko gave him any choice. Besides Yanagi and Kagerou too insisted on him to come.