I know, I know! A third one? I must be crazy! This just popped into my head.

Just so all of you people don't get severely pissed of about this being Mary-Sewage, it's not. This is based on my sister and I. What is made up and what is non-fiction, well- that's up to you to guess.

Keep on truckin'



My sister and I are the token 'black sheep' of our family. And it's not because of my sister's unhealthy obsession with black clothing, although that probably doesn't help. We aren't exactly social.

At all-too-common family gatherings my sister and I would lurk in the corners, plotting the deaths of our relatives.

Occasionally we would actually join in on the conversation, which was about us more often than not.

"So, Lila," my great aunt began to prod my sister, "how do you like your new school?" This was code for, 'how is your new school. You know, the one you didn't try to set on fire?'

Yeah- my sister got transferred, but it wasn't her fault. She hated her old school with a passion. Now she goes to a school on the other side of the city, but she's not complaining.

All the other girls our age in our family are princesses, with too-large-for-their-faces sunglasses and perky attitudes.

My sister and I are the girls wearing torn stockings with thick eyeliner, always being the ones to provide much needed sarcasm. I think they pity us. Absent father, dead mother- sure, why not pity the black sheep?

Lila is the antisocial one out of the two of us. She would spend the entire night on her mobile phone to her boyfriend, and god forbid when they meet him! I, on the other hand, make an effort to socialise with cousins of my age group. Sure, they're princesses with no sense of humour but it's better than sitting next to my sister while she talks on the phone.

It was (how do I put this?) strange, when I first met Magenta. She was staying with a cousin of mine because her mom was away on business, and didn't trust her in the house alone. So when she came to a family dinner, I was sceptical. If she was a friend of my cousin, she must be one of… them.

I was pleasantly surprised.

She stood there with streaked hair and thick eyeliner, rolling her eyes and making sarcastic comments about everything!

"Hey," she introduced herself, "I'm Maj."

"Kerri," I answered before muttering sarcastically, "Some party, huh?"

Maj just scoffed and leaned against the wall behind her saying, "I could think of more pleasant things to do. Like slowly and painfully killing myself."

I nodded and smirked a little.

"What school do you go to?" I asked her. Her eyes became wide for a second before she answered, "It's a private school… out of town, and you wouldn't know it."

I was taken a little aback by her response but I didn't think much of it.

Lila stalked past me, heading for the door. "And where do you think you're going?" I asked her, raising an eyebrow.

"Benny's picking me up," she answered. Only fifteen minutes into our dinner/torture and she gets pulled out by a 6-foot bleached maniac. Oh well.

"Who's Benny?" Maj asked from next to me.

"Her boyfriend," I scoffed.

Benny's all right, actually. But he gets Lila out of everything and I usually have to go solo at dinner because of it. But not that night, that night I had Magenta.

Magenta reminded me a lot of myself. I had blonde hair with strange coloured streaks that varied from month to month, depending on how bothered I could be to change them This month they were blue, but the old red streaks, although dyed over, were still slightly visible at the ends of my hair.

Magentas black/purple hair made me smile. Magenta.

The rest of the night was the two of us sitting in the corner, muttering sarcastically about my relatives who seemed to get on Maj's nerves almost as much as they did on mine.

"How long are you staying with Bianca?" I asked. Bianca was the least annoying of my cousins, but still managed to make me want to gag.

"I'm actually getting picked up by a friend tonight after dinner and I'll stay with him for the rest of the weekend," Maj told me. I nodded and said, "cool."

And how I was wrong. It wasn't cool. It was hot. Scorching hot. When her friend came to pick her up I almost fainted.

"Warren?" I asked slowly.

"Kerri?" he asked back.

"This totally isn't awkward at all," Maj tried to laugh it off nervously, "how do you guys know each other?"

"Complicated," Warren and I answered in unison, both of us unable to form full sentences.

"See you around, Magenta. You make this a whole lot less painful," I smiled at Maj as she was pulled to the doorway by Warren, who probably wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible.

At home I lay on my bed, staring at my Nikki Sixx poster that I had mounted on my ceiling. Lila walked in through the door and I sat up on my bed, walking out of my room.

"Lila," I began, "You will never guess who I saw at dinner tonight?"

"The Grim Reaper? A Coroner?" She asked hopefully.

"Better… or worse. Depending on how you look at it," I answered uncertainly.


"Warren," I told her, watching as her forehead wrinkled in thought.

"Ex boyfriend, Warren?" she asked me. I nodded.

"How?" she asked me, concerned.

"He was picking up Magenta, they're friends," I said.

"Ouch," she told me.

I could only nod again.

"How does he look?" she asked me, coming into my room to sit on my bed.

"Like a leather-clad god, as always," I smiled.

It was weird, you see. Warren and I never officially broke up. We technically weren't even together. We were just two people who shagged occasionally.

But god, he was hot. And that made me wonder about his powers, which I knew about. I wondered if Maj knew about them. Probably. Now things added up, she went to Sky High with him. Something in my head clicked. That's why she didn't tell me what school she went to.

I, unfortunately, didn't go to Sky High. Although my sister could, she doesn't want to draw attention to her power, which is telekinesis. She just wants to go to her crappy Art School and be a designer.

I don't even have any powers! My dad did. But he went inactive a few years before the divorce, and doesn't like to talk about it (when he does talk to us, anyway)

I wasn't sure if my mom had had a super power, probably not. I had never asked, and it was too late to ask now.

Seeing Warren had made me think, were we just two people who sometimes fucked? Or was it more? Probably not.