Chapter Five

We never saw Charles Huchard again, even though I am fairly sure that that isn't his real name. But the incident was the beginning of the end. Warren became distant. Even though I wasn't necessarily his 'girlfriend' as such, I felt really upset that he started to block me out.

When I went to Lila for help she simply said, "Give him space." Space? That, I thought, was bullshit, seeing as space wasn't what we needed. I knocked on the door of his apartment one evening and he answered. To my [pleasant surprise, he was shirtless, and I fought to keep my eyes at his face.

"I think something's up," was my greeting.


"You're acting strange."

"Why would I--"

"You've been weird ever since the FBI thing," I told him sternly. He backed me up against the wall and said, "I don't want to talk about the FBI thing."

Figures. He never really wanted to talk, anyway.

"But I'm pissed off abo--"

I was interrupted by his mouth crushing against mine. I'm not sure if he wanted to shut me up or if he really thought I was in his apartment for sex. Maybe I was, because that's where it led.

That same night, back at home, Lila raised an eyebrow at me as she saw my crumpled clothing and messy hair. "You guys seem to be doing that a lot," she murmured as she let me in the front door.

Before I left Warrens apartment he had kissed me. Not like he usually did, which was rough, animal like and basically just horny. He kissed me softly, like he knew me. It was one of those things that are hard to describe. It wasn't as if fireworks went off or anything, it was simply serene.

That was the last night I slept with Warren Peace.


Now, I sat on my bed contemplating what had happened over the past year, up until I saw Warren picking up Magenta. I was surprised once again when Lila called me up.

"The phone is for you," she said. I frowned, not sure if I had even heard the phone ringing.


"Oh, hey Oona."

--How was dinner?—

"I meant to call you about that. I saw Warren."

--Warren came to dinner?—

"He was picking up this girl who was there. Her name's Magenta, she was staying at Bianca's."


My heart skipped a beat. Could that girl who I had connected with so well be his girlfriend? It was probable, as she was what I would consider to be his 'type'.


--Ooh. Harsh.—

"Yeah," I sighed.

--Wanna go shopping? It'll make you feel better.—

"No thanks, I think I'll just go to bed."

I crawled into bed, wishing in some corner of my mind that someone was lying next to me. He used to do that, you know. Just lie with me, our feet playing with each other under the covers. He would sometimes stroke my hair when he thought I was sleeping.

I curled up into a ball, trying to warm myself as I had suddenly become very cold.

The next morning, I saw Oona at school. She rushed to my side and began saying, "How are you? Are you okay?" I felt very claustrophobic now that she was giving me all this attention.

I had an overpowering urge to sink into the floor and disappear.

Next thing I know, I'm inside the ground.

"Holy shit!" I said softly to myself before willing myself back up to the surface. I appeared to face a dumbstruck Oona, staring at me.

I looked at my feet, my eyes wide. It had been the most thrilling feeling. The feeling of non-existence. "Okay," Oona began, pointing at me, "What just happened?"

"I-I think I've got my powers," I mumbled. I walked closer to Oona and touched her arm and then willed to do what I had done before. My arm sunk through Oona and she yelped.

I walked directly through her. "Oh my god!" I shrieked with happiness.

Oona swore in Chinese and said, "Wow, Kerri… you can go intangible."

This was a moment of my life that I would never, ever forget. Not only had I acquired my powers, something that I had willed since I was small. But it was something useful and extraordinary. After years of trying to make myself an individual, I suddenly have this ability to sink through solid objects. To go intangible, to meld into things that would cause me pain.

I could disappear into the floor, letting the world swallow me up into quiet bliss.

It was, as far as I was concerned, the coolest moment of my life, and the best power I could have.


I told the school nurse that I wasn't feeling well and she let me go home. I rushed in through the door, to see my Aunt sitting at the coffee table. Opposite her was a woman in a cream colored suit.

"Suzie!" I called to her happily, not caring about the woman at the table with her.

"Kerri," she said sternly, "Why aren't you in school?"

I pulled her away from the woman at the table with her, into my bedroom. I demonstrated my power to her, letting my arm sink into the wall.

"That's fantastic, Kerri," she smiled, "But I already know."


The woman in the cream suit came into the room and said, "Kerrina, I told your aunt about your power. One of out staff sensed it developing, and told me to come find your family." She approached me and said, "I am Principle Powers, of Sky High."

This was far too much for me to take in, so I stood in silence for a while, not believing it. Then it hit me, "Sky High?" Warren went to Sky High!

"Do I have to come to Sky High?" I asked.

"It would be best," Principle Powers told me. But, I thought, I could hardly leave Oona, could I?

For Warren, I was willing to.