James Potter was a cigarette.

Lily glared at her Potions book. There was no way she going to get her work done with him on her mind. Every time Lily thought of the seventh year Head Boy, her breathing became laborious, and her throat became parched. Her heart race increased, and she felt odd things. Lily was worried for her health. So she came up with a theory.

James Potter was a cigarette, and Lily was having major cravings. He was also very bad for her health.

A noise from the bathroom caused her to snap her head up. It was him. In nothing but a towel, water dripping from his hair, and making tracks down his bare torso.

The bloody cigarette.

James raised an eyebrow at her mutterings and death glares directed at him.

"All right there Evans?" he asked.

"No I'm not!" she snapped.

"Did I do something?" he questioned. He had a fairly good idea what was making her so flustered...

"Did you do something? YES! You are a bloody cigarette!" She stood up, and was poking him in the chest. His bare chest.

"A cigarette?" James asked, highly bewildered.

"Yes! A sodding cigarette! Do you know how bad you are for my health? I could get lung cancer! My feet could fall off! I could die!"

"Umm...I'm a what?"

"You are a cigarette! Don't you get it?"

Lily was still prodding him in the chest, not aware of how close their faces were. James however, was very aware. So he leaned further foward, and whispered,

"Why are cigarette's so bad?"

"Because! They're bad for your health and they contain all this bad stuff! What's worse, they have nicotine! And nicotine is addictive!"

"Ahh... so you're addicted to me?"

Lily was suddenly very aware of how close they were.

"No! I have cravings! Okay?"

"You crave me?" James was starting too enjoy her theory.

"Yes! No... damn I don't know!"

"Alright, let's just say I'm a cigarette"

"You are a cigarette."

"Okay. I'm a cigarette."

"Damn straight."

"If I'm a cigarette, which part of me is the nicotine?" he whispered, lips inches from hers. She blinked. Her hand dropped from his chest.

"Come on, tell me what part of me is nicotine. The part that's addictive?"

Images of a laughing James filled her head. His smile. That was what made him so bloody addictive. Her cravings (as she had come to call them) always surfaced when he smiled.

"You smile" she whispered shakily. He wrapped an arm around her waist, and pulled her to him.

"My smile?" he murmured. She nodded slightly. She was pressed up against him, and his other hand was stroking her hair.

"What part of me is bad for health?" he asked.

"You make my lungs go all dry, and my heart to race real fast. I mean that can't be healthy can it?" She was ranting again.

He chuckled, deep and resounding.

"What if I was to tell you that I've been craving you for the past seven years? That I've wanted to hold you, and I felt that I knew you from the moment I set eyes on you?"

Lily's breath hitched.

Suddenly his lips were on hers, and he was kissing her. It was nothing like a first kiss ought to be. It wasn't gentle or sweet. He was kissing her like his life depended on it, demanding and possesive. It was rough, and Lily's back ached from being shoved aginst the wall.

Perfect. Addictive. Like a cigarette.

They broke away, and Lily was gasping. She managed to mutter before attacking his lips,

"You're a bloody cigarette, and I don't give a damn, even if I get lung cancer and die."

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