Just A Little Taste

Written by Captivated.Pink


I do not claim rights over Harry Potter, all characters are copy righted to J.K Rowling and I only manipulate and use them to convey a written fan fiction of my own.

Authors Note:

Okay everyone, I wrote this first chapter at ten o'clock at night when a sudden wave of muse swept over me for this little ditty of a story. It may be a one shot or not depending on the reviews or any future spurts of muse for it, may be a couple dozen chapters long. You never do really know.


The trains shrill whistle blew into Platform 9 3/4, and the stokes of the wheels started to churn mechanically. Parents waved their children off, and started to depart back to their homes. The children in question were settling down into their respective compartments, chatting with friends that they had/or had not seen over the expanse of the summer. Most still wore their normal day to day clothes, while prefects had already donned on their school robes where their house's mascot looked dull beneath the glinting prefects badge. Two of these young teens looked quite appalled at being stuck together to roam the aisles and compartments of the train. One having a shock of amber red hair, the other pale blonde locks slicked back off his wide forehead. A few strands had escaped, and fell forward to rest on the tops of the pale lashes that fringed the pale grey eyes. The young female with the rather short pixi-cut hair, seemed to have her eyes firmly locked on the ground a few centimeters from her black docs.

"Well, I didn't exactly ask to be partnered with you Malfoy so take that sulky look off your face." The girl said, shooting him a rather cold glare with her narrowed brown eyes. Her own mouth pressed firmly into a straight 'no nonsense' line. The seventeen year old male sneered at the sudden voice of his rather detested enemies younger sister, and shoved his hands into the pockets of his green fringed robes, thus indicating his house as slytherin. His tall lanky figure seemed to stomp down the aisle, grey eyes darting with purpose from one compartment to the other. He couldn't exactly use his prefect powers to his advantage when the little weasel was shadowing him around. Ginny fucking Weasley just had to become a prefect in her sixth year, and just had to be stuck with him to learn the ropes.

"Shut up mini-weasel before I make you." he seethed between his teeth, growling under his breath as he realized he missed a chance to singe a first year girls hair as she went whipping around a corner, all because of the pale little thing that was watching his every move. His grey eyes glanced to the left and down at her in disgust, watching her walk with her long freckled nose stuck up in the air. He grunted and looked into the last compartment before the prefects one, now that they were reasonably assured that everyone was in their seats, they could go into the prefects compartment to get some well earned food. Draco Malfoy licked his lips in anticipation, and upon opening the door was confronted with the indigestible scene of the head boy and girl making out on the cushioned bench seat.

"Ron!" Ginny squeaked pushing past Draco to see why he had stopped in the doorway and catching sight of her older brother lip locked with the pretty Ravenclaw blonde. Instantaneously the red heads cheeks inflamed with a blush that started at the roots of his hair and crawled down the back of his neck. The girl fixed her disheveled hair, and gave a rather shy smile before biting at her lip in embarrassment.

"Why don't you...cool off," Draco drawled, before conjuring up water to fall over the fellow seventeen year olds head, onyx wand held quite elegantly between his long fingers. He smirked, and sprawled his long legged frame over the other seat, biting rather contemptuously into a chocolate frog while Ron Weasley sputtered out water and Ginny looked ready about to hurl after seeing her brother locked lips with some girl. Ginny looked for a place to sit, but her brother and the Head Girl were taking up the one bench, and Draco Malfoy seemed content to take up the rest of the space all to himself.

"Move over Malfoy." she said through clutched teeth, as if even talking to him disgusted her thoroughly. Upon the shaking of his blonde head, and insertion of another Bertie Botts (of which he had just opened) she tried again with her brown eyes narrowed dangerously on him. "Move Malfoy or I'll sit on you." Her fists clutched at the red hem of her robes.

"Is that a promise?" he said rather saucily, and forward for that matter. Ginny scrunched up her nose and made a gagging motion with her finger and mouth before shoving his legs off the bench and sitting herself down. Malfoy sneered in outrage, and muttered something about having to sterilize himself after the dirty weasel touching him, and that he may contract rabies from it.

"Whatever, Im going to hex a few second years anyway."

"You can't do that!"Ginny said, frowning as the blonde slytherin got up and walked toward the open door that Ron and the Ravenclaw beauty Felicia had escaped through.

"What...now you think you're my girlfriend and can tell me what to do Weasel?" He said over his shoulder as he walked through the door and out into the aisle of the train.

"Hell no. I would rather eat worms, or better yet..sharpened broomsticks." She made a gagging motion with her index finger and mouth and leaned back into the bench, eyes closing as she realized how long this journey was going to be, and how long the first few days of 'learning with the Ferret' was going to be once they got to school. Fingers rubbing at her closed lids she let a sigh move through her small body, the fiery redhead hadn't changed much. Unlike her brothers, she remained small, and like most of her siblings as thin as a reed. She had cut her locks to a more stylish pixi cut that clearly suited her heart shaped face, but that was about it for the Gryffindor girl.

Puberty hardly left its mark. In fact, shopping for bras was nearly mortifying because you have to go to the A cup section while all the other girls your age are heading to the C's. Ginny had given up though, and could only hope for a sudden growth spurt or have to accept them as they were.


A light tap on her shoulder woke her up, brown eyes parting to see a pair of smiling lips. Ginny had fallen over to lay on the bench and when she sat up she was greeted with the pleasant view of her boyfriends tall figure. She smiled back, and wrapped her arms around his neck as he leaned down to plant a sweet kiss on her upturned lips.

Fingers stroked his dark black hair, before he pulled away and sat himself beside her. Brown eyes took up his brilliant green ones behind the black rimmed glasses. The bangs that fell down to cover a well known scar that shaped like a lightening bolt. "Hullo Ginny", his masculine voice filling her ears and making her feel happy and light. She hadn't seen him in a month, not since he stayed a week at their house...and how she missed Harry Potter's handsome face.

"You shouldn't be in here. Prefects only you know." She said in a tone just above a whisper. His mischievous smile and reminder of since when did he actually follow stupid rules like that, and his lips were pressed into hers once again. His hands wrapped around her waist and pulled her closer, to which she leaned back against the wall and let him lean over her. Her hands on his neck as her tongue explored his mouth.

She could feel him growing harder against her leg, and she really did want it as much as he seemed to. She had made a promise though...she wouldn't until she was sure she would have no regrets, that and they were in the prefects compartment of the train of course. So Ginny ignored it and continued her deepening kiss, and finger tips that gently felt down the muscles under his black and green striped sweater.

Ginny was about to let him stick his hand up her own shirt when a rather disgusted voice rang out, "Dear god Pothead...could you not ravish your dirty whore in front of me." She felt Harry's lips break from hers as he darted backward in shock before his face blushed with anger.

"Just because all you deal with is whores and STD's doesn't mean I do Malfoy. Stop observing yourself." He placed a hand over Ginny's and squeezed it reassuringly. Draco chuckled and felt the old head of rivalry rise up in his chest, the want to have everything Potter has and better. Grey eyes squinted down at the black headed young man, and then over to the rather quiet Ginny. A wicked smile spilt across his lips as an idea began to form in his mind. A way to really hurt Potter...but indirectly and in such a torturing way.

"Whatever Potface...fifty points from Gryffindor, now get out of the prefects compartment." He drawled, leaning back against the doorframe, his face sunk back into its cool and flawless mask of no emotion. Harry fumed as he stood up and after giving Ginny an apologetic smile left the compartment to return to his own where Hermione, Luna, Neville and Ron were.

Draco chuckled, oh yes, he had such an ah-mazing idea. The things he would have to do for it, were going to be hard and rather trying...but it would be worth it in the end. Oh yes. It would be wonderfully worth it. He walked over to Ginny, a look in his eye like a predator stalking its prey and it sent shivers down her back under her robes. She pulled her legs up to her chin and stared at him with hate and disgust.

Draco sat where Harry had just previously occupied. His grey eyes wandering up and down the girls form, nothing really to look at...what a shame. With a rather merciless glint in his eye he put on a rather curling smile, and he leaned in close to her face. Ginny felt his breath on her cheek and she refused to turn her head and look at him, frankly this was scaring her. Finally unable to resist any longer she turned her head to stare at him with her brown eyes. Shit. Big mistake.

As soon as his face broke into that malicious grin, she knew she was in for it. Even before his lips touched hers, and before his hand grabbed the back of her head. Her hands pushed against his chest, as she refused to open her lips to his tongue that was very nearly forcing itself between her lips. His hands pinned her arms to her sides, and he swung himself on top of her, blonde hair falling forward into his wide forehead. Ginny closed her eyes tight, as his tongue broke through her lips and caressed her own, hot and wet. She nearly gagged on his tongue, willing him to pull away, whimpering softly under his grasp. What the hell was wrong with him?

However, as his one hand left her side and began groping her breast she started struggling with all her worth. Mostly because...well...she was enjoying it. Part of her was nearly reveling in this treatment, almost urging him on, but a stronger and clearly better part was saying this was wrong and sexual assault. Finally his mouth broke from hers and he sat back with a rather smug grin on his face. His lips looked slightly red, and she knew hers must be the same. "Malfoy!" She nearly shrieked, hitting his chest and shoulders repeatedly with her clutched fists until tears were basically falling from her eyes.

"Oh relax it was just a taste." Draco said with a cocky smile. He ran his hand through his hair and straightened it before exiting the compartment, leaving a befuddled Ginny. Just a taste of what? Of her...or what he was planning for in the future? She shuddered and wrapped her robes closer to herself, biting her lower lip slightly as she tried to get over what had just happened. Would she tell Harry? Or Ron? What about Hermione?

She shook her head, no she couldn't tell anyone. Just thinking back on it made her feel dirty, and at the same time delightfully naughty. How could she ever explain that to her best friend, let alone her brother and boyfriend!

Authors Note:

So, I think I will continue this perhaps. I want to know what you all think, please no flames or hurtful comments, constructive criticism is appreciated though! I'm hoping to update again in a few days or maybe sooner. I know its a little short and all, but I like making lots of short chapters rather then big long ones. Just doesn't seem as tiring and I don't loose interest as fast.