"Your manners leave a lot to be desired." The ox spoke softly, a hint of mirth etched into his words.

The boy beside him grunted, realizing vaguely that he was indeed proving his lover's point, but not caring enough to stop himself.

"You're talking like you're perfect." He finally answered, his voice, hoarse from sleep and the constant high-volume of his arguing, came out as a low grumble.

The younger boy smiled.

He ran a pale hand through his two-toned hair, his laugh silenced by the other boy's tired breathing.

"What makes me imperfect?" He drew out.

Whatever the older boy would say would be true afterall, since the cat never enjoyed the art of lying, and a reality check was much needed if he would ever change whatever about himself made his kitten unhappy.

The orange-haired boy rolled his eyes, but cleared his throat to speak nonetheless.

"Well, for one.." He paused, looking the ox up and down. "Your fashion sense sucks."

The other boy nodded and laugh.

"And you like leeks." The cat continued.

Another nod and laugh, this time a bit louder than before.

"You also get weirdly quiet when you're horny." He spoke. "I mean, why do you think freaking me out with your creepy quietness is going to get me in the mood?!"

Haru's face flushed slightly, his lips curling in a cheerful grin.

"I'm sorry, Kitten, I'll make sure to make lots of noise next time I want to get in your pants."

And surprisingly, the apology wasn't followed by a growl, yell, or any of the violent behavior Kyo usually portrayed.

Instead, he smiled.

"So what bothers you about me?" He asked, red eyes focusing on the dark ones of his lover.

"Well," The younger boy began. "I'd love it if you shared that beautiful smile with me more often."

This time the cat did blush.

Bright red.

But Haru just smiled, and soon, his kitten did too.


A/N: I've been in a cute mood lately. (not meaning that I'm cute, of course, just that I'm obessed with any cute behavior)

I think it's 'V for Vendetta's fault. The freaking movie made me so sad.