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Every day for the past year Sakura would ask Sasuke out, and everyday he'd refuse.

"Sas-kay! Lets go get some lunch!"


Even when she asked why shed never get a reason, just a snide comment, or insult.

"Why not?"

"Because you touch yourself at night…"

But after a year of this he was finally getting sick of it, he was tired of the excuses, he was going to tell her once and for why he would never date her….

"Sasuke! Lets go out after training!" Sakura asked.

"No…" Sasuke answered calmly.

"Why not?" whined Sakura.

"Fine you really wanna know? You really wanna know why I will NEVER date you?"


"Because I want Narutos Man babies!"

And with that Sakura puked, and passed out.

The next day Sasuke and Naruto announced they were dating and Sai, and Ino made many Yaoi pictures of them.



So lame…. I think…. But w/e R&R… someone had to have seen that coming…. Right?